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New Release Titles
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Monday, March 16, 2015

Author Etiquette, or Author Insanity? @NaughtyNightsPr @GinaKincade

Seems every time I log in on Facebook these days, (and let’s face it, like it or not, we all pretty much have to log in to FB at least once every day), I am bound to hit upon something that makes me shake my head in wonder. The latest eye-opening stunner was a post from Anne Rice’s page where she is discussing an outburst of what appears to be utter insanity from another author. Without rehashing, I really do have to wonder just why the letters NYT best-selling author makes some people into total morons? If you’re lucky enough to achieve that coveted success, even one time, then be proud of it, certainly, but do NOT think it entitles you to blast the ever-living shit out of some other writer who’s written something you don’t like. Career suicide is sure to follow, even if you do have fans who'll chime in and do whatever you suggest is right - like having books banned, one-starring things you haven't even read, and all those lovely trollish little things that are so reviled by other authors.

We work in a business that’s genuinely incestuous at times, what you do in one publishing house will inevitably come back to haunt you at others later in your career. Too many people seem to forget that fact, or they just wilfully ignore it entirely. Despite the glorious age of entitlement, the internet never forgets, and in publishing, neither do editors who witness your meltdowns and your crap attitude.  More importantly perhaps, READERS never forget it when you attack other authors. Why does this stuff even have to be talked about? It’s not the first time I’ve seen it, unlikely the last, but I’ll forever wonder when the adults and professionals will retake our industry and make it respectable again? Soon, I hope.

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Best-selling Historical Western romance

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From different worlds, drawn by desire, passion is about to change their lives forever....

Austin Standish is a man of refined tastes. Intelligent and educated, Austin enjoys all of the best life has to offer. A gambler, a gunslinger, and a man who has plans to taste the sweetest prize at The Palace Casino and Saloon - the lovely owner, Chantille L'Amour, the most sought after jewel on the Barbary Coast.

Running a high-class brothel and casino isn't exactly the life she was born to but Chantille is determined to overcome the ruin her family was left in once the Civil War ended. But, she has chosen a difficult path... one that demands much and leaves her lonely. She's noticed the handsome man who comes into her world from time to time, and when she chooses to give in to desire, the passion evoked by Austin's touch may change her life forever....

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