New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Taking The Good With The Bad

I have had both a good start to this year and a bad one.

Good – my short horror story "Infection" is coming out this year in the "Teeming Terrors" anthology. This book is all about plagues, infestations, and the like. It's being published by KnightWatch Press.

Good – my family saga/thriller novel "Secrets and Lies" will be published later this year. It will be divided into two books, so that makes it a serial. It will be published by Eldritch Press. This book is about Kate Stanwood investigating her family's past after her brother finds their father bludgeoned in his home. Suffice to say Kate uncovers skeletons friends and family wish to keep safely in their respective closets.

Good – my erotic romance novel "Don't Call Me Baby" is on its second edition! You may also buy it in print. It's published by Naughty Night Press. Here are details:

Now the bad… one of my cats died on January 9. I was very upset. My mother died on January 10. I was devastated. The double whammy kept me from writing for nearly three weeks. Now I'm finally coming out of the funk.

It's not the same not having that cat beg for his breakfast every morning. He was the breakfast bell. The other cats always let him make the announcement. He was a fun cat. He died suddenly and unexpectedly from heart failure. There he was, enjoying his breakfast, and two hours later he was dead. He was 11.

My mother also died suddenly. She went to the hospital complaining of stomach cramps. Turned out she had a perforated colon and ended up with sepsis. Then pneumonia. Twice. She just couldn't handle it. She was 81 years old.

I hope now that the rest of my year is better than that. It can easily get much worse, but I won't think about that. I'm waiting word on several short stories and books. I hope to get more published this year. So here's looking forward to a good year.

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