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Thursday, July 23, 2015

And still the hate continues

And still the hate continues

I'd like you to take a look at the woman in the picture below, if you would.
You won't know her but her name is India Clarke, and she became at least the 11th Trans woman to be murdered in the US in 2015.


The other woman also murdered were: Papi Edwards 20 years old, Lamia Beard (30), Ty Underwood(24), Yasmin Vash Payne (33), Taja deJesus (36), Penny Proud (21), Kristina Grant Infiniti (46), Mya Hall (27), London Kiki Chanel (21) and Mercedes Williamdson (17).

I don't care who you are, or what you think of transgendered women, but to be murdered just because of your gender in the year 2015 is sickening, and a total disgrace to the human race.
I know I keep going on about transsexuals, my daughter even asked me today if I was attracted to them because of the way I bang on about them, and their hopes for the future but if this sort of evil didn't keep happening I wouldn't need to but as it is, worldwide, one transgender person is murdered every three days.
The list does not include deaths by suicide, accident, and other causes.
So this month I am begging you all to take just a minute out of your hectic lives, and fall silent, for all victims of Transphobic hate.

Thank you.

J S Morbius

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