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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Risk or reward – Why I write erotica

Risk or reward – Why I write erotica

I love writing but over the last few months I have been struggling to get anything started, even though ideas for further erotica are swimming around in my head. When the ideas hit they play out perfectly in my mind but then, as soon as I sit in front of the PC, my mind goes blank and I think I have finally figured out why and it comes down to one simple question, why do I write erotica? Do I just write it just to entertain others? Do I write it because fiction lets me live out fantasies on the page that I will, more than likely, never realize in the real world or do I write it for financial gain?

Do I just write to entertain others?

Yes I do however that wasn't the case when I first started writing erotica. That was because I was in an awful marriage, with a woman that I later found out spent most of the time away from the family home cheating on me and erotica was just an escape from reality.
Short stories I wrote I eventually started to post to a free read website and it was only when people began to comment that I realized that I might not be too bad at this whole writing business. More comments led to more, longer, stories and eventually Penny Peterssen noticed Star Search, convinced me to submit it to Gina Kincade and Naughty Nights Press and J S Morbius was born.

Do I write it because fiction lets me live out fantasies on the page that I will, more than likely, never realize in the real world?

Up to a point the answer to this is also yes. Everyone has fantasies and I am no different but just how far I would go I haven't got a clue. I have never been in a situation where anything, in either of my genres, could have happened but that's not to say that it wouldn't have if the chance had arose.
Some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen are transsexual and the fact that they have a cock doesn't turn me off in the slightest and yes, if I was single and the chance did present itself, I could lick, suck and fuck a transsexual woman quite happily just as I could another male.

Do I write it for financial gain?

No is the simple answer to this and before anyone questions me let me explain my reasoning.
I know I am not the greatest author in the world, and I also know that I never will be. Yes I would be honoured to have a best selling novel sitting at the top of the book charts, raking in a fortune, any author would and if they say otherwise they are lying.
However my chosen genres are never going to hit those sort of heights so why do I continue to write in them? The answer is simple. Transsexual, as well as male/male, erotica allows me to live out my fantasies and also bring to the world that transsexuals/gays/lesbians and bisexuals are just like everyone else. They too want health, happiness, love, respect and to be treated equally and if my fiction stops just ONE person looking at GLBT people as anything other than equals I will have made a difference, no matter how small.

So there you go I'm done once again, don't forget you can find me on Facebook, Twitter or The Crypt of Morbius but for now I will leave you all with this simple message.

Take risks, instead of seeing everything as nothing more than a series of pound/dollar/euro symbols, and the rewards will come.

Three lucky readers who leaves a comment will also win a copy of my newest male/male romance For the love of Leon.

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  1. Great post Julez, with a lot of truth in it. Maybe I should remind myself that it is for pleasure I started to write, and if one person liked it that was enough. Writers are too hard on themselves sometimes.