New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

NNP Welcomes Madison Belle As New Marketing & Promotions Assistant!

Naughty Nights Press excitedly announces that we have a new addition to our ever-growing family yet again!

Ms. Madison Belle joins NNP as an assistant to our Marketing and Promotions team, reporting directly to our awesome Ms. Penny Peterssen, Director of Marketing and Research.

Ms. Belle is a most welcome addition bringing both her expansive knowledge and experience in promotions for Silver Publishing and many other firms over the years as well as a new eye on multiple other facets of the business as we all work together as the aforementioned team!

As are all employees of NNP, Ms. Belle is a published author, which we feel gives her an all important inside view to the best promotion methods as well as where NNP is realistically going to best bring their advertising. Ms. Belle is constantly seeking out and employing new and improved methods of promoting for both Naughty Nights Press and Silver Publishing and we are very happy to have her in our corner as we begin our venture on cornering a piece of the erotic ebook market as our very own.

About Ms. Madison Belle:

She has hundreds of online adult web content and advice articles published, has eight novellas published under a pen name- which she likes to keep separate from Madison's persona and is always researching new avenues to help promote authors.

Ms. Belle enjoys filling her day, and most nights, with the new, ever changing, challenges of writing, blogging, creating promotions and assisting other authors in the attainable dream of going from a hobby writer to a published author as she continues to pursue and achieve her own recently modified writing career goals.

Naughty Nights Press knows the advantage of having someone of such ability on our team and we cannot wait to see what the future brings with Ms. Belle!

We look forward to all she has to offer in the coming digital publishing years!

Congratulations Ms. Madison Belle!! Welcome to NNP.

And since we are making announcements and revelations on new NNP team members, we take this opportunity to congratulate Ms. Penny Peterssen as she is promoted to Personal Executive Assistant.
She replaces Ms. Faith Knight who has left her partnership in Naughty Nights Press to pursue a relaxing and stress free life with her husband-to-be in the Netherlands.

Ms. Knight leaves NNP with a heavy heart and sadness that a five month long battle with continued illness prevented her from contributing to the building and creation of Naughty Nights Press as she originally intended and feels that due to the sole efforts of Ms. Gina Kincade and Ms. Penny Peterssen in making NNP the incredible team and business that it already is, Ms. Peterssen is the person to rightfully step into the position.

For now Penny will continue her current position as Director of Marketing and Research in addition to being the PEA directly to Gina Kincade, which despite really requiring the work of three people, Ms. Peterssen has been doing now for almost a year. Congratulations Penny!

Naughty Nights Press has been and will continue to be an ultimate success and wickedly unique company bringing a new level of epublishing to authors and readers around the globe!


  1. First off I would like to welcome Madison to our family and look forward to working closely with her in promoting NNP to the highest extent possible and I think she is an amazing woman and one who will fit in with us ever so well.
    So Madison, welcome babe xxx

    Secondly, Gina, you are such a cheeky minx. I honestly don't know what to have left me completely speechless here and you know that is a hard thing to do.
    I thank you for the new position and will not let you down. It has been an absolute blast working so closely with you over these past months and seeing an idea of yours grow from just that, an idea, into a fully realized and workable business.
    Damn I am honestly having trouble trying to say what I want to and as usual you have managed to not only place a smile on my face but have brought tears to my eyes with this honor.
    Thank you!