New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A taste of Mating Mr. Right Now: A Bearfield short by USA Today Best Selling Author Jacqueline Sweet #shifter #pnr #usatoday

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Check out this taste of 

Mating Mr. Right Now: A Bearfield short

by Jacqueline Sweet

The Growler was Bearfield’s finest and only roadhouse. They served food that stuck to your ribs and drinks that knocked you on your ass. Even the homemade root beer was good. His aunt ran the place with the help of a team of orphaned werewolves. It was a long story. Sebastian spent most of his time at the Growler, propped up on a stool, chatting with the wolves or reading a book. He enjoyed the way the mountain light shone through the stained glass windows and painted the long wooden table in dappled reds and oranges.
Tomorrow he’d be at his father’s side, walking the Conclave to meet and greet the far flung clans of bears. And each and every Alpha would look upon him with pity in their eyes, knowing that he should have been born a shifter. It wasn’t his fault of course. These things happen. But that didn’t soften the blow. He’d be at his father’s side, running a gauntlet of recrimination, right up until the ceremonies began, and then he’d be barred with all of the other bear-blooded. Shifters only. No humans allowed.
He sighed into his drink, wishing again it was something harder and more alcoholic. And braced himself for what was to come.
The saloon doors to the Growler swung open. Sebastian glanced over, expecting to see one of the lunchtime regulars like Sheriff Pete or Eddie Chigliak from the movie theater. But instead what he saw took his breath away.
A woman stood in the doorway. Light from the stained glass windows flowed over her, casting her in a golden glow. She was damn near as tall as he was, with wide shoulders and thick thighs. The woman wore motorcycle boots with spiderweb stockings, cut off jean shorts that hardly covered anything, a ripped t-shirt advertising some band called The Furies and a leather motorcycle jacket. Her head was shaved on one side and the other side was spit curled like some 1920’s flapper. To Sebastian, she looked like post-apocalypse Beyonce. The woman had serious eyes and wide full lips painted bronze. She scanned the room as if looking for someone to kill. Her eyes took in each and every person, weighing them and judging them, until they focused on Sebastian.
One she saw him, she strode over to him.
He couldn’t decide if he should fall to his knees and beg forgiveness or leap out the window, so he did neither.
“You, are we related?” she asked in a voice like a hand stroking fur.
“No,” Sebastian said, his voice almost breaking. “At least, I don’t think so. My name is—”
She put a finger on his lips. “No names. Follow me. I have need of you.” She turned and strode from the restaurant. Sebastian couldn’t tear his eyes off her wide, shapely ass.
Two of the werewolf busboys laughed at Sebastian and pushed him from the chair. “Have fun!” they called.
What else could he do? It beat sitting around feeling sorry for himself in the Growler. Sebastian hurried after her, emerging into the bright mid-day light and blinking at the sight of the woman sitting astride her motorcycle.
“You are young and strong,” she said.
Sebastian stared at her.
“That was a question.”
“Yes? Yes, I am.”
“No heart conditions?”
“No illnesses?”
She sniffed the air, taking his scent. “Are you a virgin?”
“Not since Halloween,” he grinned. “It’s a funny story actually,” he began, but then stopped once he saw her expression.
“Very well.” She patted the seat behind herself. “Come with me.”
“Where?” It wasn’t his habit to run off with the first amazingly hot woman that asked him to. But on second thought, it didn’t sound like a bad habit to have.
“I have a cabin. Up in the woods where my pack is staying. They are all at the campground now and the place is deserted. I’m going to take you there and you are going to make me cum. A lot. Do you understand?”
Sebastian’s cock answered for him, rapidly hardening in his jeans. The woman smiled at him and his heart crashed in his chest. If she was gorgeous when she looked like she wanted to kill everyone in the Growler, she was doubley so when she smiled.
“Why me?” he asked, throwing a leg over the back of her bike.
“Because you are pretty and strong and I have a desperate need to get laid.”
“Fair enough,” Sebastian said as she gunned the engine and took off like a bat out of hell.

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