New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

New Release! Whiskey & Witchcraft by USA Today Bestselling Author Kiki Howell! #witches #demons #paranormal #romance @kikihowell7

Suspense, Intrigue, Romance, this book has it all!

If you love being immersed in a suspenseful, spell-filled world ripe with witches and demons battling to save themselves and rekindle a love that should never have been forgotten, you will love USA Today Bestselling Author Kiki Howell's newest paranormal romance Whiskey & Witchcraft! 

Grab your copy now in ebook or print!

Available now at the following online retailers.

Ciaran Byrne is suddenly thrust into the public eye as the face of the Byrne family by the death of his father, also inheriting his family’s scandals. Unfortunately, a legacy of misused magick runs like fire through his veins, and a demon trapped inside of him by a spell turns him into a beast like no other. 

He knows no way around the demon failsafe his father had planted inside him. Still, over a decade later, he's convinced somewhere in him a better man lurks. 

As if everything else isn't reason enough to keep his blood pressure high and his nights sleepless, Allanah Adams, the woman he’d once been forbidden to love, roams into his life.

He can see she assumes what the media tells her is true. He begs--no, orders--her to let him prove he can be different from his family, but can he prove it to himself and everyone else around him?

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