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New Release Titles
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Gina Kincade's Personal Pick Of The Week! Being Naughty: The Life & Times of an Erotica Novelist (Memoir Series)

Gina's hot and naughty reading choice this week is:

Being Naughty: The Life & Times of an Erotica Novelist, Book One of the "Memoir Series" by Laura Stamps

Damn this author knows sex! Everything she writes is just dripping, drooling and dangerously orgasmic reading! I just adore Laura Stamps! As if you couldn't

Anyway, I KNOW you will want to get your copy and get all warmed up in a nice but naughty way so here is the link to the kindle version for only $1.99! You just can't beat that price! So much heat "Being Naughty" is guaranteed to set your world on fire yet keep your wallet cool as a cucumber!

The excitement of her blog posts will have you laughing and yet creaming your jeans at her naughty, open-minded, slutty way with words. Laura simply rocks!


About "Being Naughty: The Life & Times of an Erotica Novelist, Book One of the "Memoir Series" by Laura Stamps"
Book One (blog posts from July 1, 2008 - February 17, 2009)

"Laura Stamps is not your average erotica novelist. She's an exhibitionist, voyeur, lust addict, hedonist, and sensualist. Basically, she's a kinky slut with a trashy mouth and mind. In fact she's just like the heroine in an erotica novel. So it should come as no surprise Laura also writes a wildly popular, verrrry naughty blog every week. Her memoirs are made up of posts from this lusty blog.

If you love Laura's sexy erotica novels then you're going to love her "Memoir Series." The books in this series are irreverent, hysterically funny, and X-rated with one sizzling sex scene after another. Yeah, all the same HOT stuff you'll find in her novels. Only this is real life with Laura starring as the heroine and her Alpha husband Wes as the hero. Uh-oh. *exhibitionist grin*"

And of course after throughly enjoying book one, which I know you will, you will want to add "Still Naughty: The Life & Times of an Erotica Novelist, Book Two of the "Memoir Series" by Laura Stamps" to your purchases!
The Kindle version is available here.


**About the Author: Laura Stamps is an award-winning paranormal erotica novelist, whose daily blog is wickedly naughty. Her work has been published in over a thousand magazines, literary journals, and anthologies worldwide. The recipient of a "Pulitzer Prize" nomination, she is the author of more than 52 books. A Wiccan Faery Witch, Empath, and Psychic, Laura enjoys writing hot, sexy novels about contemporary Pagans living in the Deep South.

Her novels website:
Her naughty blog:

Information for this post is "borrowed" from Laura Stamps with the sole purpose of promotion of her work. All information and photos remain the copyright of Laura Stamps ©

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