New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Special Guest Post From Author And Poet Mark Davis

Midnight Musings
Volume one ~ Domination
By Mark Davis

  Mr. Mark Davis is one of the hottest new poets to hit the erotic romance scene. He has a flare and style that is moving and exciting. Readers have said, "he a master at prose and delves deep into the world of few before him." 
Mark Davis can create a scene in your mind so vivid you feel as if you're there, and your body responds. He brings to life a world of bondage and the relationship of Dom/sub like no other.  
Then, Mr. Davis goes one step further and brings you into another world; his world of the paranormal. He has a flare with creating the magic between the beautiful creatures of the night. 
Mr. Mark Davis doesn't just stop there, though. Oh no, he pulls his readers one more time toward the edge of suspended bliss as he engages them in his amazingly titillating way of weaving erotic short stories. He is an author who draws you in so much to all that is happening, you may never be the same again.
Here, in his newest release, Mark is the master of writing the Domme/sub relationship, bringing you mind boggling and erotic images with his prose, but yet he does so with such tenderness and emotion. 

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This is Mark Davis' newest anthology of erotic poems, volume one. Enjoy!

An excerpt from Erotic Midnight Musings 
Release date: June 30, 2013


Insatiable Her appetite
If you’re the chosen one
You best be more than capable
For Her erotic fun

She will use you and abuse you
Bring you to your knees
Then you will beg for more
Anything to please

Her appetite is legendary
As She searches for Her prey
And if She gets you in Her sights
Then you won't forget that day

Both men and women beg
To provide Mistress her pleasure
And when She's finished with Her slaves
They have memories to treasure

  A Gift For Naughty Nights Press From Author And Poet Mark Davis

Naughty Nights
The books to read
When you feel 
That special need
Gina's team 
Have the skill
To shake your mind
Give a thrill
Private reads
Lots of fun
Erotic villains
Juices run
Can't read right through
Put them down
Hand slips inside
Your dressing gown

Touching, teasing
Stroking, pleasing
Fingers slicken
Breathing quickens
A gasp, a sigh
Orgasmic cry

Settle back 
Get breathing right
Next chapter now
Thanks Naughty Nights

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  1. Oh I cannot get enough of this Author & Poet Mark Davis...
    Reading his works of inspired talents, brings a smile to my face each day, an all over feel good from his words, Every one needs a little dose of his Erotic Short Stories, to lighten their way

  2. He's been an staple of mine...yes...maybe even an his poems...and his talent....looking forward to his book of poems