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Monday, February 11, 2013

The power of Social Media... Who is actually listening?

Hello again! Good to see you all, I've been debating what to write about, and just when I thought I was absolutely stumped, it was one of my followers on Twitter that inspired me. Well, should I say completely humbled me actually. And it's to her, I dedicate this post.

Social media. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, you name it, you simply can't get away from it at the moment. Or ever. Whole families are on Facebook, and and with so many different fora to keep an eye on in order to market and spread the word about my books, at times my head is in a complete spin. What to do for the best? What is the best approach to tackle the beast that is Social Media? I've read endless things about how you should 'network on twitter' or 'network through FaceBook' but these techniques work well for certain individuals. There is no 'one size fits all' when dealing with people. Individuals. And that's what you have on Social Media. Individuals. Everyone is different.

My haunt of choice has increasingly become Twitter (@DesireDarkly), because I'm an avid conversationalist. Whilst I can't hold thousands of conversations all at once, I do try and respond to those who interact with me, and as a result I've made some very valuable connections indeed. I've been invited onto radio shows, guest blogging spots, and run many competitions and gained loyal, dedicated fans who I am indebted to for so many reasons I cannot count - but I never forget each and every input into my work that they have given to me. My books have been shaped for the better through their passion for my characters. Further to this, Twitter has other uses for me in the way of #sixwords and #oneline where I can explore the thoughts and emotions of my characters in short, succinct bursts... many of which have led to breakthroughs in stories where I have otherwise become a little stymied. Social Media can help an author in many more ways than just shouting about the books I write. I think that if my readers can see me as the person I am, the person behind the pen name, then they will seek my work out through the images that I create.

Now, to the real point of this post. You never know, who is out there... Listening, watching, reading... It was in an interaction this evening where a truly remarkable woman reached out to me and told me what my words meant to her. I was speechless, and so incredibly moved. I will not go into the depths of it, but, it made me realise just how much people do read and absorb what you put out into the ether. And exactly what it means to them.

I cannot be anything but what I am, and sometimes it's a mind-blowing reality to realise just who is reaching out to you, from around the world, reaching out with complete trust and honesty. Social Media might be seen as flippant and trivial, but in actual fact, if you look behind the masks of protection, the vibrancy and many facets of human emotion and relationships can be seen in very sharp focus. Never underestimate the power of Social Media, the individuals you encounter in passing, might very well be the key to your future inspiration.


It is for this very reason that my Street Team was set up. I had so many loyal readers that I wanted to give something back. I can't give a great deal, but as many were leaving reviews and doing other wonderful things to help me, I thought the least I could do would be to try and do something. So, if this sounds like an idea that you may be interested in helping with... check out my link here Street Team. I do hope you'll join me along my journey, and thank you for dropping by and taking time to read my thoughts today.

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  1. great post Tessa. Sometimes I think I am over saturating social networking but then I realize that to get my name out there I need to until I am known enough