New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Nylons, high heels, tickling and family...

*Whew* now that was an exciting month - and yet, still more exciting things are afoot - but I'll keep you appraised of those as they appear. So what am I talking about today? Fetish.

I've talked about tickle fetish before - and it seems it's becoming a little more widely understood and accepted in recent times than it ever has before. Perhaps because it's just so easy to get into; all you really need is a gentle caress and some mischievous fingers... So after the conclusion of the Tess Series, I am currently writing Nylon Dreams - the second book in my Tickled Series. It is mainly about the fetish of tickling, and is definitely bound up with nylons and high heels too. Why would nylons have anything to do with tickling you might ask? Well. The answer lies with the fact that tickling is all about sensations, light sensations leading to sensory overload. With whips and floggers and spanking, the sensation is often sharp or heavy, but with tickling, enhancing that lighter sensation is everything, and this is where Nylons come in. You can test the difference for yourself, and just imagine what would happen if someone else was dragging their fingers oh so slowly and lightly across your stockinged flesh? The intensity of the tickle is magnified incredibly, and well, there's also the visual stimulation of such beautiful lingerie - every little helps...

Nylons and tickling is the focus of this book - naturally, it provides so many fantastic opportunities for mischief - but also, as with all things, we don't live in a world of pure fetish 100% of the time - life must have balance. And that means family too. In Tickled Pink, Ellie found her Prince Charming, even if he was a little damaged, it was of no matter, they fell in love. One thing has led to another and in Nylon Dreams, they are married with children and another on the way. Having a family does not eradicate fetishistic feelings - if you have them, they're part of you, and as for Mark and Ellie, tickling is a huge part of who they are. It brought them together - it's what keeps them strong. So in Nylon Dreams - you can see for yourself how they combine their fetishes with a family life... and external threats...

Needless to say - I'll leave the teasing at that point and perhaps - how about an excerpt to see if I can entice you to try a little innocent tickle torture with your significant other....

A tease from Nylon Dreams

Moving his right hand slowly, he detailed intricate patterns over the top of her foot, up to her ankle, along her calf and to the sweet spot behind her knee. He felt her tense momentarily, but she didn’t try to escape, she simply let out a sigh of pleasure – that at least, he recognised. She shifted slightly, stretching and sighing, sliding her feet luxuriously over his crotch, a sensation he couldn’t help but react to. He felt himself swell and thicken as she expertly rubbed him through his trousers, she may not be ticklish at the moment, but it was clear she wanted to carry on this particular course of events. Sliding his hand down her thigh, her dress slipped away revealing her lacy stocking tops and a glimpse of purple satin and lace panties – he simply adored her lingerie choices. He was without a doubt, a very lucky man. He looked down and watched as she rubbed the length of his shaft with her feet. Tingles shot through him as the triple layer of material, his cotton boxers, woollen suit trousers, and her slippery nylon, rubbed and teased him to complete distraction. Groaning he gripped her ankles, holding her still, lifting her right leg to his lips as he kissed the inside of her ankle lightly, and moved slowly up her leg. Slowly dropping onto his knees, he held her legs open as gently as he could, savouring the tease of the nylon shimmering across the skin of his cheeks and neck.

Stopping momentarily he checked she was comfortable, it was in positions like this that the hip dysplasia would cause her the most intense pain. As the baby grew, it was gradually dislocating her hips – a condition more common than many realised, and as the birth grew closer, it would only get worse. But for now, she seemed comfortable, her eyes closed, lips parted slightly, lying on the cushions, stretched out, her neck extended so invitingly. Oh the fun he could have with a feather and her delicate throat, but for tonight, there was only one goal. He would bring her to climax if it was the last breath he took. Slowly working his way down her inner thighs, her scent of arousal filled his senses, his head spun almost as if he was drunk on her. 

Waiting a few beats to see if he could hear little feet sneaking down the stairs, he satisfied himself that he couldn’t, and slipped his work tie out of his pocket. Keeping it hidden in his hand, he leaned over Ellie and kissed her lightly on the lips, taking both of her wrists gently, and before she had a chance to protest, tying them loosely together. Pulling away from their kiss, he then hooked her bound wrists behind her head. Easy for her to escape if she needed to, but enough of a restriction to give her the sensation of helplessness she adored - always a concern when their children were as inquisitive as Sherlock Holmes. Looking down, deep into her eyes, he studied her expression. She looked back at him, half smiling, concentrating, she was clearly aroused but she was also masking a lot of pain – and not the pleasurable sort. There was a tightness around her jaw that belied a grit and determination to push through her suffering, and her complexion was drawn and pale. He tried to remember the last time he’d seen the charming blush of her cheeks but it must’ve been at least a month, perhaps even longer. But for now, she appeared to be enjoying his attentions, and his need to have her laughing beneath his fingers paled into insignificance with how much he needed to give her relief from her suffering, and the endorphins from an intense orgasm would surely do that.

Kissing her once more, he continued a trail of butterfly kisses down her neck, whilst pulling her light jersey wrap-over dress apart at the bust, exposing her purple lace bra, matching her panties perfectly. Sliding a hand inside the inviting lace, he folded each cup over so that her breasts were freed from their confinement, but still pointing up and outward for his enjoyment. Her large red nipples were hard now, the sight causing him to breathe out heavily as the aching in his groin intensified. He longed to rub himself against her, feeling her warmth and softness, but he daren’t put his full weight on her. So he simply remained on all fours, and dipped his head to take her nipples in his mouth, treating each in turn. Swirling his tongue gently, he flicked and sucked and nipped her erect peaks. He delighted in her squirming and quiet whimpering, despite whatever pain she was enduring, she was very clearly nearing orgasm. Starting to kiss down her body further, he gave one last pinch to her nipples, and kissed the full swell of their growing baby. “Forgive me for ravishing your mother” he thought as he planted an extra kiss on her stomach for his child, and continued his journey to his final destination.

Without breaking pace for a minute, he hooked her panties to one side and dipped his head between her legs. Peppering kisses on her mound, sucking each of her labia into his mouth and nibbling them gently, the swollen flesh tasting so sweet to him. He considered that it was often the things you miss the most that offer the most delicious rewards. Lapping her juices, he teased her engorged clit with the very tip of his tongue, lightly tickling in tandem as he could not resist skittering his fingers along her hip bone, across the underside of her bump. He had thought perhaps that if she was aroused - her skin sensitised, that maybe, just maybe, she might be a little ticklish again. Mark tested a number of areas of bare flesh, desperately trying to elicit a response, any sort of ticklish pleasure from her - but much to his continued anguish, nothing worked. Not one twitch or movement to escape. The growing ball of frustration hardened in the pit of his stomach as each of his attempts failed. “None of this is about you Mark” he thought as he tried his hardest to focus on the situation in hand. “Finish this, give her what she needs”. Gritting his teeth, he plunged a finger inside her, whilst lapping her clit with the flat of his tongue, increasing the pressure as frenzied gasps greeted his ears. He continued his assault on her as he slipped his tongue alongside his finger, her wetness flowing like a river now. Moving down further, he feathered his tongue around her anus, causing Ellie to arch her back and cry out as her breathing became more ragged. Sliding another finger inside her and adding one to her now lubricated ass, he went back to sucking her clit as he felt her body tense beneath him. Onward, focussed now, he was not going to stop until he had attained the goal he had given himself, and as her whimpers continued, he knew he was so close to victory. Just a few seconds more and he was rewarded by Ellie’s shuddering body, her thighs clamping around his head as she spasmed with pleasure, losing control of her limbs, and yet he continued still. He knew he could force another orgasm from her, and one was never enough in his mind. 

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