New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Thursday, December 8, 2011

December means Naughty Santa's, Sex, Lust, Erotica and Blog Hops

Well it is that time again where I get to tell you what is happening here at Naughty Nights Press and boy have we got an incredible month going on.
Everyone is gearing up to celebrate the holidays and checking off their Christmas lists to send to Santa, hoping on hope that we all get what we ask for.
Now before I begin with all the wonderful releases and blog hops we have going, I think it would only be fitting to add a touch of poetry to our end of year posting.


Not being a poet myself. I had a chat to a friend of mine on Facebook, the incredibly talented and scrumptious Draevnn Motkova and persuaded him *wink wink* to write Naughty Nights Press a “nice” little poem to start us off on today’s post.
So without further ado, I present to you the erotic and sensual words of Draevnn Motkova

A Good Morning
Interesting things happen
in the mornings
when we are alone and
I find pleasure the most fun.
Before the world is busy
wild thoughts race
through our minds,
interesting topics
dance through our heads,
and pleasurable things
pass through our hands,
stimulating our hearts and minds.

Caressing gently
you move it up-and-down,
it’s hard
and your fingers curl
tightly around.
Rubbing  your hand
up and down,
you sense its quiet warm,
you love it between two hands,
you love the form.
Lifting it to your mouth
and pursing your lips,
the first taste of the morning
is always so sweet and warm.

I have watched your tongue,
it always extends out wanting more.
Pulling it higher,
and higher,
is the way to start the day.
Your hands move up it
toward the top-top-top,
then just as quick
you sip it straight down.
Pulling it closer
you take the last of it in.
Your love of
coffee thrills me to no end.
© draevnn motkova, December 2011

You can contact Draevnn Motkova at the following places:
Soundcloud (a great place to hear his smooth, velvety voice reading his poetry)
Phew, bet you all thought he was describing something else. Tut, tut, tut! I wonder if this means you should all go back to college and learn the difference between biology and cooking. Well while you ponder the idea, why not read Naughty Nights Press anthology, CAMPUS SEXPLOITS.
 Did you ever do anything in college that was considered “outrageous” by your friends? Have one amazing night with a sex god only to never see him again? Play naughty sorority games that left you breathless and yet sexually satisfied? Or did you perhaps want to join your roommate in a naughty ménage a trois?
Campus Sexploits is the first book in a series of anthologies all about the fantasy fun days of youth. Four naughty college/university themed erotic short stories to tantalize and tease the senses while giving readers a little taste of the wickedly erotic worlds these four fantastic authors can weave. Worlds of incredible earth shattering sexual freedom involving college or university students and the sexual antics they participate in. Worlds you can just feel yourself fall into...
I can hear all your brains ticking away rapidly from here, you naughty, wicked people. Don’t you know that Santa is checking his list but especially DOING THE NAUGHTY LIST, TWICE.
That’s right we have another anthology for you that I am sure Santa would love to put in your stocking this year.

Doing The Naughty List, Twice - A Naughty Nights Press Holiday Erotic Ménage Anthology

Is your name on Santa’s Naughty List this year?
If you don’t think you’ve quite made it there yet...then now is the perfect time to crawl into “Doing The Naughty List, Twice” and enjoy a Holiday Themed Erotic Ménage Anthology by the authors of Naughty Nights Press!
Tis the season of joy, happiness, giving...invitations to holiday parties...lust, kinky behavior and wicked sexual delights!
Join our eight naughty authors as they tempt and tease your body and mind with eight holiday ménage stories to add to your wish list this year!


Check over in the corner and you will see MR MISTLETOE by CASSANDRE DAYNE, puckering up for a nice juicy kiss.  MR MISTLETOE is Cassandre’s latest book out through Naughty Nights Press and is full of Christmas cheer, so if you are lucky, you may just end up with a copy in your virtual stocking, or in this case, a virtual sock!

Brendon Cannon was ready to make a New Year’s Resolution early and it included seducing one hot chocolate bartender under the mistletoe. Making a proclamation in the middle of a bar to his best friend, too bad Brendon didn’t have to guts to follow through.
Recently divorced and hiding behind a mask, he was unable to admit to himself he was gay – let alone to his family – and the big Christmas event was just days away.
But after a flirtatious night Brendon found himself embroiled in a moment of heated passion that set him on fire. Terrified of his reckless behavior he pushed away from Kris completely.
More than intrigued by the man, Kris had no idea what to do until a little elf decided to intervene. A plan formulated but it was going to take more than a bit of Christmas Magic to give Brendon the courage he needed to be himself.
As luck and bit of holiday spirit wraps around Brendon reminding him of what he desires the most, he’s given a special gift and one he will never forget.
But maybe you are hoping to find something you thought you had lost in your Christmas stocking. In that case a copy of FINDING PARADISE by ABBY HAYES should be on your list.

Days before her high school reunion, Kelly reconnects on Facebook with childhood friend, Nevaeh—a woman who, rumor has it, has lived a life straight out of some erotic novel.  And, Kelly has a lot of erotica on her ereader! Ménages, slave fantasies, strangers and BDSM are all included in the stories Nevaeh has to share.  
This sexy, world traveler incites Kelly to forge a friendship unlike any she’s ever had before. She never knew a shopping trip could be so educational, especially in an adult store. With her head spinning and her panties damp, Kelly embarks on a crusade to reignite the passion her and her husband, Nate, once had with a few new toys and other surprises. When he surprises her by being a more than willing participant, she decides to test a few boundaries, push a few limits... 
Kelly becomes determined to find out if her old neighbor is right, if paradise can be found within your own four walls with the man you married. But, what happens when Kelly’s husband finds out about all of her time spent with Nevaeh? What will happen when Nevaeh’s husband, Hayden, comes into town for the reunion? Will her marriage be in trouble, or will things go further than Kelly ever dreamed they could go?
Then again you may be yearning for something that will force you to think about those wicked little fantasies that you have trouble verbalizing.  For that Santa has the most perfect Christmas present to slip into your stocking, another new release by CASSANDRE DAYNE…FORCED FANTASIES.

Devlin Carter yearned to find a new life including a career that allowed him more freedom to be the man he’d buried inside. Longing for a partner to share his dark cravings of being owned and collared, he fought his personal demons wearing a conservative mask but something had to give. Stumbling onto Dark Obsession, an Internet Fetish Community that catered to every kinky need, he was intrigued. Invited to a very posh and private party hosted by the owner of the site, Devlin was concerned co-workers would find out about his exotic hungers and he’d lose his job.
Granger Williams, Staff Master to all that knew him, savored owning the extensive Internet site with his partner and lover, Tanner Simpson. Enjoying all flavors of BDSM, they shared a life together but they
both held a horrible secret and one Granger refused to talk about. For some reason Granger couldn’t keep his mind off of the very sexy Devlin and against his better judgment invited the newbie to the highly sought after event. After all, Tanner wanted him to find a new partner before it was too late. Unfortunately fate had other ideas. Torn apart, could the two souls forgive and learn to deal with the unfolding tragedy?
Do you need a fan yet? No? Good as we are now going to do some blog hopping. So best foot forward and don’t forget to bring a bottle or plate of Christmas Cheer with you.

Naughty Nights Press will be participating in “The Phoenix Presents – 12 Days of Naughty Giveaways” December 12th – 25th. Phoenix has managed to get 11 wonderful authors who are all giving away a book. That is 12 books in 12 days, how cool is that. We have day Nine Ladies Dancing and will be giving away a copy of DOING THE NAUGHTY LIST TWICE and Phoenix Johnson herself has penned a short story to go up on the day for your reading pleasure.
So please, put those dates in your calendar, watch out for all the Tweets, Facebook posts, Google+1 posts, Fetlife posts and whichever other social media site all these authors belong to so you don’t miss out on getting some wonderful Christmas presents. Bookmark the Naughty Pages of Phoenix and check out whom else will be appearing and what prizes they are offering.
But if you thought that was all, you would be sorely mistaken!
Naughty Nights Press will also be participating in the STUFF YOUR STOCKINGS blog hop, which is once again organized by the delightful and charming Drea Becraft and being held December 16th – 18th.
Again we are offering up a copy of DOING THE NAUGHTY LIST TWICE, plus you will be able to enter competitions from 194 other participating sites. That’s 195 chances to win books, jewelry, swags, gift baskets and lots more.
So again, put those dates in your calendar, check the social networking sites and keep an eye on our blog.


Come join Naughty Nights Press (NNP) celebrate our sixth month anniversary
January 13th to January 15th 2012
On the Naughty Nights Blog Hop.
Each participating blog will be hosting a contest or givewaway with prizes at each one to make this the blog hop a ton of fun and excitement.
A list of all participating blogs can be found on our sign up page and you will be able to get back there from each site just by clicking on our blog hop badge.
We hope you have a wickedly naughty time and thank you for joining us on this very special occasion. Please remember that this is an 18+ Blog Hop.
I will leave you now with excerpts from our books to whet your appetites. Happy Reading all.
“Doing The Naughty List, Twice” Holiday Erotic Ménage Anthology
List Of Contributors and Synopsis

Cassandre Dayne - Twisted Christmas

Wynter Mclean was very good at her job as a legal assistant for a prominent law firm in Baltimore. Conservative and quiet, no one knew she had a wild and kinky side. When her boss decided to kick up the heat on their holiday party making it a bit twisted she was determined to finally “come out” to her colleagues. Pining away for the two hottest attorneys in the office, not only did they not know she existed but they were in lust with each other. Purchasing a sexy outfit as required by the rather sinful invitation, she was ready for the event. Granted a glass of wine and a sex toy certainly helped ease her tension.
Cody Wallace and Daman Miller were lovers and well respected attorneys but they had a dark side that no one knew including sharing a D/s lifestyle. Longing for a third they just happened upon a rather kinky sight coming from a condo across the street and a sinful plan of magic was put to action. Enlisting the help of one elf who had rather shameless designs on the Christmas event the three engaged in a little wicked heat of their own. While the game was fun - what about the rest of the season?

 Elizabeth Lister - A Christmas Masquerade

Claire Leduc has been in an exclusive relationship with Cameron Walker for several months, but she knows about his liberal attitudes toward sex. Cameron is excited to show Claire what people can do together in an environment of mutual trust and respect. He hosts and extravagant Christmas Masquerade to introduce her to three of his good friends; gay couple, Asim and Mark, and the entrancing, bisexual Jenny. With a steadying hand, Cameron guides Claire through her first experience with group sex. But Claire surprises her boyfriend and herself with how readily she adapts. She watches her boyfriend engage in sex acts with other men and participates in an erotic encounter with another woman. She then has an exquisite three-way with Cameron and another man. At the end of it all, she emerges feeling liberated and rejuvenated, and more in love with Cameron that ever before.

Jill Boyd - Stockings and Santa

Matthew and Scarlett are a happily married couple, but their seasonal bliss is haunted by the memory of the death of Scarlett’s mother, on a Christmas day. So, every Christmas, Scarlett changes into a slip of her former self, mourning her beloved mother and thinking of what could have been. Matt can’t take seeing his wife so glum, so he decides to give her a gift beyond her wildest imagination. Only problem is, he can’t figure out what. Scarlett makes a throwaway comment about getting her either a pair of stockings or a threesome. So, Matt decides to get them both. After a phone call from Matt’s friend Ben, things go into warp speed, and Ben is soon at their door, staying over for Christmas. During a night of fun and drinks, things get frisky.
In the morning, Matt is surprised to wake up to the sound of laughter on Christmas Day, and finds Scarlett in the living room, with a smile on her face. She thanks him for making her happy and hugs him. The three of them then open presents and Scarlett is delighted to find a pair of stockings underneath the tree. She thanks Matt again, and Ben calls him a ‘Superman with a nice cock’. This effectively rekindles the fire from the previous night and soon, the three of them trek back to the bedroom, for a very naughty Christmas indeed.

Eden Connor - Cum, They Told Me

It’s New Year’s Eve and Sophie Weller had a rough year, she’s been forced to sell her company Banger and Lever Optics, as she gets divorced from her steroid-using, baseball-playing husband.  The public end to her marriage, following a brush with death where she and her wicked high society mother were stuck in a car that was run off the road, Sophie wants to change her life.
She's sick of chasing the next dollar, the next label, the next must-have restaurant reservation; everything her mother had taught her was important has left her feeling empty and unfulfilled. Before the ink is dry on the contracts, Sophie begins to dream of her buyer, Mathias Jackson and the lawyer she’s known for years Kendall Davis Laramie III, stretching her out on the polished walnut of Davis' conference room table and giving her more orgasms in one night than she's ever had in her life.
More than Sophie gets laid out on Davis' elegant conference table before the New Year begins, as Matt and Davis not only give her the most orgasmic night of her life, but before the ball drops, they demand than a one night stand from Sophie, and the pair of them pierce more than simply her pussy.

Rowan Elizabeth - Watching in a Winter Wonderland

Holiday fantasies traipse through the voyeuristic minds of a woman and her lover. The writer, always comfortable sharing her fantasies with her new lover, Carlos, extends their conversations into actions. The woman and her lover take the experiences to new heights by inviting her best friend Jay and his lover Martha to take part in a fantasy to rock them all for Christmas. By the end of the night, the four are sated and the last words heard by any of them is one simple thought, “Merry Christmas.”

Willow Leigh - Christmas At The Cabin

All Frankie wants for Christmas is for the magic that she and Ric once shared to return.  Does that mean going back to the threesomes or more? As Frankie is getting ready for the Holiday Season once again, she remembers all the past Christmas’ spent at Ric’s parent’s cabin. With those memories she can’t help but wish that maybe this Christmas things could once again be as they were. Candy canes, snow, colored lights, mistletoe, a warm fire and friends to share in all their Christmas sexual fantasies with. Does Frankie get her wish?

Kendel Davi - Umoja Means Unity

 Zoe and Roger have been at Los Angeles International Airport since 6 in the morning with no luck of getting a flight East due to the fact that they are flying standby during the Holiday Season. While waiting for this final flight they run into Julia and Craig. A married couple that is also flying standby they met earlier in the day. Julia suggests they get a room so they can sleep and shower before trying to get a flight out the next morning.

In the room, Roger presents Zoe with a hand carved wooden cup that is used to drink from during Kwanzaa celebrations. Zoe comments that she wishes she had a gift for Roger and he gives her a subtle suggestion, making reference to the time they hooked up with another couple in Puerto Vallarta. Soon, Zoe and Julia are making out as Roger and Craig watch. As the night presses on, lots of exploring of each person in the room takes place and new experiences are had, ending the night with fulfillment. It was a holiday spent learning about Unity. 

DaddyXmas - An Under Cover Christmas

Bisexual Amanda inadvertently introduces her hubby to her brand of kink when arriving home early one day during the end of year holidays, he finds his wife cavorting under a spread with an old college roomie. He joins them. The couple then hits upon the idea of soliciting coeds to sleep under the covers with them, claiming they expect no sex, just the warmth of the girls’ body heat. Amanda and her husband know how it is under the blankets. To their surprise, tenting grows into a secret societal practice in one particular dorm at the school. In an unexpected development, the couple’s clients start to pay for the experience, enabling our happy couple to quit their day jobs and modify sleeping arrangements so they could “tent” full time.
We pick up the story one Holiday Season when, as an older, retired (but not yet dead) couple they receive a Christmas card from Katie, an Irish client from the past. Then an ad appears in the local paper for tenting. Intrigued, they decide to respond and celebrate the Holidays in the old-fashioned way. To their surprise, they wind up with Katie’s daughter.

Campus Sexploits Contributors List

Abby Hayes - Chem 101
When Sara is caught almost kissing the professor’s assistant after chemistry lab, the professor makes them both a proposition they can’t pass up. It sounds like a typical ménage encounter, and she is more than willing to be taught. Yet, soon her and the assistant find that the professor likes to give directions, in and out of class, pushing his students in little ways, more than they imagined he ever would.
C.M Owens - Youth and Experience
Professor Robert Archer is at the top of his field; a world leader in research, highly respected by his peers. But, when he presents his latest paper at a conference, he finds himself confronted with unfamiliar criticism from up and coming PhD student, Lucy Faraway. Initially he sees her as a naïve idealist, but he soon comes to realize she has the intellect to match her confident attitude. Smart, sassy and sexy, Lucy gets his blood pumping in more ways than one. Thrown out of his comfort zone Robert isn’t sure how to act around her, but Lucy’s tenacity extends beyond the realm of stages and seminars and all he really needs to do is hang on for the ride.
Willow Leigh - My Greek Week Adonis
We enter freshman year and Greek Week-End.  Two girls become fast friends delving into a relationship of sorts.  Emerging and wanting more is Abbie, as she takes us through life during Greek Week-End from freshman to senior year, on a journey through the sexual awakening’s of a college student.
J.T. Seate - Campus Confidential
Ahhhh, the grand old days of college, when a spunky coed danced naked for ten college guys. Jack looks back on a vivid memory about carpeing more than the diem in this ribald confession. Kaye ‘Fluffy’ Wyatt was a godsend to the lads in the dormitory, especially considering they were all matriculating at a conservative bible college. When she was ready to be ridden, the horny lads quickly discovered what Fluffy was all about—more, more, and yet more rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’. But as with most good things, there was a catch. The casually mentioned fact that Fluffy was the dean’s daughter made genitalia shrivel and graduation a crap-shoot. The romp ends with bittersweet yet fond memories of a night in the life. 
Finding Paradise by Abby Hayes
With the full moon illuminating the room, Kelly laid in wait for her husband, literally like a bitch in heat. With a steadfast determination, she prepared herself to pounce on the man.  To keep her going, she’d sucked down enough coffee after dinner to make her buzz like she had batteries.
When he came in the room, lust made her eyes practically water. He must’ve noticed, because he stopped mid-stride to smirk at her with one eyebrow raised.
“What’s up with you? You look like the cat that ate the canary - guilty and thrilled with yourself at the same time.”
“I want my husband. Is that so wrong?”
“Ah, no, but I’m a little curious as to why tonight. You haven’t been awake at this hour in years.”
She shrugged, gave him a half smile.
“What did you do today? Watch porn while the kids napped?”
“Better, chatted with an old friend on Facebook again.” Immediately she became cognizant of her mistake in blurting such a thing out. She wasn’t sure how he’d react to his wife being turned on by another woman’s life.
“What? What friend? And, what do you mean again? What the hell is going on, Kelly? What the fuck is going on here while I’m at work?”
“Nate, calm down. It’s a her, for one, and old neighbor. And, I like her. And, she’s lived a life better than any romance novel I’ve ever read. I’d heard rumors, and I begged her to share her stories with me. She is refreshingly open, uninhibited in the telling of her past. We’ve chatted twice, yesterday and today, for about a half hour each.”
“This woman tells you sex stories over the chat on Facebook? What kind of woman is she?”
“Quiet down, or you’ll wake the kids.”
“You’re scaring me. What’s happened to my wife?”
“She’s right here. What’s the difference if I read erotic stories and go to sleep fantasizing, or if I hear a story from a friend and try to seduce, although obviously poorly, my own husband?”
“A whole hell of a lot. Erotic? You read erotic novels?”
“Yes!” she said, putting fists on her hips.
He shook his head. “First I’ve heard of it. Anyway, something’s changed, because those novels, whatever type they are, have never made you so horny that you stayed up for sex.”
Kelly started to cry. “A lot you know. I’ve tried! You come in to bed so late. I’m so tired. And, what the hell is so wrong with a woman deciding it is time to want that part of her relationship back with her husband? Now that I’m a mom, am I supposed to never initiate sex again? Were you going to be happy with that for the rest of our lives? Isn’t it time we got back some part of our sex life?”
“Oh, Kelly, come on. Don’t cry. I’m sorry, but you’ve got to see why I’d be worried.  Why didn’t you tell me before now if you wanted me? I miss you too. It’s not you wanting sex; it’s the other woman. I’m worried. I’m jealous. And, I’m not even sure why, damn it.”
“You want me? You miss me?” She sniffed and smiled.
“Want you?  Fuck, Kelly, I ache for you. I’m in misery most of the time because we’re not together. But, I knew you were tired. I didn’t want to be another job for you to complete each day like Dan’s wife told him he was.”
“Dan’s wife said that to him?”
“Yeah, he told me at work a few months after Meghan was born to go harder on the basketball court and easier on you.”
“What kind of idiots do you hire? And, man I felt sorry for that slime yesterday when he posted about his workload on Facebook.”
“Facebook again.” He shook his head as if to clear his mind, and then opened his eyes up wide when he was done. “Specifically, I hired Dan to create and manage websites. I didn’t interview any of my employees about their marriages. Dan was trying to be helpful in his own way. But what about this Nevaeh? She chats with you twice, some woman you grew up with, who I’ve never heard you talk about that I can recall, and she’s telling you about sex… with her husband? Is she married? Or, with others?”
“Others, but she tells the same stories to her husband, and they role play to act out their fantasies. Do you have fantasies, Nate?”
“What? Do you have fantasies? Fantasies I don’t know about?”
“I’ve been reading quite a lot at night. I’ve developed some new ones.”
“Really? These erotic books I never heard about again?”
“You’ve never once asked me what I was reading,” she spat.
“You have a point. What are you reading?”
“Erotic romances, stories with the sex spelled out. Currently one about a vampire,” she challenged him.
“Okay. So, fantasies? You plan on sharing sometime?” He crawled on the bed, a smile easing the tight lines of his jaw.
“You want to hear them?”
“Are you kidding me? Of course! But, not now.”
His mouth crushed down over hers. Her heart skipped a beat, and then continued its fast pace from their fight. His tongue pushed between her lips, swept her mouth in militant fashion, dominated. 
He fell down over her. “It’s been so long.”
The seam of her nightgown tore from his tug. Not that it was a particularly sexy one, but it didn’t have Oscar the Grouch on it to amuse her son either. Her hands went for his pants, battling the belt with short, hasty movements. Once it opened, she popped off his button yanking on his pants. He helped her free him. His erection poking between her thighs suggested a taste of heaven. No foreplay, yet she was ready for him. He pushed in, and her inner walls trembled at the abrupt change. 
Contractions began in seconds. He rode her hard. His eyes shut tight, his mouth fell open and his heart hammered against hers. Her nails dig into the muscles bunching under her fingers.  When her stomach tightened, she cried out. Her inner walls clamped down around his hard cock. He stifled the sound with another branding kiss.
“Come with me,” he demanded against her lips.
She let go, felt her body hum as his warm seed filled her. Their bodies slammed against each other, furious, needy. Flames shot from her core to her limbs until she shattered around him.
“I promise you better next time. This time, I just had to have you,” Nate panted.
Tears slipped from her eyes. “I needed to be taken.”
“Tomorrow, will you share your fantasies with me?”
“All you have to do is ask.”
“My god, fantasies,” he said as he lay down beside her, butt to butt. “My erection is already making a reappearance wondering what they could be, I’ll have you know.” 
She giggled. “You’ll just have to wait.” 
“Wait, as in you’ve another chat session scheduled with Nevaeh tomorrow first?”
Her chest tightened, and her breathing came in hard gasps.
“Actually, she’s flying in tomorrow, early morning from New York for the reunion this weekend. She has to work on her mother’s house first, getting it ready to sell. Her mom died this year.  I’m going to ask her to take me shopping this week. I need her expertise on a few of the necessary items for those fantasies.”
Mr. Mistletoe
“Another of the same or are you ready for something a bit saucier?” His deep voice reverberated across the bar.
Brendon opened and closed his mouth fearful the guy could read his thoughts. “Whatever you suggest.”
“Then I suggest a flame thrower for two sexy men such as yourselves,” the bartender cooed.
“A flame thrower?” Jay asked as he stole a glance in Brendon’s direction, a mischievous grin plastered on his face.
“Something to warm not only the cockles of your heart but somewhere much lower.”
Brendon swallowed hard as a trickle of perspiration slid down the back of his neck. Suddenly hot in the bar he was afraid he was going to pass out.
“I’m Kris by the way,” the chocolate hunk leaned over the bar, his voice dripping with sensuality.
“Chris with a C?’ Brendon squeaked. Why the hell did he care?
“With a K like Kris Kringle and I’m much naughtier,” Kris cooed as he cocked his head.
“We’ll take two,” Jay croaked as he brushed his hand through his hair.
“Good choice. Comin’ right up,” Kris said and eased back from the bar. Whistling ‘Santa Claus is coming to Town’ he grinned and swayed his hips back and forth.
Talk about full court press. Was Kris actually coming on to him?
“Shit! That was a blatant come on if I ever heard of one,” Jay said through clenched teeth.
“That’s his job to flirt with the clientele.”
“Uh-huh. Do you see the rather stunning group of women ogling Kris over there?” Jay asked quietly as he tipped his head.
“Yeah. What about them?”
“I’ve watched Kris’ reaction to their brazen actions and he’s not interested.”
“Maybe he likes them not to perfect and buxom blond,” Brendon said as he watched the way the women fawned like preening hens.
“Like I said pathetic. I’m going to the bathroom. Please, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do in my absence. Oh yeah, you wouldn’t.”
Brendon shook his head and threw a handful of peanuts in Jay’s direction before polishing off the rest of his bourbon. Somehow he couldn’t keep his eyes off the gorgeous guy and the way his ass moved in the tight jeans. One quick tryst in the bathroom perhaps or he could take Kris back to his place for a good time. Holy hell he was horny. Closing his eyes he willed his libido down as he wished to Santa Claus for a tasty treat under the Christmas tree. God if he only had the nerve to ask Kris to…
Forced Fantasies
Gliding into the room, he swallowed hard as he gazed around the perimeter. The hallowed space was lit with sconce lights flanking the rich crimson walls.
Granger clenched his hands open and closed as he stared first at the chains swaying back and forth from the ceiling and second at the thick rope meant for binding. His legs quaked as he walked toward the wooden stool they had purchased together several months before. The polished cherry was affectionately titled ‘the throne’ and was meant as a place of reverence for both men when they were in charge. The mat in front was nothing more than a placeholder for the sub to know his place.
Kneeling slowly, Granger held the submissive stance, his legs apart, head down, waiting in peaceful solitude for Tanner’s arrival. As they often told their other subjects, this moment of quiet was meant for honest reflection of desires and the understanding of what discipline was needed. As the lull of gothic guitar strings drew him into an inner sanctum, he heard Tanner’s approach.
Tanner brushed his hand through Granger’s cropped hair as he inhaled deeply before jerking it back and gazing into his eyes. “Very good. I think you’re going to enjoy tonight.” Lifting Granger’s head he slid a finger down the side of Granger’s shimmering cheek as he chuckled darkly. “I can tell you hunger. First you sate my needs and then we’ll see.” Slapping Granger’s face just once, he smiled.
Granger swallowed hard and licked his lips in appreciation. Tanner’s thick, black cock stood at full attention, the bulbous tip twitching.
Tanner pressed the tip of his finger across the seam of Granger’s mouth and smiled before yanking Granger fully onto his knees by his hair. Hissing, he lowered his gaze to Granger’s cock. “Not quite hard enough for me.”
Granger shivered and sucked in his breath as Tanner grabbed the rope and stretched it out. “You forget your place sometimes. You also forget my needs.”
Nodding, Granger couldn’t deny that he’d been unwilling to move away from his beloved Internet site. He also knew the true reason and resisted allowing the ugly thoughts to overwhelm him. Tonight was about rekindling their passion.
Tanner shook his head as he lowered onto his knees. Placing the rope by his side he pressed the tips of his fingers across Granger’s mouth before shoving them inside. “Suck.”
Obeying the command instantly, he suckled Tanner’s fingers, licking them furiously as Tanner drove them into his mouth with enough force that Granger could barely remain on his knees.
“Yes. Very good little boy you are.” Tanner cocked his head as he slid his hand down to Granger’s chest. Taking Granger’s nipple in between his thumb and forefinger, he pinched and twisted as he growled, the timbre husky .
The slice of sheer anguish rushed through his system and for a moment Granger stopped his single commanded action.
Tanner slapped Granger’s cock hard with his hand. “You obey or the punishment will be worse.”
“Mmmm…” His body shuddering, Granger whimpered and sucked Tanner’s fingers as the man pushed them into the back of his throat. Fighting not to choke, he concentrated on his required task and controlled his breathing.
“Better.” Yanking his fingers out, Tanner picked up the rope and raised his eyebrow. “I want you hard and ready for me.” As he slowly placed the rope behind Granger’s thighs, looping them around and through his legs, he smiled. “I wonder if your pretty boy would like this.”
Granger grunted but remained quiet. Now was not the time to speak. Tanner would flog him for hours.
Tanner wound the rope around the base of Granger’s cock, pulling it tight until the thick muscle stood at full attention. “Lovely.”
Between the friction of the rope as it dug into his tender flesh and the tension, Granger blinked furiously as beads of perspiration trickled down his back.
Tanner tied off the rope and purred as he wet a single finger and pressed it across Granger’s sensitive slit. “I have this craving to suck you but you don’t deserve to cum yet. Perhaps later.” He stroked Granger’s shaft, pumping up and down roughly. “Good little boy.” Smacking the tip, he pursed his lips before rising onto his feet.
Granger watched his lover move toward the bench, settling onto the smooth wood. Uncomfortable from the angle and the tightness of the rope, he shivered.
Tanner sighed. Opening his legs wide, Tanner beckoned to him. “Yes. I’m ready for you now.”
Granger inched forward on his knees as he drank in the sweet essence of the man’s sex.
“That’s it. Come and taste.”
Tanner’s cock jutted straight forward, his needs obvious by the  veins on either side of his shaft sticking out. As Granger eased between the man’s massive legs, he slid his hands up Tanner’s thighs. His object of perfection was muscular and sexy as hell and Granger enjoyed tasting his cock like no other man. Leaning over, he darted his tongue out, licking just the tip.
“You know what happens if you tease me. I suggest you follow orders tonight.”
Granger knew all too well having been forced to fuck Tanner in very forbidden locations, none of which were secure but the simple truth was, he loved tempting the man into carnal actions and tonight would be no different yet he was too hungry not to indulge. Pushing Tanner’s legs further open, Granger brushed his fingertips up to the crack of Tanner’s ass, teasingly brushing the tips up and down in a lazy fashion. Gripping the base of Tanner’s cock, he pumped the thick muscle as he drew his mouth over the tip, suckling as he dragged his tongue across the sensitive slit.
“Mmm…been far too long my boy toy. You’re going to pay for your indiscretions,” Tanner growled as he gripped Granger’s head, keeping him in position. “Take more.”
Granger didn’t need any direction. As he went down on Tanner’s throbbing shaft an inch at a time, he relaxed his throat and used a combination of his hands stroking with almost savage moves, friction forcing Tanner up from the bench and his jaw muscles clamping tightly. Using the other hand, he squeezed Tanner’s balls until the man tipped his head back and roared.
“Yyyyyeeeessss! Goddamn this feels good.” He clawed the edge of the bench with one hand and used the power of his upper body to lift up, meeting Granger’s mouth with long, hard drives. 
Granger sucked with manic motions as he took him all the way down, allowing his lips to rest on the base. Holding this position, he sucked and licked in lazy zigzags before taking his dick all the way out of his mouth and hungrily nipping down to Tanner’s balls. “Mmmm…”
“You’re on fire tonight,” Tanner breathed as he lolled his head back. “The rope is a very good reminder of what I need.” Entwining his fingers in Granger’s hair, he pushed Granger’s head savagely.
Granger knew the man wasn’t going to allow him to tease much longer. Taking first one tender ball into his mouth and then the other, he squeezed them as Tanner’s legs trembled. There was nothing he enjoyed more than taking a man in his hot wet mouth. Grunting, he grazed his teeth back up his shaft before licking the first drops of pre-cum from the tip. Savoring the flavor, he engulfed him, taking his cock all the way down and began pumping the base in savage motions.
“Fuck!” Tanner tightened his hold and began fucking Granger’s mouth in even, deep drives, each pass slicing against the back of Granger’s throat.
Granger kept up the frenetic pace knowing that his chocolate-laced lover couldn’t hold back his raging orgasm much longer. Panting, he sucked harder as Tanner tossed his head back and forth.
Encouraged, Granger slid his hand down the crack of Tanner’s ass, easily finding his dark hole as he eased back up to suckle his cock head. Plunging two fingers inside Tanner’s tight cavern, the effect was instantaneous.
“Aaaahhhhh!” Tanner jerked his body up from the wooden platform, impaling the entire length of his shaft deep inside Granger’s mouth. As his body shook involuntarily, he repeated the move twice before exploding into Granger’s mouth.

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