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New Release Titles
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The spirit of the dance

Goodbye to another weekend and another party. I just love an excuse to put on something pretty and clingy and hit that dance floor!
I have always loved to dance, I mean really loved it. I just can’t help myself, providing the music is good of course. Many a friend has told me that when I am on the dance floor I’m not really dancing with anyone, I get lost in the music and forget my surroundings. It’s a wonderful feeling to ride the beat and just let go. I am one of those people who dances with the whole of my body, my arms move out to the sides and my hair gets shaken while my head looks one way and then the other. I honestly believe that dancing is one of the most fun things you can do with your clothes on.
I have often been known to pester DJ’s who just don’t seem to get how important the right song is!
With this in mind it’s probably not surprising that I use dance in many of my stories. It’s sexy, sensual and can be an exquisite opportunity to seduce.
‘Pleasing Mia’ is set in a night club and this is paramount to the story:


They all noticed her; everyone in the club was watching her. She was with two other girls, each capable of turning heads in their own right. They were dancing around in their little group, twisting and turning to the rhythmic beat but you could see that Mia was lost in her own world, dancing with wild abandonment as if she were all alone in her bedroom. Scott, along with his friends, was instantly attracted to her.
She was just so beautiful. Her messy blonde hair was swinging outwards as she danced, coming back to land on naked tanned shoulders in unruly strands that filled Scott with an urge to stroke them tenderly away.
Her stunning face bore full lips that formed a most inviting pout, coupled with wide eyes that closed when she spun around shaking her arms above her head. Her figure was slender but still allowed the soft curve of her hips to smooth outwards along with her high, round breasts which displayed an inviting cleavage beneath the thin confines of a strappy white dress.
Mia was an obvious beauty, but it wasn’t just her stunning looks that were causing the stir in the trousers of just about all the male guests in the room. It was her wildness, the raw sexuality that was displayed through her dancing. That complete abandonment that made them all wonder if she would be as uninhibited between the sheets.

Then there’s the art of exotic dancing, taking things a little further with striptease, lap dancing and the sleekness of a pole.

Excerpt ‘A Private Dance’ from ‘Dancing for the Boys’:

There were around eight men seated as far as she could see but Tanya was in the zone, closing her mind to all of them, feeling the beat through her body and eyeing the pole as if it were a lover.
She recognised the song, dirty and explicit just how she felt right now. ‘Play’ by David Banner filled the small room. So he wants to play, she grinned. I will show him what he can expect if he ever decides to play with me. She took hold of the pole pulling herself towards it and sliding herself down the long shiny chrome. Then she turned around and pulled herself back up again facing her audience. With slow deliberation and feeling the music through every fibre of her being Tanya slid down in a bum slide until she was stretched out, legs wide apart with her arms stroking the pole behind her. There were a few mumbles of delight from the men seated so close to her she could see the beads of perspiration already forming on their foreheads.
Tanya made her way back up the pole gripping it firmly with her legs and gazing up towards the top. She hung downwards gripping it below her head, one leg wrapped around it and the other straight outwards, then she twisted her body again and swung out to a superman, spinning around in all her glory. The sharp intakes of breath told her they liked what they saw. Tanya pulled herself to chopsticks, a deliciously stretched position that showed the tightness of the Lycra across her outlined sex. With one leg raised she held one ankle leaving the other to hook and cling to the pole. The track changed and with a wry smile she changed her rhythm to match ‘Lick’ by Joi. It was so hot, so dirty and so very fitting. Tanya caressed the pole; she teased it twisting her body around every part of its shiny length. To her the audience was no longer there, it was just Tanya and the pole in perfect harmony.

Oh yes, I love to dance, don’t you?

Until next time,


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