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New Release Titles
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Naughty Nights Press Interviews Cover Artist Dan “TheDanimal” Skinner!


Today on Naughty Nights Press, we have the incredible and talented cover artist, Dan “TheDanimal” Skinner. Some of you may know him through his book covers, others may know of Dan’s work through the Deviant Art website. Either way, Dan photographs the most decadent eye candy anyone would want to see.

Thank you so much for joining us today on Naughty Nights Press blog Dan and answering some questions about your job as a cover artist. We appreciate how busy you are and it’s wonderful that you have taken time out of your busy schedule.

NNP: How long have you been creating covers?

DS: I believe I am into my 11th year of creating covers. But since then I have
also branched off into doing magazine features and creating stock
photography for other artists to use. I very rarely sit down now to do
actual covers because the shoots take up most of my time.

NNP: What got you into creating covers?

DS: I had been doing fitness photography and some publishers saw my work and
asked me to work for them. I have since then quit doing fitness shots and
been specializing in particular brands of romance photography that are not
widely available to other artists, such as m/m romance. I wanted to do
something that did not exists in the market, and do it well enough to
compare to what had been in the m/f romance market since..well..forever.
Real people in real contact. I wanted that physical connection that the
simple cut and paste of male figures in a shot could not give. In one word:
Intimacy. Real people touching real people.

NNP: Is there a certain medium you prefer to work with?

DS: I am staying pretty much with photography at the moment. I am having fun
creating real moments between living human beings for the covers. I think it
delivers so much more. I may drift off and do some fantasy manipulations
when the mood and inspiration strikes, but right now I think the need for
intimate romance shots of the type I am doing is more vital to the market. I
am wanting to add as many variations to the theme as possible so the
publishing world has access to shots that are realistically romantic.

NNP: How closely do you work with author and Publisher when it comes to creating
a book cover?

DS: It is an equal exchange of ideas. The authors are brilliant at giving me the
exact ideas of what to convey in a shot, and the publisher gives me the

NNP: Do you find that it can be frustrating at times trying to get the cover
exactly right?

DS: Since I work mainly now in the medium of photography it's the job of the
models to convey the emotions. I am always impressed when you put two actual
people together how the emotion can exceed even the highest of expectations.

NNP: If you are a photographer, do you only use certain models, or do you try to
match to match the characters in the book?

DS: I shoot such a wide ranges of models and scenes I am privileged to be able
to offer publishers and authors a wide selection of realistic romantic shots
and let them choose what fits their personal vision. I have had many authors
buy particular shots, in fact, to create stories that the photo, itself,
inspired. I love when that happens!
Thanx so much for giving me your time, I am so appreciative!

Thank you Dan for being here and sharing these incredible photos with our readers.

Posted by Penny Peterssen

Personal Executive Assistant, Director of Marketing and Research

Naughty Nights Press (NNP) Team


  1. Dan is doing what no one else out there is doing for the MM genre, creating romance, telling a story through his photography.

    I am one of those authors who has been inspired by a photo of Dan's. It's a fun way to pull a story together.

    Which comes first the cover or the story? I have one cover that is already made, just waiting for the story, created from a photo of Dan's.

    Thanks for the interview,

  2. Love the shot with the guys hand bound with yellow rope.

  3. It's such a rarity to find covers done with real photography rather then cut and paste. Personally & professionally I prefer it which is why NNP only deals with photographers to do our "real" covers.
    Dan, you are amazing at what you do and I can't wait to chat with you soon for some of our m/m covers in the near future!
    Thank you so much for joining is on the NNP blog.


  4. Love Dan! Used one of his pictures for my Emerald Moon cover and I get so many compliments for it. He captured the sexual tension in a tangible manner. Now if we can just talk him into working the same magic with some M/M/F pictures I'd be a happy camper. ;)

  5. I love Dan's work too. One day I'll have a Dan cover... *dreams*

    :D Great interview. Your work is really inspiring

  6. Dan's work is really awesome. I want to say great interview.