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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Where Are The Readers?

A writer friend of mine recently contacted me to wonder about a Yahoo group that rejected her post. It was a group for erotic romance so she didn't understand why she was rejected. Turns out the post had been in moderation status for 14 days, which is the maximum period of time for a group moderator to validate a post. The moderator didn't do that for whatever reason and her post didn't make it to the group.

I moderate two groups on Yahoo groups, or at least I used to since I don't use Yahoo groups anymore. Ever since Yahoo changed its format for posting my posts no longer go through. I tried to post during a scheduled posting day in Love Romances Café's group but none of my three posts went up. Maybe Yahoo doesn't like Safari. Doesn't matter. I gave up on Yahoo groups.

Does anyone out there still use Yahoo groups? I don't think there are any readers there anymore. Nothing but authors spamming the groups with promo posts. What a waste of time! Where have the readers gone? My guesses are as follows:

Book blogs

What do you think? Where are the readers?

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  1. Yeah, I'm with you, Elizabeth. I don't even know why people still insist on Yahoo groups. It's gone the way of Myspace. And even Facebook is beginning to fizzle, depending on what audience you're looking for.

  2. Good post Elizabeth and yes I agree Yahoo has gone the same way as MSN went. Died a slow and painful death.
    Fb, Twitter, Goodreads and I would even throw Linkedin into the mix seem to do much better.
    As for blogs, I think they have their ups and downs but still persist as you are not restricted with what content you post.
    *Bites n Kisses*

  3. Myspace is for musicians now, last time I checked. I forgot to mention live online chats. I participate in Night Owl Romance chats. I was in one last night with the Midnight Seductions authors. I'm a member of that group. It's a very nice chat with readers, and I enjoy it whenever I go.

    Soul Funk, you make a good point about Facebook. It's fizzling plus your reach isn't as big as it used to be. I think everyone is waiting for the Next Big Thing, and when it appears Facebook will become a ghost town.

    Vampirique, I remember MSN groups. Heck, I was in AOL Communities before AOL went corporate. Now you don't mention you have any contact with AOL because it's embarrassing. LOL I have a LinkedIn account but I don't use it. Blog tours work well for me, depending on the blogs. I like a mix of reader and writer blogs.

  4. I haven't been to Yahoo in probably 2 years now. They shut down so many of the 'adult' groups that I belonged to, it wasn't worth the hassle anymore.

    I use Goodreads quite a bit and have dabbled in Bookblogs and Booklikes. Facebook and Twitter are probably my most common way of keeping in touch.

  5. I've never heard of Bookblogs and Booklikes. I'll have to check them out. I have an account on Goodreads but I haven't had much luck there. I haven't been on it in years. Maybe I'll try again if I can keep from getting flamed, LOL. Yes, I agree Yahoo groups are a hassle.

  6. I stopped using Yahoo Groups a long time ago. You could never predict which groups Yahoo would delete next. Groups came and went, or lasted until the moderators got bored after which they filled up with spam. Same with Google Groups. I read blogs mostly.

  7. Same here, MstrHole. Yahoo groups just aren't used anymore. I never read Google Groups. And yes, the spam! Blogs are still popular but I think even blogs have lost some of their sheen.