New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Monday, April 11, 2016

Author Sky Purington submits to an Interview on the NNP blog with Gina Kincade! Uh oh, look out! #paranormal #scottishwarriors

Interview with Author Sky Purington

Hello to the best readers an author could ask for! So happy you could join us again today!
These interviews, getting to know the talented authors behind your favorite books, it's just awesome, right? We've had more and more people visiting every day, and I couldn't be more thrilled to be the lucky lady bringing you their great works and these sneak peeks into their lives!

I have Sky Purington visiting today. Sky is the author of Quest of a Scottish Warrior in the Beyond the Veil Boxed Set.
Please join me in giving her a warm welcome. *smiles and claps*

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Now, let's get started! *smiles*

Hi Sky, thanks so much for joining me on the NNP blog today! *smiles*
Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to be here today. Thanks so much for having me over, Gina! :D

Tell us, how long have you been a writer and how did you get into writing?
Though I was writing long before, I first became published in 2007. I was inspired by a trip to the Scottish Highland Games here in New Hampshire. More so, when I discovered my husband’s Highland clan and my Lowland clan intermarried for three hundred years during the medieval period. I loved the idea of our clans coming together again over six hundred years later. That’s when my first Scottish time travel romance was born.

Are you a full time author?
Yes, I have been for almost three years now. Love it! :D

What are the best and the worst aspects of writing for you?
I’m a huge history buff so I really enjoy the research aspect. I also like getting to know my characters better as I tell their tale (or should I say they tell me their tale? ;-)). Then there are the steamy scenes. Gotta love writing those! I’d have to say the worst part is editing. Regrettably, it’s a necessary evil.

What inspires you to write?
A variety of things actually. Sometimes it’s certain music or weather. Other times, something I’m researching can spark the creative bug.

Is there a particular author who inspires you?
Not at the moment but I’ve had little time to read lately. :/

What is the title of your inclusion in Beyond the Veil? How did you come up with the idea for it?
My inclusion in Beyond the Veil is Quest of a Scottish Warrior (The MacLomain Series: Later Years, Book 1). For this particular series, I wanted to do something a little different than my previous MacLomain Series’. Always interested in Scotland’s King Robert the Bruce, I thought it might be interesting to create a series (4 novels) about a small band of warriors raised to protect him when he runs into foretold trouble as a child. And of course, these four Scotsmen’s heroines travel back in time from the present day. Not only that, but these women each face a different disability. In Quest of a Scottish Warrior, Cassie is facing blindness.

How did you conduct your research for Quest of a Scottish Warrior?
Gone are the days when I trudged to the library and filled binders with notes (I really did that!). Now it’s all about the Internet and storing info via computer folders. 

Can you give our readers your two favorite lines/quotes from your book?
Hmm, I’d say one of my favorites is taken from the excerpt below. *delicious* ;-)

Lodged deep, he abandoned her breast and slammed his hand against the tree as his hoarse words rumbled through his chest. “And this feeling. This bloody feeling of you drawing me into your body. ‘Tis incomparable. ‘Tis something I want you to give me again and again.”

What would your friends say is your best quality?
Probably compassion. I’ve spent the past few years being a caretaker for a family member who had a stroke. It gave me a new perspective on life. 

Are reader reviews important to you?
Of course. I truly like to make people happy and offer my readers an escape from their busy lives. Though I keep things in perspective, I take both positive and negative criticism seriously because I can always improve my craft.  

What do you do when you don’t write?
When I’m not writing, I’m marketing and cultivating a readership. 

Tell us about your other books?
I’ve written over twenty novels and several novellas. The Scottish side of the MacLomain Series is now 16 books long. The Viking side is 3 books long with 5 more slated to be released 2016/2017. I’ve also written Calum’s Curse. A sister series to The MacLomains, it’s a paranormal/fantasy series about 3 haunted house. Then there are my vampires and lycans. I’ve written a few stories about them as well. 

If you could share one thing about yourself you would like our readers to know, what would it be?
Probably that I’m determined to leave no character behind. Especially one that readers want to know more about. Therefore, I’m always open to writing a romance for a secondary or third character if readers are interested. J

Where can readers find your works, do you have a blog or website? 

Where else might readers contact you or follow your everyday writing journey? 
Google +:

Thank you so much for joining us today, Sky. It's been a true pleasure working with you on the Beyond the Veil Boxed Set. I am sure readers will fully enjoy Quest of a Scottish Warrior.
We are going to leave them with a small tease to get them started, care to give us something steamy? *naughty grin*

You bet! Thanks again for having me over. It’s been a blast working with everyone in the Beyond the Veil Boxed Set. 

Quest of a Scottish Warrior

The incline of the root structure gave her a height advantage and put him only three or four inches taller than her rather than just under a foot. Still, it had become so dark that she could barely make him out. Rather she was forced to rely on her other senses. Something she would soon have to do all the time. 
“’Tis good this,” he whispered. “The darkness embraces us both.” Her breath caught when his tongue flicked just beneath her ear. “Now there is nothing but you and me, lass.”
No truer words were ever spoken. Her eyes slid shut as he kissed his way along her jawline. He fondled and explored her breasts before grasping then massaging her backside.
Their passion and need grew so quickly and with such intensity that their lips trembled against one another’s before they at last sank into a ravenous kiss. Where she had been deeply aroused but tentative the night before, now it felt like a dam broke open. Their tongues twisted and stroked, desperate to get closer. He tasted faintly of one-eighths whisky and seven-eighths hot masculine need.  
Sizzling pleasure speared between her thighs and she moaned when his knee wedged between her legs. Running her hands beneath his tunic, she explored the rock-hard ridges of his abdominal muscles then higher to his chiseled chest. 
Logan tore his lips from hers, muttering, “Och, lass, I need you something fierce.” He braced his hand over her head, words so soft she barely heard them. “Tellus clamavi ad te, ut de veste carere possumus. Mother Earth I call to thee, from clothes might we be free.”
Tingles spread through her then it was almost as if a gentle wind blew over them before she realized they were both completely nude. 
“Why not just rip off my clothes,” she joked before her words were cut off by the feel of his hands sweeping over her body.
“Not fast enough,” he growled before kissing her almost savagely. 
Then she couldn’t stop feeling for the life of her. The intensity of his mouth owning hers. The hard edges of his strong body as he pressed close. The pulsing, searing heat of his thick arousal against her stomach. The feel of her nipples tightening to painful points against his broad chest.
There was no need to see him when a picture of his body so clearly formed in her mind. She ran her fingers over the width of his biceps then the chords of his forearms. Then she trailed her hands down his side, tracing the shallow dips above his hipbones and below the last ridge of his abs. That wonderful V that pointed straight down at…
He released a hiss of pleasure when she wrapped a hand around as much of his arousal as she could and squeezed. Caught by the feel of satin over steel, she barely heard him grunt out more words. “Tellus mitescere, parva quid temporis non cortice quid esse. Mother Earth soften thee, for little time might no bark there be.” 
For a second she thought he was asking to lose his erection but oh was she wrong. Cassie gasped, legs widening when Logan clenched her backside and lifted her further up what was now not abrasive bark at her back but smooth softness. Her eyes rolled back in her head when he thrust up and filled her with one, long deep stroke. 
Her senses burst to life as her body rippled around him and an impatient climax roared up and hovered just out of reach. He shuddered against her in pleasure but didn’t move. Not at first. Instead, he murmured soft words against her ear. The things he felt while shrouded in the darkness around them. 
The way he would see her if he was to lose his sight.
His brogue was thick and husky as he pressed closer, caging her in heat and lust with his arms, hips and thigh muscles. While one hand held her backside firmly in place, the other explored her face, fingertips dusting lovingly over every inch of her. “Such soft eyebrows, furrowed as you fight to find your release.” 
Logan’s finger trailed down her nose, slowing at the tip. “Turned up ever so slightly to suit your occasional defiance. A defiance I will push past and turn to pleasure every time I take you.” Then he traced her cheekbones and chin. “So well formed. The perfect fit for my palm.” 
His fingertip lazily outlined her lips before he thrust his hips and her mouth fell open on a sharp inhale. “Plush lips that will always open for me when I wish it.” Logan thrust again and her head fell back. He skimmed her neck before his tongue flicked, teeth nibbled and his words whispered downward. “A slender, soft neck that I cannae get enough of.”
He palmed her breast, testing its weight before he ran his tongue around her nipple then sucked it into his mouth. She released a strangled cry and dug her hands into his hair as a piercing climax ripped through her. 
Lodged deep, he abandoned her breast and slammed his hand against the tree as his hoarse words rumbled through his chest. “And this feeling. This bloody feeling of you drawing me into your body. ‘Tis incomparable. ‘Tis something I want you to give me again and again.”

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