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New Release Titles
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

The resurrection of J S Morbius


Yes it really is me, I am actually writing a blog post.

As you all may know for the last few months I have written nothing in the way of a new book, well nothing of any particular note. I did start a couple but fighting the demon which is depression has caused me to struggle. Every day I have sat at my computer and stared, endlessly, at a fresh new file, hoping the words I want to write come but every day nothing.

You see as much as I want to write my mood swings have refused to let me, until now. However with each passing day, and every new post I place in The Crypt, I can feel my confidence coming back.
So hopefully, and very soon, more new works will be submitted to my wonderful publisher, Naughty Nights Press, who has shown me nothing but patience and concern – due to my lack of submissions – and for that Mistress Gina Kincade I thank you.

Thank you, Mistress Gina

I know this isn't a large post, and many people probably wont find it interesting at all, but my depression has been so serious just being able to get it off my chest is a relief.

So all I want to say is thank you for listening, keep your eyes open for more from The Crypt and, if you are also a sufferer of depression please don't bottle it up, talk to someone, it can help.

This is J S Morbius saying thank you for listening and, until next month...

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  1. Julez, depression seems to be a demon most creative people battle, often alone and in the dark with only fear as a companion. I've suffered mild depression most of my life, and try desperately hard to eliminate the things that threaten to make it worse. The real battle is inside us, where all the doubts eat our creativity and our sense of self and worth. Congratulations on posting, putting words on the page, however small they seem to you - it's the only way forward, and I know there are loads of readers waiting to cheer your return to their readers. Be well, and stay positive. Warm wishes, Denyse