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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


by Cassandre Dayne

I know you’re probably scratching your head and wondering what the hell is this? Is this some creative way to use a fig in sensuous play? Not even close. I’ve brought you quite a bit about BDSM and I’ll finish out the month with a couple of other topics. You’ve heard me explain that many aspects of BDSM have nothing to do with sex or sadism or extreme pain. Granted, portions of all of those are certainly intertwined with a D/s relationship but the art is more about control. Control comes in many forms and for many couples who practice either play time or enter into a lifestyle certain methods of discipline are used. This can mean anything from the loss of privileges to the removal of a slave’s collar to traditional and non-traditional methods of discipline.

Figging is not only used in control but also in what some would consider a more severe form of punishment. So just what is figging? It’s the sexual practice of inserting the fingers of a ginger root into the anus. I know you’re scratching your head with this but this is a very ancient practice although some might only remember the use in certain horse shows where ginger is inserted to induce horses to hold their tails high. In Victorian times figging was used as a form of corporal punishment for discipline including methods of humiliation and chastising. And it was used in the method we’re going to talk about in today’s BDSM society, placed into the buttocks to keep the culprit from clenching during a caning or birching. Somehow the practice and the art fell out of fashion and some say it’s because of the use of products that mimic the acid from ginger including hot sauces and other peppers. But for many serious practitioners the use is preferred and highly regarded for a heavy round of discipline.

Why would this matter? If you’ve ever received a spanking before you know you clench when whipped on the ass. Whether you’re receiving a traditional spanking over his or her knee using your hand only or perhaps a brush, it’s painful and you clench your muscles. When you clamp around a ginger root the natural acids are released and a burning sensation is intensified tremendously.

Interestingly enough in doing research for this piece I’ve read the Victorian’s were a very bawdy bunch and from what I understand highly kinky. Corporal punishment was used quite often and caning the method of choice. Today if you ask people about figging about ninety perfect have no idea what you’re talking about but there are scores of societies within the BDSM community where the practice is used and touted as a favorite method of spanking and discipline. Fet Life has of course groups devoted to discussions, better methods, pictures and the forever desire to find more art depicting the practice. There are few stories with figging written within and even fewer movies on the traditional kinky sites. My guess is you’ll see more.

Proper care and preparation and I suggest a lot of reading is vital before you consider entering into something like this. How do you prepare? If you’ve ever purchased ginger from your traditional grocery store, you know it’s a brown bulbous root or hand with what appears to be “fingers” attached. Stay away from the already pre-cut variety and purchase the largest hand you can find. Try and plan so you use the root soon after you purchase for maximum effect. One of the aspects and methods of control is to have the sub watch as you prepare the root, carefully removing the skin and carving to the correct form ready for insertion. Anticipation after all is a huge part of punishment or discipline. Nothing like your Master or Dom telling you when and how you’re going to receive the strap. Sends shivers down my spine.

You’re going to need to remove the smaller fingers – you’re looking for the solid center meaty portion – and peel the root. Try and keep a long piece and in cutting make sure you remove the bumps as well. Smooth is better. Rinse off continually as you’re preparing. The goal is to have a smooth surface in a shape similar to a dildo with a taper at the end you’re inserting and a larger end that will remain outside the buttocks. The idea is not to allow the root to slip all the way inside. Yes it’s happened and I would hate to be the spankee going to the emergency room! Most people cut a notch in the bottom to aid in preventing.

Now time to insert. From the majority of people I talk with they prefer to have the sub or spankee over pillows on the bed. Remember and this is very important – DO NOT use a lubricant as it will counteract the effects of the juice. Wet ginger is slick enough to slide inside – obviously you’re being careful but you do place as far in as you can. Now you wait for a few minutes to allow a slow release of the acid and you can increase the effect after a few minutes by clenching your sub’s buttocks together. This causes a boost in the burning sensation.

Now you can spank at will and the sub generally says the effect is not only excruciating but comes as close to rapture as they’ve ever experienced. The effects usually last 20 minutes and cause no permanent harm or damage. One beauty of the piece is that you can keep the used root and use again by placing it in a Ziploc bag in the veggie section of your refrigerator. Check for moisture every couple of days and yes when there’s a touch of mold on the root it’s time for play again. Go ahead and peel lightly again and it’s much more potent. Throw away after this use.

I realize it sound a little scary but why not try it? The worst thing that can happen is you throw the piece away. And yes – before you ask you can use this in other places in the body but that’s for another day.

I hope you enjoyed…

Kisses xxx






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  1. interesting..... And for me? HELL NO!

  2. Figging - ah, yes. Something I have read about, but I confess I have never ever tried on myself. And not likely to! [Mind you, that decision is meant to rest with your tormentor...]