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Thursday, October 2, 2014

I Don't Have Balls...


Once again, the subject has come up about women who write m/m. I’m not sure why this is such a big deal but people seem to be fascinated about women writing about gay males. I mean, we’re women and a lot of us date men or are married to them. And men aren’t all the same either. They can be very unemotional or wear their feelings on their sleeves. Some men are very affectionate while others can be cold.

While it’s true that men and women are different, the fact still remains that we’re human. Why can’t I write about another human just because I don’t have the genitalia? I feel good when falling in love and having sex just like men do. Men, gay or straight, have fears and or anxieties they must get over. A gay man is worried about being accepted. Well, so am I since I’m a black woman. Like a gay man who gets involved with a man who is different from himself, I worried about my husband’s parents liking me.

Those are a few examples of some things that will be the same but I’m not that naïve to know that gay men and women are a lot alike. My argument is human beings can write about other human beings no matter what the gender or genitalia. In other words, I may not have balls but I can write about them. Why? Because I choose to. I love writing about two people, man and woman, 2 men, 2 women, or multiples who find a common bond with one another. Romance is about connecting with people, overcoming obstacles, and building a long lasting relationship if all parties agree. Since I’ve experienced happiness with another person, why can’t I write about it?

I’m a woman and I’m not ashamed. I like writing about people in love and most of the time, it’s men. I take pride in my work, I support the community, and I’ll continue because I love what I do.

So even though I may not have balls, I’ll write m/m until I can’t write anymore. I won’t be deterred by people women or men, who say I can’t because I’m not a gay man myself.

I have the freedom to express myself though my writing and writing men in love is what I enjoy most of all.

Author Sharita Lira: In one word, crazy. Just crazy enough to have 3 4 different muses running around in her head, driving her to sheer exhaustion with new plot bunnies and complex characters.

In addition to being a computer geek and a metalhead, Sharita loves live music, reading, and perusing the net for sexy men to be her muses.  She’s also a founding member and contributor to the heavy metal ezine

For more information, please visit as well as her Facebook fanpage, The Literary Triad.

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