New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Release: "The Canuck Werewolf" by Marisa Chenery

The Canuck Werewolf is the first book to come out for Ellora’s Cave’s Oh, Canada! themed series. Since my first Canadian themed werewolf book, The Wolf in the Woods, did so well at Liquid Silver Books, I thought to write one along the same lines for EC. Except this time I set the story in the area of Ontario I live in, during the Victoria Day long weekend.
Just my take on what it would be like for a local girl to actually meet her werewolf mate, and have him sweep her off her feet.

The Canuck Werewolf was released today, April 15th, at Ellora’s Cave. You can find it at EC here:


Rylee doesn’t have high hopes for the Victoria Day weekend camping trip, seeing as she’s been roped into taking her brother and his juvenile friends. But her mind is changed when she spots a gorgeous man on a hiking trail. She’d like to be zipped in a sleeping bag with him, no doubt about it.

Atticus came to Elora Gorge to get away from his father and his demands that his son find a mate. Like yesterday. Atticus needs time away from being groomed to be the pack leader and the endless stream of “suitable” mates thrown his way in hopes of stirring his mating urge. No luck yet. But then he spots a shy mortal who draws him like no other.

The tent heats up quickly, but before Atticus can tell Rylee what he is, he discovers a member of his pack has followed him with the intention of claiming him for her own. Not only does he have to convince Rylee she is his mate, he must also prove she can trust him.


He hadn’t been at his campsite for very long, had just started to set up his tent, when a scent came out of nowhere and slammed into him like a punch to the gut. His mating urge instantly came to life and his cock went rock hard. Looking up, he found a woman slowly walking past his site. Drawing in great gulps of air, Atticus filtered out the many scents around him, concentrating on the one that had his body going haywire.


The longer he stared, the harder his cock got. And when she stared back at him with marked interest, he wanted to throw back his head and howl. Before he could pull his thoughts together, she ducked her head and hurried on her way. But he wasn’t prepared to let her go so easily. He finished setting up his campsite and went after her.

Following the scent trail, he walked at a brisk pace. He rounded a corner and saw her standing at a rail looking down at the gorge. Her long, light brown hair fell to the middle of her back. His gaze ran hungrily along her slim form as his cock jerked inside his jeans. This mortal was his would-be mate. Aroused, he wanted nothing more than to go to her, take her to the ground and bury his aching cock inside her. And his wolf wanted her as well.

As he slowly closed the distance between them, a small part of his brain that still functioned thought of what his father’s reaction would be once he learned Atticus’ mate was mortal. The pack leader wouldn’t be at all pleased. He thought it was beneath a werewolf to mate with a lowly mortal. Atticus had no such feelings.

Coming within a few feet of the woman, he came to a standstill and drew in a deep breath, filling his lungs with her scent. It would now be permanently etched on his brain, never forgotten. He’d be able to find her anywhere just by following it. Another breath, and a groan close to a moan punched out of his chest before he could hold it back.

She turned, her gaze latching onto him. As she looked him up and down with the same stark interest as before showing in her dark brown eyes, he hungrily stared back, fighting the wolf’s growl that threatened to break free. She was pretty in a girl-next-door kind of way. Her looks did more for him than any female werewolf’s supermodel beauty ever would.

Her gaze stayed locked to his as he closed the remaining distance between them. It took everything in him not to reach out, pull her close and claim her lips. His mating urge rode him a little harder when he smelled the heady scent of her arousal in the air around them. It would continue to ride him until he claimed her as his mate the first time they made love. That would be when their souls joined, truly mating them.

“Hi,” he said, his voice gruff with the pounding need throbbing through his body.

She gave him a shy smile. “Hi.”

“Nice day for a walk.”

“Yes, it is.”

“Can I join you? This is my first time coming to the gorge.”

She nodded and shifted a little farther down the rail. “Sure. Not that I could stop you since this is a public place.”

He joined her at the rail and peered down the long drop to the river below. She shifted to stand beside him. Her nearness had him fighting to maintain control. If he wasn’t careful, his eyes would mutedly glow, something they did whenever he became very aroused or angry.

To make small talk, he said, “Great scenery. Makes it worth the drive from Toronto.” Out of the corner of his eye, Atticus saw her turn her head in his direction.

“Is that where you’re from?” she asked.

Feeling as if he had himself tightly reined back, he turned away from the view to face her and nodded. “Yes. Do you live here in Elora?”

“No. I live in Kitchener.”

“I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard about it.”

“Let me guess,” she replied with a grin, “you’ve heard about our Oktoberfest? Or as I like to call it—the big drunk.”

He grinned. “I do believe that came up during the conversation I had with one of my friends who has visited Kitchener.”

She smiled. “I thought so. And I bet this friend of yours made his visit when Oktoberfest was on. He more than likely spent some of his time in the Concordia Club’s big tent drinking beer and eating Oktoberfest sausage.”

Atticus chuckled. “Yes, but he consumed more beer than sausage. By the pitcher full, to be exact.”

“I don’t call it the big drunk for nothing.”

“Have you ever been?”

“No. It’s not really my thing. Though, I once rented an apartment across the street from the Concordia Club for about a year. During Oktoberfest, the polka music they played was loud enough to be heard inside my apartment, even with all the windows closed. That’s the closest I’ve come to going Oktoberfesting.”

He stuck out his hand. “I’m Atticus, by the way.”

She put hers in his and gave it a shake. “I’m Rylee.”

Atticus continued to hold her hand, reluctant to give up even this small amount of contact. The feel of her touching him made him crave a taste of her. His gaze focused on her lush lips. It would be so easy to pull her closer using their joined hands, bend and kiss her. As if she’d sensed his thoughts, the tip of Rylee’s tongue came out and licked her bottom lip as the scent of her arousal grew stronger.

That was enough to have him acting before he could rein himself back under the ridged control he’d been holding. With a moan that bordered on a wolf’s growl, Atticus yanked her against his chest and buried his other hand in the hair at her nape. He took her lips in a heated claiming, sweeping his tongue along the crease until they parted to allow him entrance.

He twined his tongue with hers, stroking. The taste of her went straight to his head, making his libido go into overdrive. A true growl of approval pushed out of him as he released her hand and she placed it on his chest. Dropping his hands to her hips, he pulled her even closer, grinding his aching cock against her. Rylee moaned, and kissing him deeper, sucked on his tongue.

The rest of the world seemed to fall away until Rylee became the center of his universe. Her scent, the taste of her on his tongue, the feel of her against him and the small sounds of pleasure she made had his mating urge demanding he take her right then and there.


  1. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!

    I have never been a lover of werewolf stories but I think you have just converted me!

    Can't wait to buy a copy and sink my teeth into it.

    Hope you have continued success with your books Marissa.

    *bites n kisses*

  2. Thanks, Vampirique. I hope you enjoy it.

  3. Awesome excerpt, Marisa. I can almost see it and now I have the urge to drive to Elora tomorrow and see if I can't find a wolf of my own lurking around the gorge. ;)

  4. I'm glad you liked the excerpt, Danielle :). And you never know ha ha.