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New Release Titles
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Naughty Nights Press Welcomes Erotic Paranormal Author Kimberly Hunter

Kimberly hunter joins Naughty Nights Press and Gina Kincade today to tell us a little about herself and introduce her newest release "The Highest Bidder".

Kimberly has just informed Gina that she will be adding to the fun today by giving away a FREE, yes FREE copy of "The Highest Bidder" to one lucky person who stops by and leaves a comment.

The winner will be announced on the interview post on Sunday! Good luck!

Hi Kimberly! Welcome and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to host an interview with you on Naughty Nights Press!

1. Can you share a few “tid bits” about your self? What is a typical day like for you? What “pet peeves” do you have if any?

Well, I guess you could say I’m an average person, nothing outstanding about me. I work full time, write when I can, and take care of my family.
A typical writing day, when I can get them, is either having my journal close or my laptop. I write longhand, so all my stories are complied in journals. I then type them up when I finish writing them. Makes the editing process go a little faster too.

Hmm, pet peeves, not many of those. But I guess the biggest is head hopping. I’ve read a good many stories, really good stories that would have been better had they been edited for head hoping. Too confusing if you don’t know whose POV you’re in.

2. When did you first realize you wanted to be an author?

I would have to say around the time when my son was two. (He’ll be twenty in March. UGH!!) I used to get those Zebra books in the mail. Had received what I thought was going to be a great Viking story. Gah, what a mess. That poor plot had enough holes to drive a train through it. And the character’s, man, so clichéd. I don’t think I even finished reading it. But the thought came to mind that I could have done a lot better job. Then it clicked, yeah, I could. I started plotting the next day. Still have the beginning of that story too. May even finish it one day.

3. What part of the story do you think is your strength to write?

I don’t think of it as strength per say, but I really love to write dialog. I get a real charge out of having my characters interact with each other and the dynamic between them as they talk.

4. Can you please share with us how old you were when you wrote your first story?

Hmm, I think I was ten. My assignment was to write a story about what kind of Halloween character I would like to be. I chose a witch. I liked the idea of being able to fly on a broom anywhere I wanted to go and cast magic spells. Got an A if I recall.

5. What was your goal for yourself as a writer when you started? Did you meet or surpass it or did it change for you along the way?

Lord, when I started, all I wanted was to finish and get published. LOL! I know, not really that lofty a goal, but like all budding author’s, that’s really all that you think about in the beginning. Now that I have six books under my belt, it’s more about quality. I want to write the stories that readers will think about long after they read that last page. To make my characters so memorable, they stick with you.

6. How did you decide to write books in your specific genre? Was there anything that influenced your choice?

I never knew that M/M was such a popular genre until I stumbled on it by accident. I was looking for a couple books as a treat for myself for completing my first book. I had read a couple ménage books with a M/M couple adding a female. So it wasn’t unknown to me. But when I read my first M/M Romance, well, I was hooked. My second book has a M/M scene in it because I wanted to try my hand at it. Writing that scene came easier to me than writing the same with a M/F. There’s just something about bringing two strong, beautiful men together that just really does it for me.

7. How do you become inspired to write?

Music and Japanese anime mostly. I listen to a lot of Josh Groban, Jason Aldean, Evanescence, and others like that. Plus I love classical. When I have a particularly romantic scene, I’ll put in the soundtrack from “Somewhere in Time”. Such beautiful music set to Rachmaninoff. As for the anime, I’m a big yaoi fan. Lots of ideas from that.

8. Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you just go with the flow?

Not really. I work nights four days a week, so the weekends are the only time I really have to do my serious writing.

9. Which comes first, the story, the characters or the setting?

Oh, the characters, definitely. They start having this conversation in my head and I go from there. Sometimes I’ll have an idea for a set place, but the characters always start the conversation first.

10. What are the elements of a great romance for you?

Feeling how much the characters really want and need each other. Yeah, the story itself is what is going to grab me at first, but it’s the characters dynamic that’s going to keep me reading.

11. What are the most challenging and the most rewarding aspects of writing?

Having so many ideas that I can’t get them all down. I’m always working on at least two or three WIP’s, so it gets hard to try to finish one when I have the idea for another pop in my head.

Getting good feedback on my work. That’s the greatest feeling in the world when someone has read one of your stories and tells you how much they really enjoyed it or reading about the characters. Makes all the hard work so worthwhile.

12. Can you share a little bit about your current release with us? Where can we find it?

My newest is a M/M Contemporary. It stars a Japanese businessman, Renjiro Takeda, who is approached by Interpol to help bring down a human trafficking organization run by a psycho. This psycho finds out that Renjiro is undercover and plans to exact his own revenge. His revenge takes the form of Trey Morrison, an American student, who is kidnapped and placed up for bid. Renjiro, of course, wants Trey and buys him. The rest of the story revolves around the two dealing with Trey nearly dying, the psycho wanting their blood, and the two falling deeply in love. But all is not wine and roses for the two. There are some obstacles along the way that will only bring the two even closer together. I hope to do some spin-off stories from some of the secondary characters that really struck a chord with me during the writing of this book.
It will be available in e-book and print through Cobblestone Press.

13. If you weren't writing, what would you be doing?

Goodness, I’m not really sure. Writing has always been such a big part of who I am, I can’t imagine doing anything else. Hmmm, cooking, if I really think about it. When I had the time, I used to bake and make meals from scratch. So yeah, cooking I guess.

14. Is there a specific bit of advice you would give to an aspiring author who is looking to publish their work? Traditional or Self-Publishing, which would you suggest?

Never give up! Anything worth having is never done without hard work and trying your hardest. This is not an easy business to break into, but the rewards are so worth it. And the writers I have met over the years are so encouraging. I always try to give back what was given to me when I first started in this business. So never keep trying!

Oh, well, traditional is best I think. E-books have been really good to me and have taken off to such a degree that most of the big print pubs are getting in on it. Self-publishing has never been all that appealing to me. I like knowing my work has a chance with a pub house. You won’t get that from Self-publishing.

15. Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers? Where can our readers find you?

I would like to thank my family, friends, and all my readers for your support. You guys have made all my hard work worthwhile. Also, a big thank you to Naughty Nights Press for having me here. You guys are great!!

I have several sites where I can be reached. My own website at as well as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Bebo, and Goodreads where I also have a blog. Stop in and say hello any time!

Thank you Kimberly! It’s been great getting to know more about you and your writing. I hope we will do it again real soon!

Don't forget my friends, comment on Kimberly's incredible interview for your chance to win a copy of "The Highest Bidder"!!!

The Highest Bidder by Kimberly Hunter
ISBN: 978-1-60088-641-6

Content: Erotic Romance
This title contains explicit language and graphic sex

Getting kidnapped was bad enough, but when Trey Morrison gets sold off to the highest bidder and drugged to boot, well, he knows that his day had just gone from bad to worst. Or has it? Going undercover to take down a madman, Renjiro Takeda has rubbed elbows with the world’s vilest men.

But spotting Trey on the auction block makes him throw all caution to winds and buy him.
Little does he know that his new purchase will set into motion a chain of events that neither him nor Trey will be able to escape.

It’s a life or death situation for the new lovers and winner takes all.

And Just to tease you all with a tempting taste of "The Highest Bidder" for your reading pleasure, here is Chapter One!

Chapter One, "The Highest Bidder", by Kimberly Hunter

“And now, gentlemen, I have a very special treat. A rare delight just waiting for the right owner,” Howard Rusk said with avaricious glee. He gestured to the small stage behind him. “I present to you…Joshua.”

The curtain rose slowly, building the anticipation, and then gasps and groans could be heard from the audience of select and affluent gentlemen. For sitting center stage on a raised dais was a naked young man. He was placed on a black satin pillow on his knees, his hands tied behind his back, a black leather collar around his neck, and a length of silver chain connecting neck and wrists to pull his head back and show off a well-formed, hairless chest and abs. His wavy, shoulder-length blond hair was tousled, the strands glinting like rare gold coins, and his creamy pale skin seemed to glow with a pearlescent luster. With eyes closed, his face was arrestingly beautiful, the cheekbones tinted a delicate pink, full lips cherry red and slightly parted, his expression one of dreamy bliss. If he’d had wings, he would have resembled an angel come down from heaven. But what drew the eye more wasn’t so much the young man’s beauty as it was his rather impressive erection. Standing straight and proud from his body, the young man’s cock rose like a column of rose-tinted ivory, the mushroom head glistening under the lights with his arousal.

Rusk heard the small audience go wild, but there was only one man he watched, one man whose reaction mattered. And from the look on that man’s face as he gazed upon young Joshua, he had baited his trap well. Now it was just a matter of reeling the man in. There’s a saying about revenge being a dish best served cold, but betrayal, that was best served with a smile.

Holding up his hands, Rusk gestured for silence. “Gentlemen, please!” Once the room was quiet, he continued, “For those of you who are familiar with our policies, know that any information about the PET is given only to potential buyers.” Murmurs began with that statement. “But,” he proceeded loudly, silencing the audience once again, “but, since this is a special treat that I have arranged as a thank-you for all my esteemed guests, exceptions have been made.”

Rusk strolled over to Joshua and stood behind his naked form, greedy gaze slowly mapping the young man’s delicious body. And it was delicious, seeing that the drug they had given him was still keeping him manageable. Rusk grinned maliciously, and then began to run his hands over the softest and smoothest skin he had ever felt. It was too bad he couldn’t keep Joshua for himself, but the moment his contact called about the young man, Rusk knew his captive would be invaluable to his plans. And considering that the young man was also a virgin, well, if his plans went awry, there were certainly others who would be more than eager to take Joshua in. But Rusk had seen the look on his betrayer’s face when Joshua was revealed. The trap would be sprung without a doubt.

“As you can see, Joshua is exquisite in face and form.” His wandering hands got a response, just as he knew they would. “At twenty-three, he’s just the right age for some.” A disappointed moan came from the front. “Sorry, Mr. Shimata.” He knew the old man’s penchant was for young boys with hardly any hair on their balls. “A college student, Joshua has never had a lover, male or female. I’m afraid his only experiences are the frequent hand jobs he has given himself.” He tsked with mock sympathy as he continued to rub and fondle the silky skin under his hand.

Murmuring in the audience grew as the implications of that statement sank in.

“Do you have proof?” asked a distinguished gentleman with silver at his temples, an ungodly expensive suit draping his toned form.

“Of course.” Rusk smiled, gesturing to a tall black man at the edge of the small stage. “This is Dr. Nubu, the personal physician of our Nairobi guests. He was kind enough to examine Joshua. Dr. Nubu.”

The doctor rose and inclined his head respectfully toward Rusk then faced the audience. “I have given Joshua a thorough exam. He is free of disease and is in excellent health, and as stated, untouched and intact.” He nodded to the audience and Rusk again before taking his seat.

Rusk waited in silence for the audience to talk among themselves, letting his hands continue to explore as much of the pale body he could reach as Joshua began to writhe and moan.

“I’ll give you what you want soon, my lovely,” he whispered silkily into Joshua’s ear.

“Please,” came Joshua’s raspy plea, his beautiful skin flushed, toned muscles straining as he tried to find relief.

Rusk chuckled, knowing the drug had Joshua firmly in its thrall, though a bit surprised at how quickly the young man had succumbed. Then again, Rusk knew from the accounts he had received from his connection that the young man’s sexual experiences weren’t exactly satisfying or fulfilling, so Joshua’s inhibited response was an added bonus to the drug’s already potent effects. Of course, if the drug could bring out this kind of response, then a double dose would be even better. Rusk grinned at that, knowing the end result would be sweet indeed. Oh yes, he would make sure the exquisite Joshua received another treatment of the wonderful drug before leaving on his journey. Rusk was sure his betrayer would appreciate the results.

“Seeing as we have such a rare jewel, I’m afraid the price will be a bit higher than usual,” Rusk said, not hearing as many grumbles to that announcement as he thought he would. But then, he had baited his trap well with the beautiful virgin sacrifice, so now all he had to do was wait.

“And what is your starting price?” asked a dark-skinned man in flowing white robes.

Rusk slowly moved his right hand down Joshua’s chest and stomach, making his way to Joshua’s weeping cock. “A hundred thousand.” He wrapped his fingers around the rock-hard shaft.

“Oh God!” Joshua moaned loudly, head thrown back with pleasure.

As the dickering grew and the price rose ever higher, Rusk continued to stroke Joshua’s cock, continued to push him toward release. It was all for his prey’s benefit, of course, showing how responsive Joshua was, hearing such wonderful sounds of pleasurable agony bursting forth the closer he came to his peak. Then it was down to two men, a senator from the US and a Japanese businessman.

“Will you counter Mr. Takeda’s bid at nine hundred thousand, Senator Ross?” Rusk asked as he sped up the stroking of Joshua’s weeping cock.

“Oh, God! Please!” Joshua cried out, his writhing body glistening with sweat, his hips pumping.

Rusk could see the naked want on the senator’s face, but in the end, he merely shook his head in the negative.

Grinning with satisfaction, Rusk took one of Joshua’s nipples, pinching it as he stroked Joshua’s cock faster. “The bidding is closed at nine hundred thousand, sold to Mr. Takeda.”

The moment he said “sold”, Joshua came, screaming his release as he spurted onto the black satin pillow. Rusk smiled with pleasure. His betrayer would soon know how it felt to be helpless, how it felt to go against Howard Rusk. The trap was sprung.

* * * * *

Renjiro Takeda had come to tonight’s auction with one goal in mind: to get the last piece of evidence to put Howard Rusk in jail for human trafficking.

For three long years, Renjiro had worked undercover with several different agencies coordinated with Interpol. Using state-of-the-art technology, a small chip had been implanted under the skin of one armpit. That chip gathered all the information needed without Renji having to put his neck out unnecessarily. Still, he was in a dangerous situation, rubbing elbows with the world’s most dangerous, most ruthless, and most corrupt men it had ever been his misfortune to meet. But he had made a promise and he intended to keep it.

As was standard procedure, the auctions were by invitation only and held at private estates. Tonight’s was held at a private hotel on the eastern seaboard of the United States that catered to the überwealthy. The perfect location for such a high-stakes operation. And it was high stakes. Howard Rusk had been trafficking for years, catering to the wealthy and depraved, getting children as young as toddlers, male or female, and all the way up to grown adults. And the requests just kept coming. Tell Rusk what you needed, what you wanted, and he got it. No questions. Just the right amount of money and he delivered.

Then there was the small army of guards he kept close at all times. All were ex-military and all very lethal. Those few stupid enough to go against Rusk or had tried to stop his operation had met with untimely and very painful deaths. That included the last undercover detective working with Interpol, who had been a childhood friend of Renjiro’s. Renjiro and his friend had lost touch over the years, their dreams going in different directions, his friend to law enforcement and Renjiro to architecture, finally taking over his father’s multimillion-dollar company. But both had renewed their friendship many years later and talked from time to time.

Which is why when Renjiro learned of his friend’s death, he was greatly saddened. Soon after, though, that sadness turned to anger when his friend’s captain explained his death and asked that Renjiro join their team in taking Rusk down. Renjiro was an established and wealthy businessman who had corporate dealings with some of the men who went to these auctions. The fact that he knew the deceased detective wasn’t a problem. They rarely ever met and the few calls they had exchanged were mostly on holidays. Their connection was mere coincidence should anyone decide to look closely.

After Renjiro agreed to help, it was months before he received an invitation. Rusk was a greedy bastard, but he wasn’t stupid. Renjiro had never been to an auction nor had he ever voiced any desire to do so. Hence, false accounts of Renjiro’s rather odd activities and unusual tastes had to be leaked.

The bait had worked. And now, three years later, Renjiro’s mission was nearly complete. The team needed one more piece of evidence to nail Rusk, and the nightmare would end.

“Mr. Takeda, how are you this evening?” asked a well-armed guard in a three-piece suit at the entrance to the small conference room of the private hotel.

He smiled. “’I’m well, thank you.”

“Excellent.” He returned the smile. “Your usual seat has been arranged, so please enjoy yourself.”

“I will, thanks.” He casually walked through the doors to see a small curtained stage and ten round tables that had already started to be filled with those eager to see Rusk’s newest acquisitions.

Renjiro took a seat near the back but with a clear view of the stage, and sat down.

“Ah, Takeda-kun, how are you?”

Renjiro heard the question in Japanese and stood. “Shimata-sama.” He bowed low to the elder Japanese man whom he towered over. Mr. Shimata was wearing his usual black-and-white silk robes. “I’m well, sir,” he replied in Japanese.

“Good, good. How’s business?”

“Just opened a new office in New York.”

“Expanding.” He nodded with approval. “You need to grow to survive.”

“Yes, sir.”

Mr. Shimata patted Renjiro’s arm. “I will send your father a little something to celebrate the occasion.”

“He’d be honored, sir.” He bowed low again.

Mr. Shimata returned the bow then moved to take his seat near the front of the stage, his two mammoth bodyguards flanking him. Without weapons, of course, not that they really needed them.

Renjiro kept his face blank, letting nothing show as he took his seat again. Mr. Shimata was an old friend of his father’s, and though he had heard rumors of his illicit relations, he had never imagined that they were true. Nor that he would see firsthand the type of man Mr. Shimata really was. It was because of his father’s long friendship with him that he treated Mr. Shimata with such respect, but it was all for show. The moment he laid eyes on Mr. Shimata at his first auction, whatever respect he had for the man had died. A serving girl came around seconds later bringing out drinks for everyone and a bottled water for Renjiro.

“Well, well, didn’t expect to see you here.”

Turning at the snide comment, Renjiro locked eyes with Senator Orin Ross, a stout middle-aged man from the American Midwest. Renjiro kept his seat, seeing no reason for formalities with such a crude man.

“Business kept me away.” He shrugged.

“I’ll bet,” Ross snorted. “More like that new PET you outbid me for.”

Renjiro shrugged again, letting the ill-mannered man think what he wanted.

The senator frowned, visibly trying not to lose his composure. “Stay out of my way, Takeda.” Then he stalked past to take his seat near two black men with clear African roots.

Renjiro sighed, then raising the bottle to his lips, took a drink of his water. The senator was still pissed about losing that young boy, but Renjiro couldn’t help it. The kid was barely driving age and looked so helpless and fragile that Renjiro was bidding before he even knew he had raised his hand. But he would have done it again if it meant saving one more innocent from a life of depravity.

When all the arrivals were seated and comfortable, and all doors were locked and secured, two guards were each posted by the doors and flanked each side of the stage. It wasn’t a show of force per se, but a not-so-subtle reminder that if you won your bid, you paid, immediately. And of course Rusk was paranoid. Having a price on your head by every law agency in the free world did that to a man.

Renjiro didn’t have long to wait when their host finally made his appearance. Of medium height and build, Howard Rusk had the swarthy good looks of his Latin American heritage and the personality of a chameleon. One never knew how he was going to act in any given situation, and that unpredictability was what made Rusk dangerous. He’d been known to shoot men for laughing too loud.

Coming out to mingle a bit with his guests, Rusk wore his signature white and black: white suit and shirt, black tie and shoes. But there was something else about the man tonight that raised Renjiro’s hackles. He looked too happy, too cheerful. Not unusual; Rusk was always wearing a smile, but Renjiro’s instincts were screaming that something was up. He would have to be on guard just in case his cover went to shit along with everything else.

Seeing that Rusk had spotted him, Renjiro stood, bowing slightly. “Mr. Rusk”

“Good to see you tonight, Mr. Takeda. We missed you last time.” He returned the bow with a bright smile.

“Regrettably, I had business to attend to.”

“Then no troubles with your PET?”

Renjiro grinned. “No, he has behaved perfectly.”

“Excellent.” Rusk beamed. “So, what can I get you this evening?”

“Well, I need to get him a companion. I can’t be with him all the time. Business, you know.”

Rusk nodded thoughtfully. “Of course.”

“So I thought I would get him a little friend to keep him company while I’m away.”

“Not a problem.” Rusk grinned, patting Renjiro’s shoulder. “I have several you might be interested in.”

“Sounds good.”

“Just make sure you don’t spoil him with his new friend.” Rusk chuckled good-naturedly.

Renjiro gave him a malicious grin. “Not to worry. The boy knows who his master is.” He made his eyes go cold, his face a hard mask. “And his friend will too.”

Rusk took a moment to look Renjiro in the eye then apparently approved of what he saw. “Glad to hear it.” He left to finish his rounds of the room.

Once the meet and greet was finished, everyone settled down and Rusk took position on the center of the small stage.

“Again, welcome, gentlemen. I have a good selection for your viewing pleasure tonight, so let’s start the bidding.” He gestured to a guard to bring out the first victim.

After that, Renjiro watched as eight young men and three boys were bid on and sold. He bid as well, throwing off suspicion, but was outbid each time. He just wasn’t able to bring himself to fake any kind of enthusiasm. It was as if each time he came to an auction, another piece of his soul died, unable to help those being bought like cattle by the scum of the earth. The thought of what their lives were going to be like had kept him up many a night, heart heavy, mind troubled as the faces of those he couldn’t save flashed through his conscience. But still he came, gathering more evidence against Rusk to save countless others from a life of slavery and hell. It was that thought and the promise he’d made that kept him going, kept him from losing his sanity. Seeing Rusk pay would be worth the living nightmare of the past three years.

Hearing Rusk’s next announcement snapped Renjiro out of his reverie as a feeling of unease skittered down his spine. It wasn’t like Rusk to change anything on the agenda. He liked order and strived to make sure his schedule wasn’t deviated from in any way. But once Renjiro saw the beautiful young man on the stage, he understood Rusk’s need for a surprise. He also couldn’t take his eyes off him.

While not making a secret of his sexual orientation, Renjiro had never made it public either. His private life was just that: private. His family knew, of course, and his father, while not exactly happy his eldest son was gay, knew that no matter Renjiro’s sexual preferences there was no one better suited to take over the company. That was proven when after five years Renjiro had nearly doubled the company’s profits and had expanded to four countries, two offices in America alone.

But Renjiro was still careful. As the years passed and homosexuality became more acceptable, there were still those who weren’t as tolerant, those who could use his behavior to break a company. So Renjiro kept his lifestyle out of the public eye and in the bedroom where it belonged. And the more he saw of Joshua’s pale beauty, the more he wanted to put him in said bedroom.

Which was quite odd in itself. Renjiro’s taste in men didn’t usually lean to the Caucasian persuasion. Not that he had never been with a white man. There were the two Americans in college and that rather crazy affair with a Scot several years ago, but most of his lovers had been Asian like himself. Thinking back, none of those men, Asian or otherwise, had ever got him hard with just one look or had his blood surging at the thought of all that pale skin under him. Fortunately, his carnal thoughts were brought to heel when one of the men from Nairobi stood up.

“I have given Joshua a thorough exam. He is free of disease and is in excellent health, and as stated, untouched and intact.” Renjiro stiffened slightly at that statement, and then nearly saw red when Rusk began to run his hands over Joshua’s smooth skin.


It was that breathy plea that decided Renjiro. Whatever it took, however much it cost, he was getting Joshua out. After that, he didn’t know. He couldn’t really think with his dick aching and the sight of Joshua responding so seductively to Rusk’s ministrations. But he knew he had to save Joshua and he would, countering every bid as Joshua writhed and moaned while Rusk continued to pleasure him. The sight sent Renjiro’s senses reeling, his heart pounding with every pump of Rusk’s hand until only two bidders remained, him and Senator Ross.

“Will you counter Mr. Takeda’s bid at nine hundred thousand, Senator Ross?”

Renjiro saw a burning lust in the senator’s eyes, then defeat as he shook his head in the negative. Those eyes then turned to smoldering hatred as he trained them on Renjiro. He had definitely made an enemy in the senator, but then Joshua was crying out his release and all thoughts fled of the senator and his anger as Renjiro watched, transfixed by the sight of that luscious body straining, pale skin flushed rose, beautiful face a mask of blissful agony. Renjiro nearly came himself from the sight, his iron control hanging by a thread. That thread almost snapped when Joshua slumped over in an exhausted heap at Rusk’s feet. Rusk chuckled, motioning a guard over.

“Take Mr. Takeda’s new PET and prepare him to leave.”

The guard nodded. “Yes, sir, Mr. Rusk.” He reached down and picked Joshua up as if he weighed nothing.

He looked so small and fragile in the large guard’s arms that Renjiro had to force himself to remain sitting lest he show any weakness. It was a weakness that Rusk would be sure to exploit if he saw it.

“If you’d be so kind, Mr. Takeda.” Rusk smiled merrily as he took out a kerchief to wipe his hands, bidding Renjiro to follow.

Renjiro nodded, glad that after he stood, his suit jacket hid the monster erection that refused to go down. But from the knowing grin Rusk gave him, the man already knew. Renjiro gave nothing away, though, his face a mask of indifference, body relaxed. Rusk softly chuckled, leading him to a small room behind the stage where a laptop was set up on a table. Renjiro wasted no time, going to the computer and bringing up his banking account to transfer the appropriate funds to Rusk’s untraceable account.

“You surprised me tonight, Mr. Takeda.” Rusk put the kerchief in his pocket and took a seat in the sparse room, crossing his legs at the ankles in a relaxed manner.

“Oh?” Renjiro finalized the transaction, not bothering to look Rusk’s way.

“Of all the men here, you were the last one I would have expected to take Joshua. He’s not your usual type.”

Renjiro looked up to find Rusk’s piercing black eyes leveled at him, the challenge in those dark depths clear.

“I wanted him,” Renjiro stated, not bothering to lie. Not much point really.

Rusk chuckled. “And I have the distinct feeling that you deny yourself few things, Mr. Takeda.”

“Very few.” Renjiro grinned.

Rusk inclined his head in acknowledgement as the computer beeped. The money had gone through and was now safely in Rusk’s account. Rusk got up and went to check the screen, making sure all was right, and then he powered the laptop down and closed the lid.

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  1. First off, I would like to say what a brilliant interview to read.

    Kimberly, it was lovely reading how you go about your stories and the fact that you find Japanese anime helpful with to you surprised me. I must admit that there have been times I have felt that the characters should be human as they are so beautifully created.

    Thank you Gina for posting this interview, as usual you have brought us a truly amazing author to read about.

    Now to the excerpt.

    How can I say it any other way, you hooked me from the get go. The descriptions were dazzling and I felt like I was there in the room, seeing Joshua in all his glory. The dialogue of the characters were believable and gave you more of an insight into who they are. Personally I wanted to punch the senator, the brief dialogue you gave him, made me envision a truly sadistically cruel man.

    I am definitely putting The Highest Bidder on my book list to read.

    Keep up the fantastic work Kimberly, I will be sure to check out some of your other books as well.

  2. "Somewhere in Time” ~ Rachmaninoff ~ My favorite!
    Thank you Gina for another dazzling interview. I enjoy getting to know the authors ♥.

    After reading the excerpt, I am intrigued yet again about a book I normally wouldn't have looked at. I have added it to my reading list and eagerly await to devour it! Some of my friends will enjoy this too,so I'm definitely sharing the info ;)

    Thank you Kimberly for your time ♥ Thank you Gina for taking me on these adventures beyond horizons I'd normally travel. Interesting and Enjoyable♥

  3. Hi Gina and Kimberly - Great interview! I, too, wouldn't normally have picked this type of m/m book but the excerpt has piqued my interest. Thanks for the insight.
    Having to reread lines and paragraphs when the head hopping starts nearly makes me pull out my pen and mark up the books! It makes you crazy trying to keep up, so yes, that's also my biggest pet peeve with reading.
    Nice to 'meet' you both and I'll see you around the net and sites! Thanks again!

  4. Wow,I've only read a couple of M/M books and they were not nearly as interesting as that little sample.....
    Thanks for sharing =]

  5. And the winner of an ebook copy of "The Highest Bidder" by Kimberly Hunter is....*drum roll* ....Tonya Kinzer!

    Tonya, please contact me via Facebook or email at to claim your book!

    Congratulations! Woot Woot!!

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  7. Thank you Gina for having me. I had a blast. Thank you also to all of you who stopped by and those who left a comment. I appreciate the kind words and support. You guys are great! I hope to it again soon!!


    Kimberly Hunter

  8. I only have two words for everything I've read. Absolutely amazing! I can't express what a wonderful job everyone has done. I am truly honored to be here amongst such talented people.