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New Release Titles
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Importance of Self Care

First of all, apologies for being late. It's been a rough week for me health wise and, as such, I lost track of days.
And so that inspired my thought for this post. The importance of self care.
So many people are too busy with work, family, studying, and everything else, that they don't take the time to just stop and relax for a moment. We forget, in our need to do so much in such a short time frame, that we need to be able to pause and take a breath. We need to take stock of what we have, not just what we want, or need to do.
I'm most definitely guilty of focusing on what my family needs, and the stress has caught up to me this week and smacked me down. Hard. So I just want everyone to know, and start doing this one small thing every day: take 5 minutes, clear your mind, breathe and be grateful for what you have. Make time for yourself once in a while, relax and treat yourself. We're no good to anyone if we run ourselves ragged. We need to look after ourselves to be able to do our best in everything else we do.
So stop and take care of yourself. Do it! You'll thank me.


  1. Hope you are feeling better now honey and don't forget to take your own advice! xxx

    1. Thanks Penny! I was sitting at a 9 on the pain scale, currently sitting at a 1. Mediating helped. And my mother surprised me with some money to get some new clothes as well so I get to treat myself to finally getting a rockabilly dress! A nice little moment of spoiling hahaha so now to just balance relaxing with assignments, writing and cleaning over the next couple weeks and then I'll have at least a couple weeks fairly easy. I'll find my groove yet!