New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spotlight On...Ana Hart Don't miss out on the Giveaway

Welcome to Naughty Nights Press

Today I will be shining my extra large spotlight on the sexy yet ever so demure, purveyor of the paranormal and downright spunkalicious
Ana Hart

Now I know for a fact that if you were to go to XOXO And All That Jazz (Ana's blog) she is giving away a copy of her Naughty Hot Shots - Six to One.

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Book 1 in the One Addiction series
Ana Hart


Daniel Webb is your fairly average twenty-something year-old living in the bustling city of Stone Hills, Arkansas. High school graduate, College dropout, and currently an employee of a local coffee shop, where he spends the majority of his nights hovering over a hot grill. You know, a totally glamorous lifestyle...
Oh, yeah, and Sarelia, an elder spirit of the Lower World, gifted him with powers beyond his wildest imaginings only a few months ago. Some people would have been grateful. Others would have simply been in denial.
All Daniel feels is resentment.
Because honestly, Daniel's life is kinda sucking at the moment. His girlfriend Malorie dumped him. He's crashing on his brother, Mark's couch (who's being a bit of a dick about the whole thing), and his best friend, James Harin, won't stop smothering him with pity.
But when Daniel bumps into the sexy Alyssa Vega at The Pub and ends up going home with her for some no-strings-attached fun, something finally seems to be going right. Alyssa is just the spot of normalcy Daniel needs in his freak show of a life.
Until his sexy one night stand turns out to be a freak just like him. A rather badass freak as a matter of fact.
So much for normalcy.
As the temptation to use the power Sarelia gave him grows stronger, Daniel finally gives in and embraces the strength the power gives him. With it, he can do anything.
Well, except raise the dead.
Too bad the power's so damn addicting.

Naughty Hot Shots - Six to One
Ana Hart

Every woman’s fantasy comes to life in this ménage with six men lavishing their sexual attentions on a single woman.
The nameless female protagonist in this story has always dreamed of being, well, gang-banged. She confides this fantasy to her lover of two years, Derek, and much to her surprise, he sets out to make fantasy become a reality.
The story details our protagonist's journey into fantasy nirvana as she suddenly finds herself faced with the prospect of being with six men, including Derek, all at the same time.
Six to one is a fast-paced tale of lust and fulfillment, of animal passions and raw need.


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