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New Release Titles
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Naughty Nights Press Interviews Editor Miranda Forbes of Xcite Books!

Today we start the first of our interviews with editors from different e-book publishing houses.

We will learn what it takes to be an Editor and if they do anything else beyond editing those books that we have come to love and enjoy.

Our first guest is Miranda Forbes from Xcite Books.

On behalf of Naughty Nights Press, I would like to thank you Miranda, for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer these questions.


NNP: How long have you been an editor for?

MF: Since we founded Xcite Books in 2007

NNP: Could you please describe your job as editor?

MF: I now head up the Editorial team (of three) so the role has changed as the company has grown. I no longer do the direct author liaison or selections but concentrate more on developing the list, our ranges, cover design and marketing.

NNP: Do you do a fully comprehensive edit, line by line edit, and a plot and continuity edit, or only one of these?

MF: We do both of these as we believe that our readers deserve a really polished product. It is also important to develop our writers and by working with our editors they hone their work and grow their skills.

NNP: Are you completely honest and blunt with an Author if there are problems with the manuscript?

MF: Yes, but if there are major flaws and issues then we will not accept the manuscript but suggest they rework it and resubmit. However, if the author is almost there, we will help them iron out minor wrinkles.

NNP: Are there any other jobs that you do above and beyond editing? For instance do you help the Author pick a title for their book; help the Author when they are having problems with their story line etc.

MF: We do sometimes suggest a title change but that is quite unusual. Unfortunately there isn’t time to help authors with plot problems – we really only accept polished, finished pieces.

NNP: How do you keep abreast of what is currently trending genre wise?

MF: We following reader discussions on social network sites like Goodreads and also enjoy meeting our authors who give us frank, friendly feedback.

NNP: Do you find it easier if you have basic knowledge of the genre you are editing or do you feel it doesn't matter?

MF: Well, the learning curve has been almost vertical as I was pretty naïve when I started but now find I’m almost too blasé at times! It’s been wonderful learning about what works for people and what doesn’t. I think good erotica needs the same basic elements and the genre adds interest, dimension and texture.

NNP: Have you or would you, ever approach an Author due to the quality of their work, and ask them to submit to your publisher?

MF: No but we do have authors that we commission to write certain things.

clip_image002Thank you Miranda, we appreciate the way you have apprised our readers and authors of what it takes to be an editor with Xcite Books and congratulations to Xcite Books for winning the ETO for 2011.

To view Xcite Books please go here.

This article was posted on behalf of Ms. Gina Kincade of Naughty Nights Press.