New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Candyman - The Final Book in the SNOTM series

Good morning! It's very hard to believe that this series is done. The first book in the series released in Nov 2011 and now, here it is Jan 2013 and it's finished. But oh what a ride its been, meeting characters with very distinct traits, various lives, and um, fetishes. 

It's been a treat to create this series along with BL and Rawiya and now BL will finish it, just as she started it. Candyman is a humorous look at a young man who obtains control over his father's company when he passes. However, things get even more complicated when he falls in love with one of the workers. 

Of course, there are sequels planned for Latte, Sugar Daddy, and this one since they have secondary characters that needed their own books but the series is officially done. Look for Candyman to be released on January 8th!

Alain Roux is the new President of the world famous Diamond Candies chocolate factory on the South Side of Chicago. His father, Demi Roux lost his battle with cancer and has left it in his care despite Demi’s brother’s advice to leave it to him. Alain has no interest in the company but to fulfill his father’s last wish, he takes on the day to day of it anyway.

Ty Washington is a born and raised Southsider who’s working there to put him through college. Recently, his father threw him out because he confessed he might be gay. When he and Alain talk, his heart soars and as badly as he tries to fight it, the two connect and eventually they decide to give their relationship a try.

In BL’s own humorous way, she’ll tell the tale of a man and his subordinate as they overcome the struggles to build a long lasting commitment.

Coming to NNP, All Romance, Smashwords, and Amazon!

Don’t come back here until you get your head outta your ass! Get out and stay out!
Like a broken record, the words of Ty Washington’s father replayed in his mind. Nope, Dad wouldn’t accept his only son being gay. He’d told him after dinner and right away, Mr. Washington made him pack his bags. They’d always been close, especially after Mrs. Washington died of leukemia when Ty was twelve. Didn’t matter though. Mark Washington couldn’t see himself with a homosexual for a son and he let him know, in no uncertain terms, there was no way he’d allow him to live in his upper southeast side home with those “unclean” thoughts, let alone behaviors.
Although that happened almost two years ago, Ty still felt it like it was yesterday. He and his dad hadn’t spoken since then and nothing looked as if that would change. A lot of times, Ty thought about ending it all, but then he thought about his mom and how he had promised her he’d make something of himself someday. No way could he let her down.
On his way back to the sty he called home on the west block of seventy-ninth, Ty turned his headphones up louder and glanced out the window of the bus. He noticed people going in and out of the small stores, carrying bags as they ran to the bus stop or to their cars. It was Friday night, which meant payday for many – a chance to spend their hard-earned cash on new shoes or clothing – something Ty wished he could do. Unfortunately, except for Ramen noodles, eggs, and cereal, almost all his check went to paying for the apartment and keeping his jalopy of a car running. Right now it was sitting in his friend’s garage getting a tune up, hence Ty’s ride on the big blue limousine. He barely had enough left for anything outside the essentials. Still, Ty was thankful for what he did have. Better than being homeless.
In minutes, they came up on his street and he pulled the string for the bus to stop. “Excuse me,” he muttered to the curvy and attractive young lady sitting next to him that he cursed himself for not even noticing. Why the hell didn’t I see her?
Ty really wasn’t comfortable with the fact he liked men more than women and often thought he was a freak of nature. His few remaining friends let him know he needed to get out more and start dating girls more aggressively.
“I don’t have time,” he’d answer. It was true, since he worked up to thirty hours a week and went to college at UIC studying for a marketing degree. Between tuition and books, the only social life he had was the fiction he read and the time he spent on the phone with friends. Even that was limited because of his tight budget.
“Hmph.” Ty sprinted to his building and picked up the few pieces of mail in his mailbox – offers for credit cards, junk mail, and a couple of utility bills. “Shit, how am I gonna come up with the money for these?” He opened up the first invoice and shook his head. Whenever he got a bill, he thought about the ad he saw in one of the smaller newspapers for the all-male revue at the Hotspot nightclub. But when would there be time to study and work a second job? At night, Ty hit the books and did his homework. Of course, that was after he left Diamond Candies for the day. If I took on anything more, my grades might fall! He leaned against the door and breathed a sigh while he looked at the picture of his mom on the mantel.
Damn Momma, I wish you were here for me now!
Once he settled in and made a can of soup for supper, Ty sat on the couch and searched the company website to find out about college assistance. Due to his stupid pride he’d never thought about it, but since the bills weren’t stopping any time soon and he didn’t want to get kicked out, he thought this would be as good a time as any.
“Damn, my GPA might not be good enough. 3.5? Shit!” Ty was doing good in school, but he didn’t think he his grade point average would make that cut. He’d flunked a test earlier in the semester and he was still paying for that.
The one night I decided to go out.
Stupidly, he’d join his friends for a beer the night before the test, to try picking up girls and getting laid. Instead, he’d embarrassed himself with bad attempts at dancing, and he got so drunk he’d ended up in the bathroom puking his guts out.
Just thinking about the morning after made him shudder. He grimaced, knowing he shouldn’t have let them talk him into it. Ty had missed class and hadn’t been able to make up the test. His marketing professor was one of those insufferable bastards that loved to make his students’ lives a living hell. Damn him.
Damn Diamond Candies for making the standards so fucking high. That kind of average meant all A’s and maybe one B, most likely a high one – not one teetering on the edge of a C. Shit.
Disgusted, he slammed the laptop down and tossed it next to him. Once it hit the couch, he cursed himself knowing that wasn’t the smartest of moves since the old Thinkpad was a hand-me-down. He rubbed his hands over his smooth head and turned on the TV, hoping that would take his mind off the bills and the seven a.m. shift at the factory he had to endure tomorrow. A Channel Two news brief flashed across the screen.
And today, beloved owner of Diamond Candies, Demi Roux, was memorialized. Many were in attendance…
“Yeah? It’s about time that old bastard kicked the bucket. Maybe the new boss will give me the well-deserved raise I’ve been looking for!” Ty snarled at the mourners leaving what looked to be a mansion.
Reportedly, Demi left his fortune to his son Alain. No word on who will step in as the president of the beloved corporation.
“Hopefully somebody who isn’t as much of a tightwad as him!”

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