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Monday, October 22, 2012

Meet Joe Filippone, self proclaimed sexual superhero

My name is Joe Filippone and I am a sexual superhero. Why you may ask? Well, there are a lot of similarities between me and superheroes: we both have secret identities-I actually have several but more on those in a minute-we both have relatively normal lives, we both help people by freeing them and liberating them and, when people find out who we really are, a lot of them are shocked and amazed. Now I can already hear what all of you reading this are saying: “Joe what the heck are you talking about? Did you steal some stuff from Lindsay’s stash?” I can assure you I haven’t. I will go over all the similarities and elaborate more but maybe this will help you: Garland. Garland Cheffield. Thomma Finland. I can hear you guys now: “Joe, what could you and three erotica writers possibly have in common?” Well I will tell you, I am them. I will pause for a moment to let that sink in. Go ahead. Have a little freak out. Be shocked. I’ll wait. Have you regained your composure? Yes? Good. Now I will repeat myself just so we are clear: I, Joe Filippone, Hollywood actor am also sex writers Garland, Garland Cheffield and Thomma Finland. See, I told you. I am a sexual superhero, though with three different pennames I sometimes feel like a sexual schizophrenic.

Now I’ve already revealed my secret identities but let me tell you a little more about each of them and why I choose to write under four different names.

Joe Filippone: I actually started out using my own name and published my first three novels under my real name. My first six or so erotic short stories were all published under my real name as well. I was very proud that I was still a virgin and able to publish sex stories and that people thought my naughty little fantasies were hot. I still continue to write under my real name though I usually use it for my more mainstream work such as my young adult and horror stuff; maybe because I am getting more and more fame and notoriety for my acting work and I want fans of my acting work to also become fans of my writing work.

Garland: This is the penname that most people know me under. I started using this penname because I had submitted two stories to an erotic anthology called SexTime and I needed to use a penname for one. I had always liked the way Garland sounded. To me it sounded mysterious, sexy, exotic. It was a name that didn’t reveal whether I was a man or a woman. Plus I liked the idea of using one name as a homage to my friend Zane who I greatly admire and respect.

As fate would have it, the Garland story was the one the editor chose and thus my first alter ego was born. Much to my great surprise and delight readers really seemed to like Garland and the sexy stories he was able to come up with and for me, being able to hide behind this made up person made it easier for me to write these fantasies and put them up there.

Garland is very different than Joe Filippone. He is even more outgoing than me and even more comfortable with his sexuality. When I write a Garland story I have a certain way of sitting, holding my pen and even thinking. Garland’s stories are, above all, hot but there is also some humor in them as anyone who has read my story in The Boy’s Club can attest to. When I picture Garland I picture a young, barely legal twink, I always think of him as having shaggy blonde hair and looking like one of those smooth power bottoms you often see in porn movies; maybe that’s why most of my heroes in Garland’s stories are young, power bottoms, he uses these stories to act out his fantasies.

The Cheffield surname was added because an editor who has published several of my short stories likes to have a last name because he thinks it looks more professional. It came about because one of my favorite authors is V.C. Andrews and I love her Flowers In The Attic series. The middle name of one of the characters was Garland and his surname was Sheffield so I just changed the spelling a little bit.

Garland Cheffield, in my mind is an older version of Garland. He still has Garland’s fun loving nature and his stories still have that humor but it is a little more refined for lack of a better word. I picture Mr. Cheffield as someone who is closer to my age-mid twenties-who was maybe a little wilder in his younger days when he first came out but who has settled down a bit and is looking for Mr. Right to maybe settle down with and start a family.

Which brings us to my last secret identity: Thomma Finland. I use this name when I write lesbian erotica and my BDSM stories. This name came about because when I wrote my first lesbian story, which was also a BDSM story, I decided to use a more feminine sounding name as a way to get more fans and to maybe trick the fans who just knew me through my gay and straight erotica. I came up with this name by feminizing the name Tom Of Finland, an artist who I greatly like and admire. Thomma Finland is the oldest of my identities and I picture her as an older woman in her sixties who used to be a high school English teacher. Thomma started writing stories after her husband died as a way to pass the time and help her cope with her loss.

Now I can already see the looks that people are making as they read this. I can assure you I am not schizophrenic. I am an actor with a very vivid-some may say overactive-imagination. I love making up characters and back stories for people I know, interesting looking people I see on the street so it was only natural for me to make up little biographies for my pennames. I can even see what they look like clearly in my mind. I think this helps with making all of my alter egos real people and why so many people are shocked when they learn that all of these people are one and the same.

Well now I’ve revealed who I really am. I also liberate and free people like superheroes do. How, you may ask. Well one of the most rewarding things about being a sex writer is when I get fan mail from readers saying how my work has helped them feel more comfortable about their sexual fantasies and their sexuality and to me, anytime I get a note saying “thank you. Your work has made me feel that it’s okay that I get turned on by group sex,” or “I just read your story in The Boy’s Club and I have fantasies about fucking my college professors too,” is very rewarding and makes the rejections, the writer’s block, everything all worth it.

So that’s basically a little bit about me. Hollywood actor by day, sex writer by night. See, a sexual superhero. I hope you have enjoyed learning about me and next time you stop by Naughty Night’s Press, check out The Boy’s Club. You can get it for 25% off between October 19th and 25th if you enter in the code: JOETHEBOYSCLUB5 and feel free to visit my website, check me out on IMDB, friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.

Thank you so much for all the support and remember reading is sexy.

-Joe Filippone AKA Garland AKA Garland Cheffield AKA Thomma Finland

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   Author Bio:
Joe Filippone is currently a fulltime actor and writer living in Hollywood California. Joe has appeared in numerous TV shows, web series, films and theatrical productions including 1000 Ways To Die, Childrens’ Hospital, Inside Room #334, Goth Girl, Therapissed, Flat Dog Dreams, Cut! and others. Joe’s short stories have appeared in over sixty anthologies including The Boys’ Club, Sugar And Spice, Touchdowns, The Undead That Saved Christmas, Thirsty Are The Damned, Letters From The Dead, Cougars On The Prowl, The Color Sexy, Video Boys as well as the author of the novels Real Boys Kiss Boys (CAPA Nomination For YA Fiction) In The Tarot, The Christmas Cottage and The Story Of Joe. 

Thank you Joe for coming on here today and letting the Naughty Nights Press readers learn more about you. 

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  1. Love it! Absolutely love it!
    Joe, thank you for coming on NNP and revealing so much awesome information about yourself.
    NNP looks forward to a long and happy future with you and your many faces!

    Lady G