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New Release Titles
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Check this out! Gina Kincade Interviews Author Tierney O’Malley from the Beyond the Veil Boxed Set! #werewolves #paranormal

Interview with Author Tierney O’Malley

Hello to the best readers any author could ask for! So happy you could join us again today!
These interviews, getting to know the talented authors behind your favorite books, it's just incredible, right? We've had more and more people visiting every day, and I couldn't be happier to be the special lucky lady bringing you their *fangtastic* works and these sneak peeks into your lives! See what I did there? Yes, a little wolfy humor for the day. *grin*

I have Tierney O’Malley visiting today, author of Wolf's Soul in the Beyond the Veil Boxed Set. Please join me in giving her a warm welcome. *smiles and claps*

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Now, let's get started! *bounces and grins*

Hi Tierney, thanks so much for joining me on the NNP blog today! *smiles*
Hello there. Wow. Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity to share with you what my author life is about and how much fun I am having creating wonderful stories for everyone to enjoy. My name is Tierney O’Malley, an award winning and bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal books. I live with my husband, our two girls and a golden retriever in the beautiful state of Washington. I love the outdoors as much as I love staying indoors. My husband and I are tennis players, we love to go for a walk, and spend quality time in front of the television while holding hands. That is if we’re not getting our hands greasy with popcorn. Lol.

How long have you been a writer and how did you get into writing?
I have been writing for almost eight years now. My debut novella was contracted by Cobblestone Press. While in Europe, eXtasy Books contracted my Knight Brothers series, Band Brothers, and other standalone books. All in that same year. So, after dreaming of seeing my name on a book cover, I found myself buried in multiple edits. And I loved it!

Creating stories has been a part of my everyday existence as far as I can recall. During my younger years, I stayed in my room for hours writing, copying songs from a songbook, while my friends were out having fun. I just love having a pen in my hand. (I still use a pen and a journal when I’m writing) However, I became serious about writing when my girls were in elementary grade. I’ve read a good number of historical books (yes, I am addicted to historical romance :D ) Whenever I finished a book, the unseasoned writer in me kept poking its head out until I decided to write down all of my ideas on my PC. To Trust a Wicked Man came into fruition. At that time, Cobblestone Press had caught my attention. I read everything about the company and liked what I saw. I wanted to be a part of CP then. So, with my manuscripts(ms) ready to be submitted, I emailed it to CP. It got rejected. Lol. Yes. That was my first major rejection. I was not fazed by it though. After I received my ms that looked like it had been in a bloodbath, I took heed of the editors comments and suggestions. So, I reworked it and resubmitted although the editor didn’t say ‘resend’. Christmas time, CP offered me a contract for the ms. Since then I became a bat living in my bat cave most of the time creating contemporary sexy stories and with drool-worthy heroes. 

Are you a full time author?
Not there yet. Almost a full-time. :)

What are the best and the worst aspects of writing for you?
One of the best parts of writing is being able to create, to imagine, and to decide where and how my story should end. It’s like waving a magic wand and my characters come to life. Writing is not easy, but it is really rewarding. Whenever I see my name on the book cover, that’s an achievement. A product of hard work. An ice cream on a hot sunny day. 

The editing aspect of writing can be daunting, but I wouldn’t call it the worst. Like I said, writing is not easy, but there is nothing about it that I would consider unpleasant. I’ve been in this industry for years. I love it and will continue weaving stories as long as my mind and body will allow me.

What inspires you to write?
Everything around me, really. I live in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded with trees, beautiful mountains, islands and water. Whenever I look at those mountains, walk at the beach, the romantic side of me would kick in and ideas would come up. Wolf’s Soul, the Midnight Howl novel that is included in Beyond the Veil boxed set headed by Gina Kincade, is based on the Cascades. Scenes in The Best of June are based on Edmonds Marina and Seattle area. The rest of my books are all based here. 
I am sitting smack in the middle of this paradise that fills me with strong want to do something creative. It feeds me with ideas that I spun into romantic stories.

Is there a particular author who inspires you?
Former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt. She wasn’t just a first lady busy decorating the white house. Eleanor Roosevelt changed the role of the first lady through her active participation in American politics. She was an active newspaper columnist, gave press conferences, served at the United Nations advocating for human rights and women issues. I think she is the most intelligent, powerful, and down-to-earth first lady. I love that she stood behind her husband despite all the stories regarding his infidelity. She supported and loved him until her dying days. Eleanor showed her big heart for the country and for her family by showing her forgiveness and loyalty. She reminds me of my heroine in my books. They loved their soulmates to the fullest. I know, I know. She’s not a contemporary romance author, but hey, she was one accomplished woman. And she’s my inspiration. J

What is the title of your inclusion in Beyond the Veil? How did you come up with the idea for it?
Wolf’s Soul is the book that I submitted to be included in Beyond the Veil. The idea came to me when my family and I travelled to the Yellowstone National Park. The area is fantastic, lush with vegetation and yeah, wild animals were everywhere. We saw a pack of wolves, too. So  I thought it would be cool to write a story about wolves. However, I used the Olympic Peninsula for the setting.  

How did you conduct your research for Wolf’s Soul?
Using the Online tools, I spent hours reading about Mythological Cycle of early Irish literature. I learned Yellow Book of Lechan and the four directions. Although, I had a hard time finding more stories on that, I had enough to weave a story based on the powerful sword mentioned in the book of Lechan. The heroine, Marisol, is a talented human who didn’t realized that she possessed some kind of power. As a child her father trained her to use the sword, not understanding what the sword meant. It was Callum, the shapeshifter, who opened the world of two clans the humans didn’t even know existed. 

Can you give our readers your two favorite lines/quotes from Wolf’s Soul?
“I’m a wolf, baby. I can smell your heat.” 
“What’s so confusing about my offer? It’s very simple. I’m seducing you into taking my virginity and you’re supposed to take it.”

What would your friends say is your best quality?
My best quality as an author? I’d say I am very good in creating believable characters that they can relate to and also I am funny.

Are reader reviews important to you?
Important in a sense that I can learn from them. I take readers review as if they are my editors. Of course, there are some reviews that had made me laugh, wonder, and shake my head, but you just have to weed those out. Reviews are cool. They help with publicity and sales. One book could be good to one reader but not with the other. However, they are opinions. Take what you think can help you when you write your next book. Readers are our audience. They can see what we often missed and I have respect for them.

What do you do when you don’t write?
Aside from tidying up the house, I play the guitar. Love the instrument. I have four of them and I would like to own more. Also, I love going out for a walk with my husband. So I do that, too, whenever I take a break from writing.

Tell us about your other books?
Thanks to you, Gina, for trusting me and my work, I am now a part of two exciting boxed sets. Alpha Heat and Beyond the Veil. Two great boxed sets consisting of stories from wonderful award winning, Amazon and USA Today bestselling authors.
Always You (Alpha Heat) is a contemporary/chick lit story that I really enjoyed writing. The hero and heroine met when they were young. Love bloomed and they defied everything. It’s one of those love stories that shouldn’t be, but happened anyway. Also, it is super hot. 
Wolf’s Soul (Beyond the Veil) is another lovely story that I worked so hard to write. Paranormal but very romantic. The characters, despite having powers, could die. But not really. Lol. There’s another twist to that. Also, this story is steamy with open door sex scenes.
My new book come out March 8, 2016 from Totally Bound. Inked Promise is the third book of the Blue-eyed Four series. At present, it sits as the number one bestseller on Totally Bound’s list. Check out my other books as well from eXtasy Books

If you could share one thing about yourself you would like our readers to know, what would it be?
That I eat green apples with salt while writing, I love holding hands with my husband, and I can’t sleep alone. Lol. Okay, one thing about me. Once my book is out, I never read it again. J

Where can readers find your works, do you have a blog or website? 
My website is My blog is attached to it. Please visit my cyberspace. I always blog about my recent/upcoming books and giveaways. You can sign up with my newsletter as well. 

Where else might readers contact you or follow your everyday writing journey? 
Readers can reach me through my email address at

Thank you so much for joining us today, Tierney. It's been a true pleasure working with you on the Beyond the Veil Boxed Set. I am sure readers will fully enjoy Wolf’s Soul.
We are going to leave them with a small tease to get them started, care to give us something steamy? *grin*

 Lol. I’d love to give you a small tease. Before I do that, I would like to thank you, Gina, and everyone involved in putting together this wonderful boxed-set. It’s been a pleasure working with you all. Thank you. :) Now, enjoy this excerpt. 

Wolf' Soul

He could smell their stench. They reeked of blood. And not the blood of animals either. From where he stood, Callum watched the three Blood Robbers—Atos’s brother, Pic, and his runners. The fucking assholes had made a kill before coming here. It was dark in the barn, but he could see them as if the sun was high and shining. These pricks were good fighters. Fuck. This is gonna be one hell of a fight.
Callum came out of his hiding place. “You won’t find carcasses with maggots here.”
The bastards stopped sniffing around and turned to look at him. It never failed to amaze him how these motherfuckers were born to look like angels. Women were often blinded by their charm and wit. Little did they know these Blood Robbers were evil creatures straight from hell. Fuckers. The one asshole closest to him dropped a vase on the floor.
“Oops. Shit happens.”
The crash sounded so loud Callum was sure Marisol heard it. “Stop fucking touching anything. You’re leaving filthy imprints all over the place.”
“Ah, what a surprise. Callum Dyrdek is alive. Fancy meeting you here. Survived the cut, huh? Oh, let me guess. The vet’s daughter helped you live?”
Callum wanted to wipe away the smugness on Pic’s face with his fist. “Unlike you, Pic, I don’t give up easily.”
Simultaneously, the three let out a laugh that sounded more like a snarl.
“Good. I like when I have to fight for my food.”
“Who the fuck are you fooling, Junco?” He smirked at the dark-haired, muscled shifter. “You never fight for your food. You prefer rotten meat. I can smell the stink coming out of your pores.” He’d fought the bastard before. Unfortunately, he’d escaped. Not this time. He’d dared to come into Marisol’s barn. Now it’s personal.
The three started to move toward him, like predators ready to make a kill. They were sylphlike, easily as tall as him, and without a doubt they’d had their share of experience in battle. These Blood Robbers were fast and skilled in capturing their victims.
“You talk too much, Midnight Howl. Like the drunken whore I just had for dinner.”
“Shithead. You’re pathetic and a coward. You only go after those who can’t defend themselves.”
“Boss, want me to make him howl for his life?” the longhaired, dark-skinned shifter asked.
“No, Raul. I don’t want this one howling. I hate the sound.” To Callum, he said, “This time, Midnight Howl, I’ll make sure no amount of poultice can save you. Right here, right now, you will die.” Pic’s tone of voice could freeze even the hottest part of hell.
“Not if I lop your heads off first.”
Suddenly fluorescent lights came to life. Through his peripheral vision, Callum could see Marisol, still wearing her camisole, her nipples visible. Damn it. Well, at least she wore her jeans. He should have known she wouldn’t listen to him. Stubborn woman.
With a quick glance, he saw his baby held her sword like a swordswoman trained to kill, to defend. Damn woman. And did he just think of her as his baby? “Stay where you are, babe. These three are bottom feeders. Unskilled. Filthy. And cowards.” He lied about the unskilled part.
“Fuck you, Midnight Howl.”
Callum gave Pic a benign smile, as if dealing with a temperamental child. “You’re doing errands for your brother now, Pic?”
“The errand is to bring this nice-smelling woman and her sword back to Atos. And since you’re here, faggot, I’ll add ending your pathetic life to the job. Which I don’t mind doing at all. Glad to find you here, really. I get the sword and I get to end your life,” Pic sneered before turning his attention to Marisol.
Callum saw Pic’s snide expression change into a smile, one he’d be willing to bet never failed to capture a woman’s interest. Damn, he hoped Marisol wouldn’t fall for that hey-baby grin. He quickly glanced at Marisol. Nope, she didn’t. In fact, her scowl and pinched lips showed she was disgusted. Still, he wished she wasn’t here. Maybe she could fight, but these assholes were ruthless experts. Not to mention they were huge. When they shifted, Marisol wouldn’t stand a chance.
“Sweetheart, thanks for bringing the sword to us. Now be a good little girl and put it down. Come with us. Tell Atos what you know about your father’s poultice and you’ll have a warm spot in my bed. How’s that for a bargain?”
“Not gonna happen, you fucking asshole,” Marisol replied.
“Bitch. Then you’ll die like your father and mother. Squealing like pigs, begging to be spared.”
Callum saw the flash of anger cross Marisol’s face. “Marisol, don’t talk to this animal.”
Marisol ignored him. “My mother and father would never make such pleas. They willingly gave their lives to protect the ones they love. You know that, Pic. I understand why you told such a lie. You’re jealous because you don’t have anyone willing to die for you to keep you safe.”
“You don’t know that, bitch. I’ll fucking cut your tongue out.”
“Oh? Your brother must’ve known you have little chance of getting out of here alive. And yet, he gave you the job of getting this sword. Doesn’t he care about you?”
“Atos sent me here because I’m the best. He knows I can do a simple task. Like wringing your puny neck to get the sword.”
“Simple tasks, eh? Well, little ugly pup, your brother’s misinformed. Callum?”
Callum grinned at Pic, whose face turned from bright pink to mottled red. “Yeah, baby?”
“Go ahead and tear their hearts out.”
He barely heard Marisol’s gasp before the three men shifted into wolves. Two lunged at him. Callum avoided the first wolf by crouching low. He met the other one with a punch on the jaw. “Fucking morons.”
The wolf hit the pottery wheel, landed on the floor on all fours, its tail high. Both wolves snarled, the fur at the back of their necks bristling like porcupine quills.
“Callum, what should I do with this one?”
“Don’t hesitate. If he moves, kill him.” The wolves crouched in front of Callum, a position he knew well. He changed form, jumped, and met the wolves in the air.

Marisol cringed as the sound of angry snarls resounded around the room. She wanted to see what was happening, but she didn’t dare take her eyes off the one circling her. “Just so you know, I will not use the poultice on your kind. So you’d better tell your friends to back off and leave us.”
“Pathetic little bitch, I can fit your neck in my mouth with room to spare. You are too skinny to lift that sword.”
Marisol stared at the wolf. She could hear his thoughts. “Wanna try me?”
“You can hear me. Good. Now, listen to this. You’ll die, bitch.”
The wolf lunged at her. She lifted her sword just in time; it sliced easily into the wolf’s body. She’d never used the sword to kill anything before. She never knew how it felt to cut into actual flesh. Until now. It was like cutting off a pat of butter. Soft and smooth. At least until she hit bone. Her sword went through the wolf’s side and connected with his ribs. A yelp that resembled a dog crying in pain rent the air before the wolf landed on the floor with a sickening thud.
The wolf turned back into a man; the man rose to his feet. Even with his blood dripping on the floor, he still looked magnificent. Like a Greek god emerging from a blood bath. What the heck was up with these shape-shifters? Even the bad ones were drool-worthy. He was almost as tall as Callum, all muscles, and he looked very pissed. Oh dear.
“I fucking hate humans.”
Despite his wound, the naked man still looked vicious. His face contorted with anger. Good God. He looked so strong he could probably break her body like a twig. Marisol remembered what Callum said. If cut with an ancient sword, a shape-shifter wouldn’t be able to heal himself. Perhaps this one would bleed to death and she wouldn’t have to fight him. Marisol prepared for the man’s attack.
To her relief, the man’s legs buckled beneath him. And then he shifted to a wolf form again. He didn’t move. His eyes were open and blood oozed from his mouth, nose, and chest.
Good God, I killed a shape-shifter.
The wolf opened his eyes. They were gray, like Callum’s, when he woke up after she’d applied the poultice to his wound, but something looked far different about this one. He looked like a diabolical, vile, rabid animal. Jesus! What was he?
“Kill him, Marisol. Now.”
Marisol heard Callum’s voice in her head. At his urgent tone, she gripped the sword’s handle, as if she was facing death itself. “I think I killed him already.”
The wolf stood on all fours.
“Maybe not.”
“Stupid girl.”
Now it was the bad wolf talking. Good God, this must be what paranoid schizophrenics experience when they hear voices in their heads.
“Didn’t your daddy tell you not to play with sharp objects?”
“No. He told me the opposite.”
The wolf’s hind legs buckled beneath him, but he managed to stand again. And then he leaped. Marisol sidestepped, avoiding the sharp claws before they could land on her chest. Not giving the wolf a chance to attack again, she swung her sword and sliced the wolf’s throat, leaving only the skin on the back of his neck intact. The body skidded across the floor. When it stopped, it instantly turned back into a man.
Marisol couldn’t decide which was worse. The sight of a nearly headless wolf or a nearly headless naked man. She looked at the body lying on its side. Its head was angled as if it was lying against the body, its unseeing eyes upside down.
At the sound of a vicious, angry growl, Marisol turned to look. She froze, fear rooting her to the floor. A wolf with hair as dark as midnight, standing on end, slowly moved toward her. He was so tall his back must have reached her stomach. And she was five-eight. My God!
“I will send you to hell, you fucking bitch!”
The handle of her sword felt slippery from her sweaty palms. She wanted to drop it and run. No wonder her mother and father died without a fight. They were no match for these animals.
“You will die like your pathetic mother and father.”
This one was beyond angry. He almost successfully robbed Marisol of her strength and will to fight, but he made a mistake by mentioning her parents. Reminding her that her parents died violently in the hands of these filthy, good for nothing dirt bags, renewed her physical energy and strengthened her belief that they should die without mercy. She felt no fear, only rage. Oh, heck yeah. She was beyond fear now.
“You think you can get past my sword, you bastard? Come on, try me. You have no fucking idea who you’re dealing with here.”
“You are cocky for a daughter of a simple veterinarian.”
“You forget, hairball, in my veins runs the same blood as Youven’s, of the Arcus clan. I’m sure you know the history of the two clans.” Thank goodness Callum had taken the time to tell her the story.
“Bitch. You’re not immortal.”
“Against my sword, you aren’t either. I will take your five lives right here, ugly-puss.”
The wolf blinked and then took a step back. A look of surprise passed over his face. A heartbeat later it was gone. The wolf lowered his head. “Fuck you. Prepare to die.”
Marisol held her sword so tightly, her fingers began to hurt. She raised her sword and waited. “Come meet your maker, dickhead.”

Enter to Win!


  1. Great tease, Tierney! Wonderful to get to know you better and work with you on another fantastic boxed set!