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New Release Titles
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Are You Afraid?


Of the dark and creatures of the night? When I was a kid I loved watching haunting stories, whether about ghosts and goblins or werewolves and vampires. Back then we seemed to only have the run of the mill creatures. Now we have everything from aliens in different colors to were-deer. My goodness. My favorites will always be the lure of the vampire. Have you noticed we've gone through a shift in the way they are presented as well?

Years ago they were almost campy, kinda creepy, but mostly the creepiness was based on the way the camera was held and the dark music playing in the background. Then they became much scarier and then they became sexy. Well, as women we all want the dark and dangerous types. There's nothing better to me than a big, bad boy who is going to drag you with him into ecstasy. Right ladies?

My vampires tend to be a combination of sexy and terrifying. I don't really want you to forget they are blood suckers and will indeed take you into hell - not just immortality. But I also think they need to be sexy and as a writer I want to show a side of them that's almost normal. Some of them today (thank goodness we are writers, right?) can drink and even eat, be out in the sun and yes GOD forbid some sparkle. Not mine. BUT... I want them to drive a car and worry about the way they look and enjoy art and the finer things in life.

I also want them to show you why they are the way they are. Did some ancient curse pull them into their own world of darkness or did they choose to be this way? Do they like the way they are and the concept of control or do they want something else in their lives? In other words I try and have them a little bit human. A concept, eh? I also like to write gritty murders - not just the slide past them variety so that the reader thinks they know what happens. I want them in your face with blood, fear and gore. That's what I've done in the Fire trilogy. My vampire does have a good side. He's also sultry and sexy and a guy you really want to go to bed with.

BUT... he also has a dark side and an even more haunting secret. Why? Does he kill or are there other more human killers in the mist? Well, you'll have to read the book to find out but let's just say there's much more going on than you would think.

It's also a piece about domination and submission and a human who wants to explore his kinkier needs, buried deep inside. Sadly the world sees him in a particular light so it's hard for him to be able to do that. And then there's that curse I was talking about.

HOT off the presses - let's take a peek into my worlds.


“The Crypt is by far the darkest club I know of. Most of the others are generally for private groups of around a hundred guests who meet as exclusive locations to engage in their hungers. The more open clubs come and go with names and faces changing. Your politicians keep them locked down,” Aleks chuckled. “And you never answered my question. Could you submit and be able to pass as a slave, a pet?”
Cocking his jaw he wasn’t sure how to answer. “Hopefully there won’t be a need. Now who do you believe dropped the package?”
“I don’t know.”
“I know that look. What aren’t you telling me?”
Aleks smiled as he closed the distance. “I too have things I prefer to keep in private. I don’t know who brought the package, but I fear if the warning isn’t heeded then more will die.”
Jax sighed. The riddles were starting all over again. “Do you have any issues with prostitution in the club?”
“Prostitution? I assure you that I’m running a clean establishment and while I didn’t have any day-to-day dealings before I highly doubt Felicity would have allowed anything. You’re well aware of the rooms upstairs. These are for private engagements.”
“Does money exchange hands?”
“Detective, how stupid do you think I am? Absolutely not.”
Jax nodded. “Do you have regulars?”
“Again, from what I know yes and before you ask they are people who don’t want to be known hence the exclusive level of privacy.”
“Hmmm…” There was nothing but a morsel here and Jax didn’t think Aleks knew enough about the way Felicity ran the club to be of any real help for the nagging thought. “Tell me, was Congressman Bowen on the invitation list for tonight?”
Aleks smiled as he licked his lips. “Yes. Now you understand the method to my madness.”
“And let me guess, you were hoping to perhaps entice him to even take a peek at a room?”
“One can always hope,” Aleks cooed. “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you anymore. I will certainly keep an ear out for information on the street about the murders or the possibility of a club.”
“Thank you. I’m afraid we have another madman on our hands. Not sure the city can handle more. The brutality and savage method they used is incredible,” Jax would never be able to get the vision of the boy’s head and neck, or the girl’s vacant eyes out of his memory.
“Yes, to rip a human apart means there’s tremendous force.”
“I don’t want to hear your conjecture.” Jax moved around the hulking Russian and headed for the cooler. “If you get anything else, even an odd phone call, I want to be the first to know. Do you understand me?”
“Of course, detective,” Aleks crowded Jax’ space and lowered his voice. “When are you going to allow yourself to believe not only in your hungers and needs but in the understanding of what I am and what I can give to you?”
His heart racing Jax shook off the cobwebs, “I have a murder investigation to deal with. Period.”
Sighing, Aleks took both hands and brushed them down Jax’ arms as he pulled Jax in to the heat of his body. “As you wish, but I feel your increased level of hunger as you grow weaker, needing more of only what I can give you and smell your desire for me. You won’t be able to deny your needs but for so long. My blood flows through you permanently, Jackson Steele. No blood transfusion can erase my mark on you. You are no longer completely human. You need blood to live.”
“I’m fine,” Jax whispered, his voice barely audible. As beads of sweat trickled down his back, he panted and the feel of Aleks’ hard shaft pressing into his ass forced his cock to twitch. “Just fine.”
“Food has no taste and yet you hunger. Sex has no meaning and yet you crave,” Sliding his hands around Jax’ thighs, he rubbed them up and down the front of Jax’ thighs as he lowered his head and breathed into Jax’ neck. Darting his tongue out he licked from the base of Jax’ neck up to his earlobe before nipping the tender flesh, a deep growl rumbling past his lips.
His heart racing Jax could barely focus. “I…no…it’s…” God, his mind was foggy and his body so drained, so very tired. What was happening to him?
“Mmmm…I could take you right here and you’d be powerless to do anything, but one day you’re going to come to me and tell me you want the breath of my life. On that day we’ll rejoice together you and I as mates and lovers. And then your walk into eternity will begin,” He moved his hands up and down the front of Jax’ cock caressing and kneading as he ground his cock into Jax’ ass. “And I’ll give you ecstasy.”
Every nerve ending on fire, Jax fought the raging emotions sweeping through his body. He was as hungry and desperate as he’d ever been and could barely contain himself. Visions of sucking Aleks’ cock flashed in his mind sending his senses reeling. His legs shook as Aleks rubbed his crotch until he almost gave in to the man…to the monster. “No…that’s never going to happen.” But all the ugly doubts swept his system and Jax knew his fighting would have to end soon enough.
“I’m very hungry tonight,” Alek’s purred as he turned Jax around slowly and gazed into his eyes. Cupping the sides of Jax’ face, he lowered his head and let out his breath. “I want you. I want to feed from you, fuck you and then taste you.”
Jax stood frozen as the man opened his mouth, exposing his sharp teeth just seconds before capturing Jax’ mouth. Shuddering, Jax sighed and fell into the moment of passion as Aleks pressed his tongue inside his mouth. He was stunned as his body reacted so strongly. As Aleks slid his hands down and cupped Jax’ ass, forcing their groins together, Jax knew he could cum easily. He wanted nothing more than to drop to his knees and suck the man’s thick shaft, taking him all the way down to the base as Aleks fucked his mouth, driving inside savagely.  As the kiss became crazed and his hungers exploded, he could take no more. Palming Aleks’ chest ,he pushed at him forcefully breaking the hold. “No!”
Aleks’ eyes shimmered in an iridescent shade of gold and he grunted and pressed the back of his hand over his mouth. “One day your body and your growing needs won’t allow you a choice.”
Swallowing hard ,Jax composed himself and grabbed the package from the cooler. He had to get the hell out of here. “Never going to happen.”
“You can’t run away from the destiny that began before you were born. You were chosen above all others to be the mate of a man who will be King. Together as one we’re strong and apart we are very weak. That’s why others are fighting for control. Be leery of those you don’t know and trust no one. You have many enemies now, dear detective. Man and monsters want what you refuse to believe in.”
“Damn you!” Jax gave him a harsh glare as the words settled into the back of his mind. “More riddles.” Walking to the door he could feel Aleks scanning him and knew what the man was thinking.
You will be mine as you already are. One day we’ll rule the world together.

What do you think? I think he's a little hot one myself.
I hope you enjoyed   xxx







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