New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Thank Your Publisher Week

Some authors I know got together and deemed this Thank Your Publisher Week. The idea caught on like wildfire. And, I thought since I had a date set on NNP Blog this week, I would save my post for here. I have several different publishers, and I love them all for different reasons. Each from Excessica to Knight Romance to NNP have taught me a lot about writing, about the industry and about myself. With NNP, Gina Kincade, really makes a difference. She doesn’t just support me as one of her authors, but as an author on a whole. She not only buys and reads many of my stories with other pubs, but she helps me to promote my stories with other companies as well. She is a real team player., and makes the transition between being your friend and being your boss flawlessly. She once visited me, and she went from talking about edits on my story to her taking me to breakfast without blinking an eye :)

I wanted to show though how great it is to work with NNP through from many different perspectives, so I asked for a few quotes from other NNP author’s posts this week. Let’s see what they have to say…

When is a publisher, not a publisher? When they're a family. So this week, I wanted to say thank you to Naughty Nights Press for everything they have done for me, everything they continue to do, and to know how much it means to me, that this writer was plucked from absolute obscurity and given the amazing opportunity to become published.” ~Tessa Wanton at

Gina Kincade, Penny Peterssen and everyone connected with Naughty Nights Press I thank you and look forward to a long and fruitful writing career under your guidance.” ~Julez Morbius at

"I and other authors are acknowledging the hard work, dedication, and personal friendship from for our publisher, Naughty Nights Press. The owner and staff have created a new dimension in publishing books for authors and readers that goes beyond the limits of other publishing companies.” ~Pablo Michaels at

"The support from the staff and fellow authors is just wonderful, and I consider myself so lucky to be part of it all. The professionalism, support and friendliness is something I will always cherish. United we stand, and together we can reach the stars!! " ~Casey-Lyne Johnson at

One day, 12/01/2011, I’m sitting around, on the computer–where else?–and I see an email pop in. It’s from NNP. I open it up . . . and it took me a few moments to realize there was more to the email than just, “Hey, thank you for the submission . . .” It was an acceptance letter, and there was a contract attached.

I was really sort of in shock. I knew what this meant, and yet . . . it took me about ten minutes to totally comprehend what was going on. I knew the moment I signed that sucker, things would be different for me, like it or not. I read it. And read it again. And again. By the time I signed on the line that is dotted, I knew what I was getting into.

And I knew what I wanted.

I did thank Gina, because this was a break for me. I knew it would take some time before the story saw the light of day, but that was fine–there were always going to be things to work on. I eventually discovered the story would be published in May, and so I semi-held my breath and waited for May to roll around.

It’s rolled, baby. It is here.
”~Raymond Frazee at

With Naughty Nights Press I’ve found my ideal writing lover.

I showed them my package and they in return told me what I needed to do with it to delight them. I’ve kissed them softly and they have caressed me lovingly in return. When I’ve overstepped my bounds they have put me back on track with a loving slap that felt so good after it happened. And now we’ve hit a wonderful groove where we can explore each other’s desires on the page to reach new heights of erotic gratification for an audience that wants to be aroused.

And ultimately isn’t that what writing erotica is all about?
”~Kendel Davi at

"Publishers, Editors, Artists and even Distributors along with the writer are links in a chain. If any one of those links is weak then the whole chain can fall apart. It is scary to think that some really awesome books would not have made to our hands cause one of those links broke." ~ Sherry Palmer at

The first book released was the Halloween special for NNP, this was obviously because it was themed for October and needed to go on sale quite quickly. However, as l have learnt, the process usually takes a very long time, (around 6-8 months and sometimes longer.) If l submit work to a publisher l expect it to take much longer than it does to self publish. Of course it does! This is an ongoing process with many people working behind the scenes on a great deal of books and l'll tell you something, I listen to them, l do what they ask me to do and l appreciate all the time they spend on trying to get things absolutely right for me. Why? Because they know best!"  ~ Gemma Parks at

"I have a history with two of my best friends who lead the charge for success for Naughty Nights Press. I became friends with Gina Kincade and Penny Peterson about four years ago when I sought to publish my writing." ~Pablo Michaels, Part 2, at

“This is a match made in heaven you know, a naughty publisher who takes care of this wicked gal. The CEO Gina has done so much for my career, accepting work and allowing me the chance to refine my craft.” ~BL Morticia at

"Included in that team is awesome promotions director Penny Peterson who I’m taking the time to focus on today. She’s always busy, sending out posts to promo authors, getting reviews, getting author copies out and I’ve only covered about maybe half of what this woman does. Why can’t all promotional people take a cue from Penny who has a life outside of NNP but seemingly, she spends a lot of her time getting things together for all the authors.” ~Rawiya at

"A good eye for story and writing, as well as knowing what your market wants makes a good publisher a savvy and powerful ally to have in your corner as a writer." ~Delena Silverfox

I first became aware of Naughty Nights Press when Gina Kincade contacted me and invited me to submit to her (OK, that sounded a lot sexier than it was – sorry, I’m not naturally submissive).” ~Tanith Davenport at

"On top of the basics they have to deal with personalities. Like any other managerial position, dealing with people can be frustrating, mind boggling and down right a pain in the ass. And I'm putting it nicely sometimes. I have seen and been a part of bad behavior - known as the diva mode - and I NEVER knew writers were so overtly dramatic." ~Cassandre Dayne at

"Enjoy all the accolades that you are receiving Mistress Gina. You deserve them." ~Willow Leigh at


  1. Awesome post and the feeling of family and being connected is amazing. A group of totally different personalities and writing styles have bonded together beautiful. We all pretty much said the same thing but in different ways. Basically NNP, Gina, Penny, the staff and the authors ALL ROCK!!! Come at us with a negative and we will flip it to a postive...just like this is. Thanks Niki for sharing you time here with all of us. :)

  2. This is fantastic!! So many amazing quotes, and all of them amazing writers.

    Thanks so much for putting this all together! =)

  3. Ahhhhh *huge hugs* to all my family, may we stand strong and keep writing stories to intrigue and fascinate xxx

  4. All wonderful posts, but I particularly LOVED Tanith's quote!! *giggle*
    Just wonderful to see us all standing together!

  5. Oh wow! I don't even know what to say. Thank you seems like too little so just, oh wow! You all are the best!