New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Importance of Appearances

Before I start my monthly blog contribution I would just like to nod my respects in the direction of Shane Willis, photographer and cover artist supreme for Naughty Nights Press. Sadly we lost Shane earlier this month and my heartfelt condolences have been passed to all who knew and loved him.

I first became aware of Shane's awesome talents when he designed the cover of NNP's Halloween anthology 'A Wicked and Wanton All Hallows Eve' which included my first submission to this publisher:

I just remember thinking this was one of the best covers that I had ever seen and so very fitting to the content inside! Since then we have watched in awe as cover after spectacular cover has come to light through the hard work of this dedicated man. I mean it when I say he was the best in the business and he will be a very hard act to follow in so many ways.

So appearances, apart from book covers, how do we describe our characters? Do we write the standard beefcake man and hour glass girl we know everyone will be able to visualize? Or do we deliberately write about someone plainer, maybe more realistic? One thing is for certain our book covers have to look good! The characters on the front of our sexy, erotic books need to shout out "look at me, I am hot!" don't they? Well I must admit to having seen a few covers that are determined to go against the norm in attractive females, many now show beautiful women of all shapes and sizes, though very few seem to venture towards anything less than the 'perfect' male. Personally I write characters that turn me on, I have to or there isn't any point. For me writing in this genre is all about feeling sexy and sharing those sexy thoughts with my readers. I feel every sentence, every sexual act and I fancy my characters like mad. So you will never find a tattooed 'he' man in any of my stories, they just don't do it for me though I know these males attract many women. I tend to focus more on the man himself, who he is, what he's about. That way my readers can visualize any man they please with the personality that I have given him. My females however, have several things in common so I guess I must have a 'type'!

Mia from 'Pleasing Mia':

She was just so beautiful. Her messy blonde hair was swinging outwards as she danced, coming back to land on naked tanned shoulders in unruly strands that filled Scott with an urge to stroke them tenderly away.

Her stunning face bore full lips that formed a most inviting pout, coupled with wide eyes that closed when she spun around shaking her arms above her head. Her figure was slender but still allowed the soft curve of her hips to smooth outwards along with her high, round breasts which displayed an inviting cleavage beneath the thin confines of a strappy white dress...

Hair is important to me, I think its very sensuous and feminine, in my stories the girls usually wear it long so that it can be tugged, teased and shaken.

More from 'Pleasing Mia':

“Face the wall Mia,” he said, “And don’t talk to me.”
Mia turned her head back to the wall, Scott thought he detected a glint in her eyes and a wry smile on her full lips.
He began to stroke her hair, giving short little tugs that made her head tilt back and her body shudder, he lifted a handful of it and watched it fall back into place in soft waves cascading down her curved, slender back. A slight scent of almonds wafted up and stimulated his nostrils. Scott loved Mia’s hair, the silky feel of it running through his fingers, the scent so subtle and tantalising and the way her body moved towards him with sensual response every time he touched it. For a moment he was lost in the moment wanting to fall to his knees behind her and kiss the small curve of her back before smoothing the blushing cheeks of her bottom...

Skin is also something that really turns me on and I mention it several times throughout all my stories.

'A Wicked Game' :

Lucinda removed the robe, dropping it down past her shoulders in a deliberate attempt to tease him. Standing up she let it fall to the floor. The sight of her completely naked made Peter’s mouth dry and his body tense.
Sitting back down, too close for comfort, Lucinda lifted her legs and shuffled up the bed, her small breasts jiggling as she did so. She laid right back and waited.
Peter stood. Allowing his eyes to drink in her beauty before leaning over to cup first one breast and then the other. Lucinda arched as Peter trailed his hand lazily over her curves before smoothing over her stomach and running his flattened palms down her thighs. Her skin was so soft. His touch barely made contact and Lucinda was already pushing towards him, longing for deeper caresses.
“Remember what we said about you moving Lucinda?” he breathed.
Her answer was a stifled moan.
There will be an auction to raise funds in support of Shane Willis and I will be auctioning 'Pleasing Mia' along with 'A Wicked Game' and also my latest release 'Dancing for the Boys'.
The auction will run for one month from September 15th to October 15th 2013. Please do join us.

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