New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer Heat from Gemma Parkes

I love the summer, sunny beaches, calm seas and late, light evenings. I always feel as though there is more time to get things done but in reality all I gain is more daylight! When the weather is so nice it is hard to sit in the house and catch up on my writing projects. But as I lay back with my eyes closed basking in the summer sunshine I feel...inspired. The sun always turns me on and I have written many stories that revolve around the summer months.

 One of the first novellas I wrote was 'Making Waves':
 Mandy knew that it would take more than a short holiday to a quiet seaside town to turn her struggling relationship with long time partner John into one of passion and honesty. But when help and advice was offered from a voyeuristic stranger by dubious means, it opened the floodgates to her inner desires and darkest fantasies. This story contains explicit sex and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


Mandy’s sex life had always been troublesome. She seemed to be forever torn between the passion she felt and the passion she shared. It was as if there was a blockage somewhere deep inside her that stopped her from really letting go. Maybe she was afraid of being judged. Whatever it was left Mandy frustrated. Only recently had she begun to address the problem, at least to herself. She knew that she had to do something because masturbation was all she had. Private masturbation at that.

Amazon review from Gina Kincade:

The young woman in this story seems to have reached a crossroads in her life where she has realized she's tired of suppressing her desires.
In comes a stranger, a "sex therapist", who changes all that for her, allowing her to embrace what she needs and provide the same for some of his other "clients".
I loved the twist at the end where it appeared at first that the woman was paid to assist in fulfilling others needs but when you get to the last bit you see where in reality this is simply an act of the heart rather then a monetary transaction.
Recommended read for anyone who has ever wanted to broaden their own sexual desires and dip into the barest hint of kink.

Try 'Making Waves' for free on the 'Yellow Silk Dreams' website for a short time only:

Enjoy August and apply that sun cream!

Gemma Parkes

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