New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hey! Did you know? There's a Trick or Treat hop going on? Lots of goodies for readers.

Welcome to the Wolf Pack's Trick-or-Treat Newsletter Hop!

What is it?
A bunch of Halloween treats from Wolf Pack authors.

How does it work?
Join the newsletters below - as many as you'd like.
If you already subscribe, you're all set.
Each author will announce a winner on Nov 1st.
Winners also will be listed here.

Who's giving away what?
The list of prizes is below... but that's the trick!
You don't know which prize goes with which newsletter.
Every newsletter has a treat, but which one?
We'll find out when the winners are drawn! 


$25 Gift Card
1 paperback
3 ebooks
$5 Gift Card
$10 Gift Card + 1 ebook
$20 gift card
1 ebook + $10 Gift Card

$25 Gift Card
$5 Amazon Gift Card + 1 Kindle ebook
2 ebooks + $10 Gift Card
Surprise Swag Pack + 1 Signed Book
3 book bundle + swag + candy
$15 Amazon Gift Card
3 ebooks + 1 signed book 
$10 iBooks Gift Card + signed paperbacks
1 signed paperback + $5 Amazon Gift Card
1 ebook + candy + $5 Amazon Gift Card
1 signed book + bookmark + keychain + $10 Amazon Gift Card

1 box set ebook + 1 ebook + a pair of edible candy cuffs (Pink Cherry)

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it's the place to be for readers who like a good howl

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