New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Check out Remote in the Shadows by Noelle Rahn-Johnson! #shifter #romance #fatedmates #pnr #alpha @noelle_rahn

Shifter Yumminess!

Parker, a black leopard shifter living in a remote part of Oregon, saves the life of a woman and her child after they are in a car accident on an isolated road near his property.

Discovering Addison is on the run from an abusive relationship, one very pissed off leopard is determined to do everything he can to keep her and her baby, London, safe.

His animal insists Addison is his true mate, but Parker has lost one mate and doesn't believe there will be another for him in this lifetime. He doesn't believe he deserves one.

Will Parker learn to love again? Is he truly destined to have another mate or will his developing feelings for the woman leave him heartbroken and alone once again?

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What Readers are saying:

"What a book!! Right from the beginning, it keeps you right on the edge of your seat. The emotions are up and down, screaming for Parker to save her and the baby. If you love shifter books, pick this one up today!!"

"Best Paranormal book I have ever read! Could not put it down! This author writes from the heart! This book pulls you in and you want more! The characters are endearing and strong! Can't wait to see what this author writes next!"

"I love a good paranormal story and that is what this is. Noelle Rahn Johnson delivers a great story with drama and intrigue."

"Remote in the Shadows had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.
This is an amazing story that I loved!! I think Noelle Rahn-Johnson is a great author and I cannot wait to see what she has coming next."

"An intense story with distraught narrations and dark emotions. A scared and weak woman with a big surprise for all and a sensitive, loving and protector shifter. Loved how the suspense was escalating keeping me intrigued and reading without stopping. Kept me on the edge of my seat with all the emotions I felt. Voluntarily reviewed this story that was more than I expected and enjoyed it a lot."

"BAM! One captivating read. Ms. Rahn-Johnson marvelously weaves her words, captivating her readers as she craftily brings together this story. There is plenty of action and edge-of-your-seat adventure as Parker sets about protecting Addison and her daughter as they flee an abusive relationship. Still grieving the loss of his pregnant mate, Parker suffers guilt and fights the attraction he feels for the spunky Addison. Will true love banish the shadows of Parker’s past love and Addison’s abusive ex? This is a must read!"

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