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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sex Magick...

Valentine’s Day…a relationship in trouble…sex magick rituals…
You can see how my mind works :)
As a paranormal author, even writing witches who can shoot light out of their fingertips, I’ve still done a lot of my research for my stories in Wiccan books, studying pagan spells and rituals for inspiration. As a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, once I stumbled upon my first sex magic spell in a book, I simply became fascinated with the practice. Using energy myself to change lives, this method of building energy captured me, made me want to learn more, hmm, maybe even try out a few methods myself *winks* Before long I posed a challenge to myself to write a pagan story, to incorporate these spells, and to keep things real. I more than met my own challenge, I guess, because to date, I’ve written several. My most current story with Naughty Nights Press for Valentine’s Day this year involves a marriage in trouble and a wife who tries to save it with a sex magick ritual.

Before I get into some of the basics I see among these spells, let’s get a good solid definition of what Sex Magick is.
Wikipedia says: “Sex magic is a term for various types of sexual activity used in magicalritualistic or otherwise religious and spiritual pursuits. One practice of sex magic is using the energy of sexual arousal or orgasm with visualization of a desired result. A premise of sex magic is the concept that sexual energy is a potent force that can be harnessed to transcend one’s normally perceived reality.”

As I see it, the energy built during sex is used to power a spell where an intention (what the witch wants or is trying to achieve) is held in the participants minds as orgasm is achieved. Sex here can mean anything from masturbation to heterosexual to homosexual even multiple partner situations even incorporating some light BDSM practices to achieve an altered state in which magic can happen. So how is this done? Well just like any other type of spell or ritual there are many, many ways to go about this. But in my research, I’ve seen few common denominators. Let’s go through those.

First, the solitary practitioner or couple or coven practicing the ritual or conducting the spell, have to center themselves, clear away all the negative energy attached to them. Often this is begun by showering, alone or together. The water helps to cleanse away negative energies while also relaxing the people involved. Many times soothing scents are used as well as candles, etc. I like the spells for couples that mention washing each other as well envisioning clearing away all the energy ties.
Next, a clear intention must be devised. Of course, the practitioners went into this process already having a good idea of what this intention is, it is just at this point that the participants make sure the intention is very detailed, very clear. Some intentions for sex spells may be for a couple to see if they are meant to be together or to heal one who is sick, but really, any intention can be done as long as it harms none in the process. The intention is usually written down in very specific words at this point on paper or simply scratched into a candle to be burnt during the ritual. Also, the participants need to come up with a clear image in their heads, the more detailed the better chance the spell has of working.
Once this intention is set, there are many ritual items that need to be gathered. Of course, if these are things you would need to buy before hand, things you just don’t have on hand, one must shop before the bathing. LOL Pre-planning like this would have already been done, just this is the point of set-up of the sacred space. Moving these things around with purpose helps begin the energy building process. The room would have been cleared prior to the bath.
Okay, back to the items. Lots of them have special meanings like herbs, oils, candles, colors, crystals, etc. So, many of these items can be gathered which represent the intention can be placed on an alter in the room. The interaction with these things depends upon the complexity of the ritual. Sometimes herbs are mixed in a tiny cauldron now, or oils are mixed together to be later used in sensual massages, etc.
Next the participants must rebuild their energy. At this point it is important to build sexual energy, not to climax. So, here rituals vary a lot. Sometimes sensual massage is used here or light touching, bodies connected in intimate ways while couples simply lose themselves in each other’s eyes. Other times, sensual spanking, using whips made of ribbons with small knots at the ends are run up and down the body or hit against the skin until the sub at this point starts to reach an altered state of consciousness through sexual arousal. If this step is done alone, say by a woman, she may masturbate in front of a mirror, building her sexual energy slowly, all senses engaged in the process.

Now, this isn’t easy. Participants are brought to a point just before climax many times before they actually get to climax. During this climax though, the intention is thought of, visualized, chanted, whatever depending upon the spell. This takes focus, a lot of concentration gained through practice. And, the spell doesn’t always end here. Sometimes, if the intention is a reoccurring problem, like a sex spell done to break down creative blocks, a talisman will be made. Some sort of amulet, a necklace with a pendant can be covered in the sexual fluids, mixed fluids if a couple is doing the spell, and then worn, carrying the energy of the spell with the person after.
If you are interested in learning more, some great books are:

I know that was a lot, and the rituals really can be simple or complicated. I have written stories on all of the levels, always increasing my challenge. I once got a huge compliment from a practicing witch who said when a friend asked her to recommend a book on sex magic, she told them for the basics to read my story, The Healing Spell. That was my first pagan story, so that made me one happy author. Now, almost all of my stories have incorporated sex magic rituals into them in one way or another, including the paranormal ones like A Modern Day Witch Hunt. There was even a sex spell in my first paranormal novel, Torn Asunder, as well as my latest pagan short story, Naughty Hot Shots - Sacred Sex. Check it out at the NNP Store!

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