New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Abby Hayes Guest Post – MMA & MMM

Mmmmm, now doesn’t that combo sound yummy? I thought so, and in my coming release, The Fights of Summer, I prove just how hot that scenario can be. I have two men who fight in the amateur MMA league pair up with another man after the fights. This one is about a committed relationship, and how a near-death event can affect a relationship in good and bad ways. So, how did I come up with this story line? Well, in all honesty, with some girlfriends who were, well, *clears throat* drinking, laying around the apartment, and one of them Googles “naked men” Innocent enough, right? I can tell you that there is nothing innocent about the third site in our search results that came up, UK Naked Men. Yeah, dot com *winks*So, anyway, the first night we were on there, there was a free clip of men wrestling. I go out with a guy from time to time that is into all the MMA fights, so ideas started to roll, and I really got into researching the MMA. So, sue me, my mind kept picturing then wrestling around all naked. Made the bedroom scenes fun, you know, when they brought their work home *winks*

There are places in the story where tempers flare, mostly out of fear, from the one in the relationship who hasn’t grown up around gyms and fighting. So, naked male wrestling starts to become his way to cope on several levels. The story has a real emotional intensity to it, and sometimes, what one does when extremely stressed may not be our normal, but once the stress passes, it could become a favorite, if you know what I mean. As if having these three men together was not hot enough, in writing it, I really liked creating a tenseness, a serious note to a lot of the story. There was intense love, intense fear, and let’s face it, the MMA is an intense sport. Okay, yeah, I like the word INTENSE! And I loved the challenge of writing it with this hot novella.

So, do you want a sneak peek?

The Fights of Summer Blurb:
James, Carl and Dane live together under the guise of being just roommates and nothing more. But, even as roommates, James doesn't feel he belongs with them sometimes. Carl and Dane are MMA fighters, two boys pulled off the streets as children and into a gym in hopes of keeping them out of trouble. James, on the other hand, was raised with what Carl and Dane would refer to as middle class normal, or with a silver spoon in his mouth - their joke.

All three attend the University of Akron. Carl is studying to be a teacher, in hopes of giving back to inner city kids like he was. James is a business major who hopes to follow in his father's footsteps as a broker. And, Dane, well he attends school part-time, a journalism major who hopes to make it pro, UFC, and drop out of school.

James supports the two fighters he loves by attending all of their fights. The brutality of the cage fights is just something he has adjusted to. He doesn't mind it rough at all though when one of his lovers wins and comes home all hyped up for sex. The bedroom is one place he is good with some roughness. They play fight, naked wrestling really, with the loser taking it up the ass. James loses a lot, and doesn't mind at all.
This tense situation changes dramatically when Dane is hurt in the cage. As he lays unconscious in the hospital, James starts having nightmares, and Carl is more than willing to take one for the team to help calm James down a bit each night. The problems escalate for James once Dane wakes up and returns home for a long recovery. James just can't understand why the man is fighting so hard to get back to fighting – back into the cage where he almost died. Will James' confusion make him the permanent odd man out, or will he eventually learn enough in play to make him understand his lovers' drive to fight?

The Fights of Summer Excerpt:
Taking the initiative, James went at Dane with some play punching. A few times his fists actually connected with Dane's skin; that was until he switched gears and rammed into Dane's side just the way he'd seen the guy do tonight in the cage. They fell to the floor. Their bodies collided with each others. James soon had Dane on all fours with his arms wrapped around the guy's chest, his leg up over Dane's back. His stomach and hard on pressed against Dane's back was sublime as much as having the tables turned. He truly could go either way, just as happy to play the submissive as the Dom.
“Oh yeah, nice balls shot,” Carl whooped as he clapped. The loud sound as his palms came together made James jump. He gave the guy a scowl for the interruption which didn't phase Carl in the least, if he even noticed.
Carl had crouched down on all fours, level with the action. Dane rolled them quickly, took James to the floor on his back and pinned him beneath him. A rapid response on James' part allowed him to knock Dane off balance enough to not let him recover the position of dominance, to get Dane in a lock from underneath. He was sure Dane had allowed it, but what did it matter when you had your lover in such a hold, still with his stomach to his lover's back, his cock crushed just the right amount underneath his weight to incite James to start dry-hump against him.
Moving his legs out quickly to really pin Dane, he couldn't help but stretch one arm down, snake it around the guy's hip, and grab the cock that had hardened again. James gave it a few hard pumps, felt the skin warm and veins pulse against his fingers from the friction.
Dane's hips responded, but soon the guy was back on his knees exploiting James' inexperience. Rolling James until he was pinned, stomach to the floor, Dane straddled his back after he'd turned to face his ass. James took a couple of punches to the gluts, which only made him ache for more of the same.
The way their bodies struggled, muscles bunched, dicks slid, was not only arousing but an adrenaline rush. He took the high, fought with all he had until he had Dane down on his back again, his thighs pinned under his hands. He took a few, gentle, play punches at his exposed balls. This gained him more cheers and more fighting advice from Carl who was just inches away at this point. In fact the guy was so close that the scent of his lovers together mixed, a drug like no other.

And, Coming October 2012:

Abby Hayes
By day, Abby is what the world tells her to be. By night, alone with her imagination, she is who she wants to be. Giving into the breathy voices who pant new and exciting sexual scenarios inside of her head, she pounds away at her keyboard. Abby’s only goal is to have her readers free their own minds, grab their ereaders, and go away with her into a world where no one judges what the body wants, instead they explore what the flesh is capable of.

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