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New Release Titles
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Who Is Gemma Parkes?

From an early age English was my favourite subject. I am in love with the written word and hugely influenced by Shakespeare, Dickens and D. H. Lawrence. I appreciate peace and quiet when l write. I couldn’t possibly listen to music as l would focus on the instruments instead of my work. My day to day life slows down my creativity as it is often impossible (at the moment) for me to close myself off.
I have been writing all my life but have only specialised in Erotic fiction since 2011. I live a peaceful, but busy life in rural England. I have a beautiful view from my windows and as a result l tend to stare out and get distracted when l should be writing. Having said that, my garden can, on occasion, inspire me. My writing routine is not as organised as l would like it to be. Perhaps if l had a cleaner, cook and shopper l could devote more time. I would imagine this is the same for all my writing colleagues.
Writing in this genre brings with it a level of animosity which causes many of us, including myself, to hide behind a pseudonym. My family and friends know what genre l write in, but they do not know my pen name.
I am a freelance author who self publishes a large chunk of my work. This is because l enjoy the process of self publishing, it has its disadvantages of course, the editing which falls on my shoulders alone and the search for a cover design. I do send work to publishers and have many anthology inclusions (see below). I have been extremely happy with the publishers l have dealt with and am very proud to be associated with them and lucky enough to be included in anthologies bearing their name. I would like to write something longer than a novella and intend working on that some time in the future. For me though, short stories are so much fun to write and l love the variety and freedom it gives me.
I describe myself as a storyteller, l like to tell sexy stories about ordinary people. I don’t like being tied to one sub genre as my mind is always full of new situations and experiences.
I sympathise with some of my characters and of course, much of my opinion and emotion comes out throughout my writing. Do l have a favourite? I like Scott from ‘Pleasing Mia’. He is a really nice guy! The whole story is about His love for the seemingly unattainable Mia and we follow Scott through a multitude of emotion and self doubt.

On a weekend visit to a local nightclub, Scott, a quiet, good looking man, sets eyes on a beautiful girl dancing with complete abandonment on the dance floor. Everybody is watching her, though she seems oblivious to any attention she is receiving. The girl (Mia) is simply lost in the music.
When eventually circumstances lead her to succumb to his quiet charm Scott discovers Mia’s wild sexual nature is not restricted to the dance floor. As he struggles to keep up with her sexual prowess and ever changing moods Scott discovers a side of himself that he had not deemed possible. Pleasing Mia is by no means an easy accomplishment. Will Scott succeed?

Sunlight beamed through the pale roller blind adorning Scott’s small bedroom window and cast a warm ray on to Mia’s golden hair. Scott woke sleepily and glancing down, noticed that they had hardly moved all night. Mia was still lying with her head on his chest. With her arm wrapped around him, she looked just like a sleeping angel.
Scott glanced across to the alarm clock. It showed 8:30a m. He wondered briefly if she had to go to work and realised once again that he still knew very little about her. He wanted to make her coffee but knew that to do that he would have to disturb her. Right now he was happy to reflect in the brilliant shine her hair was affording him, mirrored only by the glow within his soul. Lifting his head he kissed the top of hers, tenderly. Mia stirred, and began to stroke his soft chest hair with her small hand. He could feel his morning erection and longed to reach down to stroke against it with a lazy but determined hand. There was no need, Mia had already found it and ran her fingers the full length of him. He groaned deeply as his cock twitched with appreciation.
“Good morning baby.” Scott murmured.
Her reply was a slow smile followed by her head lowering beneath the sheets towards her hand which was still gripping him tightly.
“Oh!” he gasped as her lips wrapped around him sliding him deep into her mouth.

Short Bio:

Gemma Parkes is a freelance writer from the UK who specializes mainly in Erotic fiction. Her writing covers a variety of sexual genres. Gemma enjoys fine wine, great food and the company of funny, intelligent people who love life as much as she does.

Previous publication credits include short stories with Ravenous Romance, Cleis Press, House of Erotica, Naughty Night's Press, Yellow Silk Dreams and many more...

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