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New Release Titles
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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Chapter 1: Blue Moon House by Angelica Dawson

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Read Chapter One of Blue Moon House by Angelica Dawson

Chapter One – Sophia

Julia gazed around the room as Harry secured both her arms behind her back with soft ropes. The dark velvet padding that insulated the walls from sound, the racks that held implements and toys, the giant bed before her–the room had become familiar after nearly a year, as had his cool touch and the sight of the scars on her pelvic bones and thighs. Their first night together had been one that rivaled all others. The second time, however, was the night she’d never forget: the night she’d signed herself over as his submissive and was sworn never to share with anyone not associated with this House about what happened within.
The first time he bit her, tasted her blood, the pain and pleasure had been beyond her comprehension. She had been free to leave, as she had always been, but she must keep their secret: the vampires of Blue Moon House.
She hadn’t left. She’d come back to Harry weekly, to have him bring her more pain, push her harder, test her soft limits, approach her hard ones. He had torn into her, burned her, bit her, cut her, and fucked her for hours and hours, never stopping until she begged with her safe word. She had been sure he would stop sooner, that he would see how hurt she was, how badly she needed rest, but he never did. He hurt her more, fucked her more, and violently choked the very breath from her.
That was the only other time she'd had a reprieve without crying maximum–when she'd lost consciousness at his hands. It had happened many times more in the last few weeks. Once he had actually drank from her until the blood loss made her faint. Only once. Blue Moon House had victims, but they were few and far between. The last, she had learned, had been years ago. Accidents weren’t uncommon in the BDSM community, and those here were less frequent than other dominants had. Unfortunately, here they were fatalities. She had survived that night, spending the next day taking iron supplements, eating and drinking what Harry brought her, building her strength back enough for work on Monday. She was a little woozy walking into the office that morning, but nothing unbearable, and even that had passed with the work week until she was eager to return to Blue Moon House on Friday night.
Although she’d only met Harry, Julia knew there were more vampires in Blue Moon House and had visited with some of the other submissives over breakfast in the morning, sharing stories and showing scars. Tonight, she would be at the mercy of one of the others.
Harry tested his knots and then pushed gently for her to kneel. She obeyed the command without hesitation. “She knows your limits and your safe word. She will explain when she comes.”
“She?” Julia’s eyes went wide. Lesbian sex was a soft limit for her, and one Harry had tested by bringing another submissive in with her. This time, however, Julia had no warning and the woman would be her Dominant.
“Silence,” a female voice came from behind her. Julia didn’t know if Harry had left or was still behind her, but she bit her tongue, her lip trembling. “You will listen and not speak.” The woman moved to sit on the bed in front of Julia. The submissive kept her eyes down, on the woman’s bony ankles and pale, white skin. She wasn’t wearing shoes.
“Look up. I want to know that you understand me.”
Obediently, Julia raised her head, taking in the red corset and panties the woman wore, her long, black hair falling over her shoulders and her brilliant, sapphire blue eyes. “You know what we are. Harrold has made a request. Of necessity, we keep our numbers small, but he wants to keep you.”
Julia’s eyes widened and her mouth opened. “I—”
“Silence,” the woman reminded her. “I am Sophia, the eldest of us. It is for me to weigh this request, and for you to choose if you wish to join us or not. We would ask much of you. First, that you sever all ties with friends and family. If you choose to stay, these next weeks will be the last you see of them. You will be kept in seclusion for a decade or two, long enough for everyone you know to have forgotten you or moved on. Second, you will become Dominant. We are occasionally submissive with each other. We were all submissive once. After all, to feed, we need the complete trust of our partner. You will have to know that you hold their life in your hands. You understand.” It wasn’t a question, and Julia didn’t answer in either case, but her face surely showed her understanding and continued disbelief. “The last, is that you live with us, forever. You may come and go, work outside the House after your seclusion, but you would be part of our family, part of us. To keep our secrets, we stay together. It is much to ask, and a great deal for you to give.”
Julia started to say she would give it willingly, but Sophia held up a hand. “You need to think about it. There is much to consider, for you and for us. After all, we would like to know who is joining us.”
Again, Julia understood. She knew why she was being given to each of them, but Sophia explained aloud. “How better to know the nature of a person than at the moment of complete surrender? Remember, for you will not be able to think about it now.” Sophia rose and moved behind Julia, taking her by the hair and pulling her to her feet.
Pressing Julia’s face to the bed, Sophia’s hand came down hard, making Julia wince at the stinging. Then there was burning as Sophia’s teeth broke the skin of Julia’s left buttock. Another spank and another bite.
“Tell me you are prepared,” Sophia demanded.
“I-I am,” Julia stammered. Harry had instructed her to take extra iron and over-hydrate in anticipation of being fed upon this weekend. She expected Sophia wouldn’t be the only one to bite her. All these bites were quick though, small blood loss. Julia was sure the purpose was to put Sophia’s saliva into the wounds. It had an aphrodisiac effect, making Julia start to sway her hips as she became more aroused, hotter, wetter. Sophia indulged her, fingers stirring her pussy only to stop and spank her again for several minutes, long enough for the edge of pleasure to recede into pain. Then, Sophia would bite again and resume fondling.
The spanking was followed by a more thorough fucking, and then by a flogging. Most recently, Sophia had used a wand, vibrating Julia to orgasm. Julia was covered in sweat, shuddering. Her legs collapsed, and Sophia’s hands alone kept her from falling down. She replaced the wand with a new toy, a rabbit, held inside her by a harness. Sophia turned on the settings and held Julia’s legs as the toy began to rotate and vibrate.
Julia clenched and the toy jarred, slowing its turning, and Sophia raised her eyebrows in question of the defiance. However, as soon as Julia relaxed at all the straps pulled it back in. Julia bit her tongue, pulled against the ropes on her arms, screamed freely, but the toy didn’t budge, didn’t cease. After a while, Sophia turned up the setting.
Sophia’s blue eyes filled Julia’s swimming vision. Her last command had been to look at her.
Julia's throat was hoarse from screaming in pleasure, in pain; her chest heaving with the effort of her vaginal contractions, pulling her diaphragm, her thighs; all of her was consumed by the continued climax. Julia whimpered, licking her lips, her mouth dry.
“There you are,” Sophia murmured, and the grinding suddenly stopped.
Julia fell, sliding to the floor around Sophia’s legs. The vampire picked her up easily and laid her on the bed Julia had been leaning against.
“You are beautiful, Julia. Remember, you don’t have to join us to continue to come here. This is not an ultimatum, only a choice.”
Julia sighed as Sophia slipped an ice chip between her lips. Holding it in her teeth, Julia let the liquid run over her tongue and down her throat while Sophia wiped her down with a cooling, wet cloth.
Julia was nearly asleep as she heard Harry speak to Sophia, the heavy, gruff timbre to his voice soothing her. “So?”
“Who do you plan to give her to next?” Sophia asked him. The cloth swept between Julia’s breasts, then under her arm.
“You plan to go through all the women first, despite her discomfort?”
“If she decides not to join us, I’d rather know sooner than later.”

If Sophia answered, Julia never heard it.

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