New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Naughty Nights Press welcomes Author Erzabet Bishop with her new release in The Erotic Pagans Series - Beltane Fires!

Naughty Nights Press welcomes Author Erzabet Bishop to the blog today as both an author with NNP as well as part of her Virtual Book tour for the release of her new book, The Erotic Pagans Series - Beltane Fires.
Now, I know Erzabet has a good amount to share with you all so I will let her get right to it! Take it away, Ms. Bishop!

Hello everyone!

It is wonderful to be on the blog today celebrating my release of Beltane Fires, the first in the Erotic Pagan line of stories.  

I have been writing since I could punch keys on my parent’s old typewriter, but only really in the last year did erotica become something that really clicked for me. Things that go bump in the night have always been a fascination. Give me witches, vampires, zombies and yes, even a sexy wolfman and you have my attention. Throw in some bondage and a flogger and I’m yours!

I love to write about witches and some of the holidays that make the Wheel of the Year. Beltane is one of my favorites. It is my birthday, in fact. Flowers, fairies, ribbons and all things springtime make Beltane tangible when you can’t necessarily be at a bale fire, but want to participate. There are many resources to read about the history of Beltane and the associated fertility rites that accompany it. I have a board on Pinterest where you can see some examples of Pagan art and the beautiful celebration of life that this fire festival is known for.

In the Erotic Pagan line, I have tried to use some of these historical tidbits to bring life to a story that is not just erotic, but has some bearing on tradition and a bit of folklore. The vision of a sexy Forest God coming to claim me as a May Queen is actually one of my oldest daydreams and I am thrilled to be able to share it with you in this short story. My work with Naughty Nights Press will consist of more short stories in the Erotic Pagan series along with at least one longer story I am already hard at work on.

Now for some fun…

When I interview authors on my blog, I love to ask them this or that questions. Here are some of my answers.
1. Plotter or Pantster?
Both. I like to at least have a bit of story structure written down so I know a road map of where a story is leading me. In the same vein, I do change my mind all the time about where a story is going, so I don’t plot with great detail because I know it will change the moment my fingers start crafting the piece.
2. Short stories or longer novels?
Right now, I am learning about different writing styles and genres and short stories are my venue per say. I am working on two YA novels under another pen name and have written horror short stories under my real name. Under my real name, I am also a music reviewer and blogger.
3. Work a day job or full time writer?
I am a full time working kind of girl which makes being a writer all the more challenging and rewarding. Some days I wish I could just stay home and write, but then I wonder where I would get some of the fodder for my stories…so there you go.
4. Cheeseburger or sushi?
Cheeseburger with bacon, guacamole, a skinny wheat bun and some curly fries with non fat ranch please. You can save the sushi for fish bait, thanks.
5. Ice cream or chocolate cake?
Do I have to choose? I love both! My favorite place to eat chocolate cake is the Whistle Stop CafĂ© in the small town where I live. It is smear it in your face good. Ice cream wise, Brewster’s Creamery has my undying devotion. The chocolate raspberry swirl is to die for.
Now for a tasty treat for everyone! Here is a short piece of fiction that takes place after Ceri and Herne meet in Beltane Fires. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Ceri in Bondage (The following is unedited content from future works)

“Stand still.”  Herne grasped Ceri’s left wrist and tied it to a young sapling, securing her in place.
Ceri  moaned, her eyes shielded by the blindfold he had placed over them. Her pussy moistened and her senses screamed for release.
“One more.” He bound her right wrist to another nearby tree, pulling her taut between them.
“Herne…” Ceri’s whispered plea echoed in the empty woods and she felt his warmth against her back as he ground his jean clad hips against her naked backside.
“Ceri?” Herne’s voice was clipped.
“Yes, Sir.” She panted, desire pooling between her thighs. Rubbing them together to try and ease some of the discomfort, she heard the click of Herne’s tongue behind her.
“Naughty girl. I think you just earned yourself a few more paddles for that.”
“No.” She heard him move behind her. “You will count each stroke and thank me.”
“Yes, Sir.” Ceri smiled. She had dreamt of this moment since the first night they met in the woods all those months ago. Her love for her Forest God and Dom had grown into a fiery inferno that couldn’t be quenched and she hungered for his body like no other.  The Goddess had truly blessed her.
“We begin.”
“One.” The sting of the paddle brought tears to her eyes.
“And?” Herne’s voice became silken, but stern and she quivered in her bonds.
“Thank you, Sir.” Ceri quivered and she felt liquid begin to ooze from her pussy.
“Two. Thank you, Sir.” The sting of the paddle had both sides of her ass singing in equal parts harmony and pain.
Crack! Crack!
“Three! Four! Thank you, Sir!” Ceri felt tears sting her eyelids and fought to keep them contained.
Crack! Crack! Crack!
Three more strikes of the paddle brought a warm, burning heat to the tender flesh of Ceri’s backside and she writhed in her bonds, aching for Herne’s touch.
“Five. Six. Seveeeen.” Ceri sobbed the last word. “ Thank you for your guidance, Sir.” Ceri let out a sob, part release and part frustration. She longed to feel his cock inside her and she wanted him now.
“You are most welcome, beautiful Ceri.”
She heard a zipper behind her and the rustling of clothes. 
“Your ass is nicely red.” Herne caressed her buttocks and a hiss escaped her lips. “Are you ready for me?” His cock pressed against her back as he drew her against him. Running his hands along the ivory softness of her breasts, he teased her nipples into tight buds of desire.
“Yes…” Ceri moaned, her voice hoarse with need. She parted her legs and pushed her stinging ass against Herne’s erection.
“Hmmm.” He intoned as his right hand wandered to the cleft between her legs. “Are you wet, beautiful one?” His finger slipped between her folds and into her seeping pussy.
“Oh, Sir…” She leaned back into his chest and moved her legs further apart, giving him access to the deepest parts of her.
His finger plunged in and out of her recesses and flicked against her swollen clit. Ceri thrashed against the ropes that bound her to the trees and let the building pleasure rocket her into release.
Want more Ceri and Herne? Make sure you check out more in the Erotic Pagan Series coming soon!

The Erotic Pagans Series - Beltane Fires


A recent breakup has left Ceri alone on her birthday. Her friends, Alex and Fiona, spirit her away to a Beltane festival guaranteed to light up her night. When everyone at the event seems to be a couple, Ceri ventures out for a walk along a wooded path.

In the darkness, the Forest Lord has come to find his May Queen. He is everything she ever dreamed of in a lover, but is she willing to take the leap?

**Based on real Pagan traditions and celebrations, “The Erotic Pagans Series” brings erotica and romance to reality, and shares the passion of erotic romance in the lives of Pagans with everyone.**


"Good eve, little witch." The man moved toward her, his shoulders wide and solid as molded bronze. He carried himself with a commanding air of self-importance and her inner core began to liquefy. Already molten from the ministrations of the nymphs, she was aching to feel his touch. Tall, handsome, with a beautifully proportioned body, he was completely naked. His hair was a mass of brown curls and a crown of antlers graced his brow. A forest lord coming to claim her on a wild Beltane night. Desire shivered through her, and Ceri felt her nipples pebble with lust.
"Good evening." Ceri struggled to look him in the face when her eyes kept traveling down toward his now erect cock. His dark eyes were framed by a handsomely square face and his lips turned up with amusement as if he could read the inner turmoil of her mind.
"This a wild night to walk these woods alone, fair one." He moved purposefully closer and his rigid member bobbled as he walked. Ceri felt her mouth go dry. Her eyes met his in startled surprise as his warm hand brushed her cheek and trailed down the edge of her left breast, cupping it in his palm. How had he gotten here so fast?
"You are mine." Reflected light glimmered over his face with molten radiance as he stepped in and his lips claimed hers.

Available now at the NNP eStore, All Romance Ebooks, Amazon, Amazon UK, Kobo, Smashwords and other reputable online retailers.

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