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New Release Titles
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011



Isn't the thought a bit sexy? Have you ever happened on a couple doing the dirty deed somewhere and couldn’t drag yourself away from the sensuous act? Now you know you have. There’s nothing new about couples enjoying and sharing their passion in the outdoors but were you aware there are

sometimes secret and not so secret groups who not only try and find the hottest and kinkiest place to engage in having sex but try and best each other? If any of you are into any level of porn on the Internet you’ve probably run into sites touting pictures and movies of the heated moments. And my guess is if you have you’ve watched. There’s even an adult filming community (I’m sure there’s more than one) that does nothing but scout actors (yes we call them actors and actresses) and locations smack in the middle of a city street or a bustling bar to film two or ten

people having sex. Sometimes they add in the added layer of humiliation. In doing research I’m happened on more than one and the interesting aspect is the film companies pay very well for newbies who want nothing more than to be filmed for what they love doing.

Let’s give you a sexy scenario of perhaps something you could plan. Imagine a setting where you can be seen. Now imagine the excitement building as you slide into your husband’s office in nothing but slinky attire wrapped in a thin coat. What if his employees witnessed your carnal act? What if the entire group of men and women saw as you dropped to your knees and gave him a delicious blowjob? Could you handle the very tasty heat?

What if he pressed your naked body against the floor to ceiling window where all the other very close office buildings could witness when he fucked you hard in the ass? Would that bother you? I think we all have a shameless little bent of needing to be discovered in something very sinful. Doesn’t it add to the spice of the evening and the scandalous moment? Of course it does. While we might

not want to admit it, we are creatures that crave attention and all things kinky – some more than others.

I suppose it takes a special kind of person who wants to be very public with their sexuality but think about even a snazzy club where you go to do some dancing. You can’t tell me you haven’t done a bit of dirty dancing. Ladies, isn’t there something very sexy about bumping and grinding the man or men around you as you let lose to some heady rock or disco music? Mmmmm….

In writing erotic romance I’ve used several levels of both aspects and find I get a lot of nervous questions about how and if and what and… Feeling free about engaging and enjoying isn’t for everyone and of course I know that. There are certainly laws on the books in many states and countries where the practice – if caught – is not only frowned upon but you could find yourself in jail. But readers like the hint of danger. They feel dragged into the moment on unbridled sex and heat where you might be discovered at any moment. Close your eyes and either envision a moment from your past or one you wouldn’t mind trying. Doesn’t that give little electric jolts dancing through your body? Oh it still does mine.

When I was younger I did many crazy and sexy things including engaging in a wicked tryst or two in everything from a storeroom at a restaurant where I worked to the middle of a very sexy beach during a trip to St. Maartin and I have to admit it was hot as… Well, you know what I mean. There are even vacation clubs that not only encourage playtime where everyone can

see but arranges certain viewings. I know it sounds a bit kinky but you can find anything you want out there. St Maartin has one of the finest nude beaches in the world – Orient Beach and whew – the place is not only beautiful but very sexy to people watch. And no the people aren’t all beautiful either but it doesn’t seem to matter. They simply enjoy playing and being watched. That’s one reason they indulge in the behavior. They like being watched. They want to know someone sees them. And so you look. Right?

When you write highly erotic as opposed to sensual or sweet you’re always

trying to stretch the boundaries in ways perhaps someone hasn’t thought of. I’ve written about kinky Hedonistic spots to simply having my lovers enjoy the warm waves of an ocean and while they were sequestered by trees on a rather secluded beach, the certainly wasn’t private. Readers want to share in something they will probably never try but the fantasy is oh so tasty.

Why do you think it’s so hot and sexy? There’s nothing new about the thought of danger around sexual activity and can you just imagine a police officer coming up to you as you’re in the final throes of a stunning climax? That’s the beauty of the danger. I think the activity is another little hidden secret we all have. It’s almost like a television reality show on steroids. I can only imagine one day we’ll be watching some level of mainstream television where a group of reporters scour the country trying to find couples engaging. Hey – we never thought there would be reality television shows a few years ago. It could happen…

What? Have I given you some sexy thoughts? I hope so.

Kisses xxx







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