New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Thursday, October 13, 2016

NEW RELEASE! 99 cent Limited Time Deal! Brazen Rose by Lanna Farrell (Dark Tribal Brotherhood Book 1) #shifters #paranormal @lannafarrell67

99 cent Limited Time Deal Won't last long!
Brazen Rose (Dark Tribal Brotherhood Book 1)

Werewolf and Alpha of his entire pack, Thorn Andreiko is desperately searching for something to help save him from the constant darkness plaguing his mind. As an elite warrior, enforcer of death, and president of his Motorcycle Club, he must deal out punishment to a turned vampire or rogue Lycan, but at what cost to his sanity?
When he meets Jayden Foster for the first time, Thorn instinctively knows she is the light to his darkness, goodness to his evil, and savior of his dark soul.

Jayden doesn't know how she could possibly be the mate to the leader of the Lycans. Thorn is not only dangerous, but the mortal enemy of the very race she's sworn to protect: the vampires.
Jayden resists her wild lust and desire for Thorn until a new evil comes knocking at her door and she is forced to give in to the risk of losing her heart to save her life.

Can he save and protect her, or will she die before he’s able to claim her as his own? Placing all of her trust into this one man means if she wants to live, she must let him make her his.

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