New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Haha! Cool! Gina Kincade interviews Kiki Howell. Co-authors of What Lies Within Us in Beyond the Veil #witches #wizards @kikihowell7

Interview with Author Kiki Howell

Hello to the best readers any author could ask for! So happy you could join us again today!
These interviews, getting to know the talented authors behind your favorite books, it's just awesome, right? We've had more and more people visiting every day, and I couldn't be more thrilled to be the lucky lady bringing you their great works and these sneak peeks into their lives!

I have my co-author, Kiki Howell, visiting today. Yay! Too cool, right?
What Lies Within Us is our fantastic magical title in the Beyond the Veil Boxed Set.
Please join me in giving this awesome lady a warm welcome. *smiles and claps*

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Now, let's get started! *smiles*

Hi Kiki, thanks so much for joining me on the NNP blog today! *bounces* It's so good to see you. Miss you so much when I am bogged down at work. *smiles*
I have our readers here today at a slight disadvantage because I pretty much know all the answers to my questions, but they don't so I am gonna have to drive you crazy for a little while. *chuckles*
Thank you for the warm welcome, very happy to be here.

How long have you been a writer and how did you get into writing?
I don’t really have specifics on that. I can remember at a very early age not liking how a show or movie or book ended and re-writing the story in my head. At some point I thought to try writing one all on my own. I wrote a lot in high school and college, but then took a break having my boys… long story getting shorter, in 2006 I received my first contract for a story I had written.

Are you a full time author?
I am :)

What are the best and the worst aspects of writing?
Best is coming up with that idea and researching until a full plot forms. Second best would be writing that first draft that just flows, well most of the time. Worst would be that final edit one does before submitting it whether to an editor so it can be sent to a publisher. I have a hard time ever saying a story is done.

Oh, I so hear you on that! Even when I am said publisher. *grins* 
What inspires you to write?
Just about anything is fair game. 

Is there a particular author who inspires you?
Not really. I actually don’t read much in the genre I write in. I read sweet love stories mostly, but I watch dark, paranormal television and movies. 

What is the title of your inclusion in Beyond the Veil? How did you come up with the idea for it? *giggles* I know, I know. Humor me. *grins*
What Lies Within Us, which I co-authored with you. At the time of that initial spark for a story idea, I was dying to write a story based in Ireland, so I virtual-tripped it until inspiration struck on a story line, then I seemed very adamant about incorporating some dark, horror-style elements as I plotted.

Adamant...yup, I'll agree. I know that part of you well. *grins*
How did you conduct your research for What Lie Within Us?
As I just said, I researched online the place, but also a lot of the secret societies in Ireland, along with their mafia ties into the United States. As well, I read books and online about different spells which I often use as inspiration for ones used in the stories I write.

Can you give our readers your favorite line or quote from What Lies Within Us?
I love some of the descriptions in the opening scene. I have the most fun writing stuff like that.

“The thousand slices of light tearing through the sky reflected in the grey water beside the road. Kyna perceived the ominous black shadows cast by the trees as decrepit, arthritic fingers reaching out for her from the heavy flowing stream. A resounding flood of sound, deep undulating thunder, made her curl her body in on itself as she angled away from the window streaming with tears from the sky. The squall so violent, she imagined the glass would shatter.”

Mmmm, yes, that scene is a particular fav of mine as well. I love the way readers can almost feel, see, and hear the storm whipping up around Kyna as she is taken to her aunt. *shivers*
What would your friends say is your best quality?
I am often told that I am a good listener.

That you sure are. I have to agree there.
Are reader reviews important to you?
Of course. Good reviews can make my day, and bad ones still sting even though I know not everyone is going to like everything they read. But, more importantly, at this point in my career, I’ve re-written stories based on what readers have said in reviews, and then released second and third editions!

Good critique in reviews is always a learning experience, right?
What do you do when you don’t write?
I’m currently in Yoga Teacher Training, but I’m also a TV junkie!

Tell us about your other books?
Well, I mostly write paranormal romances. Mainly witches, and mainly pretty steamy, just like this one. I’ve varied a few times, but seem to always come back to my witches and spells. 

I think paranormal will always have a draw for us both, but I have to agree witches and spell casting are most definitely your thing. *winks and grins*
If you could share one thing about yourself you would like our readers to know, what would it be?
Hmm, not sure… Random facts pop into my mind to share about myself, though that isn’t exactly what you asked: I have an obsession with fire and water, every fountain must have a candle on it. I’ve watched all seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy three times now, and find new stuff to every time. Kurt Sutter is a genius! Is that good?

Absolutely! Thank you. I happen to adore your randomness, m'lady. I think it's part of why we get along so well. Great minds, and all that. *laughs*
Where can readers find your works, do you have a blog or website?

Where else might readers contact you or follow your everyday writing journey?
I spend way too much time on Facebook

*laughs* I can totally relate. Facebook has certain...addictive properties...*sigh*
Anyway, thank you so much for joining us today, Kiki. It's been a true experience and pleasure working with you on the Beyond the Veil Boxed Set. This may be the second set I have co-written with you, but I think each one has been a new experience and I've loved every moment we've worked together. Looking forward to a future with my amazing, talented co-author. I already know many readers have enjoyed What Lies Within Us, and I am hopeful for more.
We just have to leave readers with a small tease to whet the appetite, though, right? Care to pick out something steamy? *naughty grin*
Let me look!

What Lies Within Us

When her musings continued on, each one more inane than the last, she gave herself a mental shake. Her mind had gone on some kind of fritz. Chaos ensued. One notion countered the next, battled for dominance at the forefront of her mind for brief seconds, only to be railroaded by another. This progression continued as Darcaryn leaned in toward her, his lips now inches from hers.
He grabbed her arms, hard, and pulled her chest to his. She saw the flames on the candles grow to several inches high around them. The fireplace roared to life, but bent to the right as a strong wind blew through the room. She tried to concentrate on the anarchy erupting around them. Books opened. Papers flew. Herbs formed a small tornado of sorts in a bowl on the table. Bottles jumped from the shelves and shattered against the floor as he pressed his lips hard to hers.
It’s just a spell. She pushed the thought through her brain even as she tangled her hands into the hair blowing across his neck. Not being aware of them moving, he knocked her next breath out of her for a second when her back hit a wall. He seemed to breathe it in as he kissed her again. His hard body pressed against hers, thigh-to-thigh, stomach-to-stomach. Certain parts stiffened in between them. Lightheaded, the lust took over, heightened each nerve ending until they screamed for him. She needed to feel him naked against her, all his hard lines against her soft curves.

Enter to Win!

~ Lady Gina Kincade,
Author of Erotica and Erotic Paranormal Romance

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