New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Monday, May 23, 2016

Check out this taste of Cat’s Got Her Tongue by Erzabet Bishop. Available in the #free Alpha Heat Boxed Set #shifters #vampires #romance

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Check out this taste of  Cat’s Got Her Tongue: A Shifting Hearts Dating Agency Short
by Erzabet Bishop

“Do you see one you want to try?” Lucas placed his hand on the small of her back and pressed a kiss to her cheek. His cat lay close to the surface, his eyes betraying his excitement. His mid-length sable hair was tied back today with a leather cord, leaving his roguish expression free and clear.
Instead of leather, today he wore a simple pair of jeans, his feet and chest bare. It was before club hours and he was off work from his shop, Scarlet Ink, across the street.
Jonathan, her big but quietly pensive teddy bear, joined them, selecting a paddle with a heart cut out of the wood. “I like this one.” The gray t-shirt gripped his muscular chest like a second skin. His powerful thighs were encased in weathered jeans that rested over the top of his ever present black boots.
“Of course you would. You made it so it leaves a mark.” Lucas grinned and took the paddle from him. A switch in every way there was, Lucas could be a top or a bottom depending on the circumstance. It was super hot when he and Jonathan slipped into their dynamic, and more than once she found herself wet with desire, not quite sure how she fit in to this threesome. But she was happy.  Equally important, so was her inner hedgie.
They were all still getting to know each other, and with that adventure came a foray into the much read about, but never experienced, world of BDSM. Lucas and Jonathan ran Ventures, a club that gave shifters and humans a place to be themselves. Now Natalie just had to figure out what that was.
Her hedgie wanted their mates to make babies, whether they were cubs, kits or baby hedgies. But this curvy girl, well…she wanted to explore the sexy side of life with the business end of a paddle. She had a feeling she could be naughty enough to deserve a rather nice spanking each and every day of her life. From both of her men.
“I love it.” She accepted the paddle from Lucas, letting her fingers roam over the smooth finish. It was truly the work of an artisan.
“Do you want to try being the spanker or the spankee the first time?”
“What?” She was so startled by the question, she almost lost her grip on the paddle.
“Lucas here needs a proper swat or two for getting us in the newspaper, don’t you boy?” Jonathan pulled him close and slapped him on the ass before drawing him in for a scorching kiss that left her panties soaked just watching.
“Can she?” Lucas turned his golden eyes to her. “I would love that.”
“Oh…that would be different. But then it’s my turn, okay? To be the spankee, I mean.” Natalie giggled and wrapped her fingers around the handle. She gave it a swing and the air whistled through the holes.
“Absolutely.” Jonathan smiled. “Now, where do you want him?”
“On one of your benches.” She didn’t even have to think twice. Natalie turned from the wall of implements and let her gaze wander over the selection of benches before her. Some were more padded than others, and some leaned more toward a firm wooden surface. “Which one do you like, Lucas?”
“This one. It has a brace to hold on to and a couple of different ways you can either stand or kneel.” He lowered himself onto the leather kneeler to illustrate.
“Pants off or do you want them on?”
“Off.” Heat slid up her cheeks and her stomach fluttered.
With a wink, Lucas divested himself of his jeans and stood naked, his cock jutting proudly toward her. “I thought you might say that.”
“Very pleasing. Now, let’s see that ass.” Jonathan ran his hand along Lucas’s firm backside.
Lucas knelt against the bench, his thighs flexing.
“Cheeky cat.” Jonathan moved behind her, gripping her hands to guide her swing. “Now, you try.”
Jonathan stepped back, giving her space to work. She was glad she’d thought to bring a simple pair of shorts, a tee, and some sneakers. Anything with a heel would have made her wobble for sure, and that wasn’t what was needed here.
Her hedgie wiggled impatiently, urging her forward. She eyed Lucas’s fine ass and swung, the paddle connecting with a loud smacking sound.
“Omph!” The cat shifter grunted, his mouth falling open in startled surprise.
“He didn’t think you’d do it. Do you want to make him count?” Jonathan pressed a kiss to her cheek and waved her forward.
Natalie grinned. “No. Not this time.”
“Okay. How about a couple more? Just so you can get a better feel for what it’s like to hold the paddle.”
Natalie nibbled on her lip and nodded. “Okay. You’re sure, Lucas?”
Her mate hummed and she noticed his cock still hard and at the ready.
“Oh yes. Please.”
Her pussy spasmed at the expression of bliss on his handsome face. God how she wanted to touch him right now. To feel his tongue against her skin and his cock inside of her.

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  1. I hope you enjoy the taste and the rest of this super fun box set!