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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Writer's Block Sucks

Writer’s Block. We’ve all heard of it. Heck, we’ve probably all had it, regardless of whether or not we’re a writer. Maybe we’ve experienced it trying to write a report at work, or for a school assignment. Maybe in trying to write up a grocery list.

As an author and university student, I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve had writer’s block. Sometimes it only lasts a few hours. Usually, though, it’ll last weeks. Not at all conducive to getting many books written. Unfortunately, I'm neck deep in writer's block at the moment. Took me about two hours just to write this blog post!

There are many things can cause writer’s block. Stress is a large part of it, which has many causes of its own. Money, work, personal or family issues often get in the way of stress-free lives.

So what do you do when stress puts up walls that prevent you from writing?

Well, you could cut yourself off from everything and become a hermit. There are a few famous authors, and even painters, that shut themselves off to the world to focus on their craft.

Usually these days, however, that isn’t an option. Bills need paying, and family and friends are less likely to allow you to become a hermit. Believe me, I’ve tried!

So rather than trying to shut out everything that can cause writer’s-block-inducing-stress, instead try taking a time out; just a few minutes throughout the day to relax and take deep breaths. Close your eyes if you need to. Let your imagination start meandering through a peaceful scene, and you’ll be surprised just how quickly your writer’s block departs.

Another way to beat it is to just start writing. Let your mind wander like just mentioned, but write it down while it happens. Pretty soon, you’ll be making awesome progress, and as Stephen King once said when asked how he writes, “One word at a time.”

Making that effort every day to just write something, even if it’s just a list of groceries, or reminders of things to research or appointments to keep, questions to ask; it makes no difference of the what. It only matters that you write. 

Limiting distractions also helps, so try to avoid social media. Goodness knows I've lost hours on Facebook. So close that Internet tab and write!

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