New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Doing The Naughty List, Twice ~ A Naughty Nights Press Erotic Menage Anthology, Week Long Competition

Tis the season to be horny,
Fa la la la la… la la la la.
Join the fun and come be Naughty,
Fa la la la la… la la la la.
Leave a comment, at the end here,
Fa la la,  la la la, la la la
Come join in and win our new book,
Fa la la la la, la la, la… la…

That’s right folks; we have a new book out…”DOING THE NAUGHTY LIST, TWICE” the new anthology by Naughty Nights Press.  Eight exciting author’s writing about their favorite subjects – ménages and Christmas.
From today, December 19th through to December 26th, we will be holding a competition. The winner will be announced on December 27th, with the winner being chosen by
Now it is really simple to enter, all you need to do is answer a question and leave your answer and your email address (Yes we like to be able to send the winner their pdf copy).

What would you do that would make Santa check his naughty list twice?

You can purchase your own copy of “DOING THE NAUGHTY LIST, TWICE” at the following places:

Doing The Naughty List, Twice
A Naughty Nights Press Holiday Erotic Ménage Anthology

Is your name on Santa’s Naughty List this year?
If you don’t think you’ve quite made it there yet...then now is the perfect time to crawl into “Doing The Naughty List, Twice” and enjoy a Holiday Themed Erotic Ménage Anthology by the authors of Naughty Nights Press!
Tis the season of joy, happiness, giving...invitations to holiday parties...lust, kinky behavior and wicked sexual delights!
Join our eight naughty authors as they tempt and tease your body and mind with eight holiday ménage stories to add to your wish list this year!

“Doing The Naughty List, Twice” 
Holiday Erotic Ménage Anthology
List of Contributors and Synopsis

Cassandre Dayne - Twisted Christmas
Wynter Mclean was very good at her job as a legal assistant for a prominent law firm in Baltimore. Conservative and quiet, no one knew she had a wild and kinky side. When her boss decided to kick up the heat on their holiday party making it a bit twisted she was determined to finally “come out” to her colleagues. Pining away for the two hottest attorneys in the office, not only did they not know she existed but they were in lust with each other. Purchasing a sexy outfit as required by the rather sinful invitation, she was ready for the event. Granted a glass of wine and a sex toy certainly helped ease her tension.
Cody Wallace and Daman Miller were lovers and well respected attorneys but they had a dark side that no one knew including sharing a D/s lifestyle. Longing for a third they just happened upon a rather kinky sight coming from a condo across the street and a sinful plan of magic was put to action. Enlisting the help of one elf who had rather shameless designs on the Christmas event the three engaged in a little wicked heat of their own. While the game was fun - what about the rest of the season?

Elizabeth Lister - A Christmas Masquerade

Claire Leduc has been in an exclusive relationship with Cameron Walker for several months, but she knows about his liberal attitudes toward sex. Cameron is excited to show Claire what people can do together in an environment of mutual trust and respect. He hosts and extravagant Christmas Masquerade to introduce her to three of his good friends; gay couple, Asim and Mark, and the entrancing, bisexual Jenny. With a steadying hand, Cameron guides Claire through her first experience with group sex. But Claire surprises her boyfriend and herself with how readily she adapts. She watches her boyfriend engage in sex acts with other men and participates in an erotic encounter with another woman. She then has an exquisite three-way with Cameron and another man. At the end of it all, she emerges feeling liberated and rejuvenated, and more in love with Cameron that ever before.

Jill Boyd - Stockings and Santa
Matthew and Scarlett are a happily married couple, but their seasonal bliss is haunted by the memory of the death of Scarlett’s mother, on a Christmas day. So, every Christmas, Scarlett changes into a slip of her former self, mourning her beloved mother and thinking of what could have been. Matt can’t take seeing his wife so glum, so he decides to give her a gift beyond her wildest imagination. Only problem is, he can’t figure out what. Scarlett makes a throwaway comment about getting her either a pair of stockings or a threesome. So, Matt decides to get them both. After a phone call from Matt’s friend Ben, things go into warp speed, and Ben is soon at their door, staying over for Christmas. During a night of fun and drinks, things get frisky.
In the morning, Matt is surprised to wake up to the sound of laughter on Christmas Day, and finds Scarlett in the living room, with a smile on her face. She thanks him for making her happy and hugs him. The three of them then open presents and Scarlett is delighted to find a pair of stockings underneath the tree. She thanks Matt again, and Ben calls him a ‘Superman with a nice cock’. This effectively rekindles the fire from the previous night and soon, the three of them trek back to the bedroom, for a very naughty Christmas indeed.

Eden Connor - Cum, They Told Me
It’s New Year’s Eve and Sophie Weller had a rough year, she’s been forced to sell her company Banger and Lever Optics, as she gets divorced from her steroid-using, baseball-playing husband.  The public end to her marriage, following a brush with death where she and her wicked high society mother were stuck in a car that was run off the road, Sophie wants to change her life.
She's sick of chasing the next dollar, the next label, the next must-have restaurant reservation; everything her mother had taught her was important has left her feeling empty and unfulfilled. Before the ink is dry on the contracts, Sophie begins to dream of her buyer, Mathias Jackson and the lawyer she’s known for years Kendall Davis Laramie III, stretching her out on the polished walnut of Davis' conference room table and giving her more orgasms in one night than she's ever had in her life.
More than Sophie gets laid out on Davis' elegant conference table before the New Year begins, as Matt and Davis not only give her the most orgasmic night of her life, but before the ball drops, they demand than a one night stand from Sophie, and the pair of them pierce more than simply her pussy.

Rowan Elizabeth - Watching in a Winter Wonderland
Holiday fantasies traipse through the voyeuristic minds of a woman and her lover. The writer, always comfortable sharing her fantasies with her new lover, Carlos, extends their conversations into actions. The woman and her lover take the experiences to new heights by inviting her best friend Jay and his lover Martha to take part in a fantasy to rock them all for Christmas. By the end of the night, the four are sated and the last words heard by any of them is one simple thought, “Merry Christmas.”

Willow Leigh - Christmas At The Cabin
All Frankie wants for Christmas is for the magic that she and Ric once shared to return.  Does that mean going back to the threesomes or more? As Frankie is getting ready for the Holiday Season once again, she remembers all the past Christmas’ spent at Ric’s parent’s cabin. With those memories she can’t help but wish that maybe this Christmas things could once again be as they were. Candy canes, snow, colored lights, mistletoe, a warm fire and friends to share in all their Christmas sexual fantasies with. Does Frankie get her wish?

Kendel Davi - Umoja Means Unity
Zoe and Roger have been at Los Angeles International Airport since 6 in the morning with no luck of getting a flight East due to the fact that they are flying standby during the Holiday Season. While waiting for this final flight they run into Julia and Craig. A married couple that is also flying standby they met earlier in the day. Julia suggests they get a room so they can sleep and shower before trying to get a flight out the next morning.
In the room, Roger presents Zoe with a hand carved wooden cup that is used to drink from during Kwanzaa celebrations. Zoe comments that she wishes she had a gift for Roger and he gives her a subtle suggestion, making reference to the time they hooked up with another couple in Puerto Vallarta. Soon, Zoe and Julia are making out as Roger and Craig watch. As the night presses on, lots of exploring of each person in the room takes place and new experiences are had, ending the night with fulfillment. It was a holiday spent learning about Unity. 

DaddyXmas - An Under Cover Christmas
Bisexual Amanda inadvertently introduces her hubby to her brand of kink when arriving home early one day during the end of year holidays, he finds his wife cavorting under a spread with an old college roomie. He joins them. The couple then hits upon the idea of soliciting coeds to sleep under the covers with them, claiming they expect no sex, just the warmth of the girls’ body heat. Amanda and her husband know how it is under the blankets. To their surprise, tenting grows into a secret societal practice in one particular dorm at the school. In an unexpected development, the couple’s clients start to pay for the experience, enabling our happy couple to quit their day jobs and modify sleeping arrangements so they could “tent” full time.
We pick up the story one Holiday Season when, as an older, retired (but not yet dead) couple they receive a Christmas card from Katie, an Irish client from the past. Then an ad appears in the local paper for tenting. Intrigued, they decide to respond and celebrate the Holidays in the old-fashioned way. To their surprise, they wind up with Katie’s daughter. 


  1. Forget cookies, leave Santa a copy of this book and I'm thinking he may toss the "nice list" entirely in favor of the naughty!


  2. Oh yeah, I could definitely see Mrs. Clause having to change her panties after reading these stories. So naughty, it's so good!

    Ray S.

  3. This does indeed look naughty, and very entertaining!! Congrats to all...

  4. Definitely sounds like something worth reading, to answer the question all I have to do is read this book and just daydream - that'll get me on the naughty list lol...

  5. This has been added to a tbr wishlist. I want to let out my kinky side. That will get me on the list.
    panthers.ravens@yahoo dot com

  6. I'd probably write a naughty elf menage story. Hey... my Muse actually likes that idea... I'd be sure to send Mrs. Claus a copy to give her something to read while Santa is making his yearly trek around the world. I'm sure she'd be hot and ready for ol' Kris Kringle upon his return.

    Or... oh hell my Muse just glommed on to another idea. Must start writing... maybe it'll get done in time for next year's Xmas season.

    Carpe Noctem,

    Desirée Lee
    Putting the Romance Back in Necromancy

  7. I've been sneaking cookies. But I've been a very good naughty girl.

  8. Dear Santa,

    In 2011, I had the good fortunate to be in a position to give abundantly to my neighbor, the Widow Robinson. The adage that it is better to give than to receive is oh so true. Mrs. Robinson is a sassy fifty years old, with an ample bosom and wide, womanly hips. She could easily pass for ten years younger and she’s always has a twinkle in her eyes that reminds me of a cat watching a mouse hole. Whenever she sees me, her eyes sparkle even more and the mouse in my pocket starts to roar.

    After her husband passed away, the busy bodies in the neighborhood said she probably screwed the poor man to death. I even heard Charlie telling some of the guys down at the barbershop that Mr. Robinson came and went at the same time. There was even a rumor going around that it took the undertaker two days to get the smile off Mr. Robinson’s face. Quite naturally, I was outraged to hear these scandalous stories. However, it did occur to me that with no man at home, Mrs. Robinson probably had work around the house that needed a man’s touch. Therefore, in the spirit of giving, I waited a respectful period before I paid the bootylicious Mrs. Robinson a visit, to see if she needed anything serviced.

    I called ahead to let her know I would be stopping by, just in case she wanted to prepare any of the items that needed service. She greeted me at the door, wearing a peasant blouse, a pleated skirt that stopped below her knees and a smile so sweet you could spread her on toast. She told me to close the door and follow her into the living room. Her hips sang when she walked – a sensual tune of wanton sexuality and Mickey shouted his approval.

    She sat across from me and when she crossed her legs, I got a glimpse of the promised land. Without further ado, I graciously offered to service anything that she needed fixed, and her grin grew nearly bigger than her face. She proceeded to tell me that she didn’t have any money to pay me for my labors, but perhaps we could work it out in trade. I took my time thinking about her payment plan while I tried to adjust how Mickey was laying. Finally, after a long and careful deliberation, I agreed to her payment terms, under the condition that I must sample her wares first.

    Mrs. Robinson said that was acceptable and there was no time like the present. She rose from her seat, leaned over a nearby chair, hiked up her skirt and presented me with a scrumptious view of her unadorned wares. I tripped in my rush as I stepped up behind her and released Mickey from his cage. For the next thirty minutes, I sampled the lusty Mrs. Robinson’s wares and she worked her wares like a ballroom dancer. Finally, I showed my appreciation for the quality of her future payments, by emptying the contents of my toolbox into her greedy receptacle.

    Since that day, I have been giving regularly to Mrs. Robinson’s needs. Believe it or not, I have actually repaired a broken window and a few other items around her house that needed fixing. Sometimes, she is so happy with my services, she will call me over to the house so that she can make an advance payment on future work.

    So Santa, as you can see, you really don’t have to check your list twice for me – I’ve been very, very good. I have given Mrs. Robinson a gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving.

  9. *laughs so hard that passes out from exhaustion* *automated message* Apologies, however Tessa is unavailable for comment right now. When she regains her senses she will no doubt post a witty reply, but until then, if you wish to leave a message, please leave after the tone *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP*

  10. Well Hell Benjamin Tiberius Russell, how can a girl follow that story. Hot Damn that was smokin Hawt.

    Now about the stories from NNP...they sound amazingly hot and senseous. This BBW takes every opportunity to be naughty. Loves reading about it and writting it. If living with my mind thinking hot, sexy and naughty then I am definately on the naughty list. Soon, I will be sharing all those naughty thoughts with others to read.

    Besides, it is much more FUN to be on the naughty list....I have done the good girl thing for much to long. ;)

  11. Do you do Mrs Robinson to the song? That post was interesting to say the least Benjamin. The other stories were good too, but I got a visual with Mrs Robinson.

  12. With a pair of red heels, a lolly pop and a set of whips and chains....Plus Santa loves me...He even falls for me..literally he fell off a couch when I went to see him a few years back! he's never been the same since!


  13. Well, Mr Russell. I don't know whether I could compete with your offering. But I would sit on Santa's lap and relate all the juicy conversations I'd had in 2011 that gave me ideas for writing raunchy stories. I would like to think I helped bring pleasure to everyone I talked to. But that was only the theory.
    He may want to check my list about just how naughty my practical experiments were. Then he'd have to judge what I really deserve to find in my Christmas Stocking.

  14. I'm definitely going to be on the naughty list. I just can't help myself. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I'm a mix of sugar and spice, but I'm not always nice. I like girls and boys and lots of sexy toys. I flirt and tease and like them on their knees. I'm sure Santa will see that I've been naughty...maybe he'll even stop by and put me over his knee. ;)

  15. I sure hope I am on the naughty list :) I have been a very naughty girl this year, just ask my hubby. I swear I didn't mean to flash the UPS guy when I bent over to get my package.

  16. I'm sure I'm already on the naughty list, but that's ok. I'm in good company I'm sure! Plus, I bet Santa can get down and dirty when he wants to!

  17. Congratulations CelticAmazon on winning a copy of Doing The Naughty List, Twice.
    A pdf copy will be posted out to you asap. We hope you enjoy the read.

    Thank you to everyone who has participated, all of your comments have truly been wickedly naughty and would most certainly have caught Santa's attention!