New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dogging along - Gemma Parkes

Park ‘n’ Ride started life as a cheeky dogging story entitled ‘Good Doggy’. This was one of my earlier books and was a best seller for over a year. The success of ‘Good Doggy’ encouraged me to write a sequel ‘Good Doggy Two’ and then two more dogging/voyeuristic stories to create an anthology ‘Park ‘n’ Ride’. The title is of course a play on words and taken from the very British way of cutting down traffic in our busy cities.
There is a part of me that is fascinated by voyeurism the idea of watching live sex is exciting in the extreme. If the venue is dark, decadent and outdoors I find it even more thrilling! Perhaps this idea appeals to many of us as ‘Park ‘n’ Ride’ continues to outsell all my other books.
Picture the scene…
Natalie watched as a camper van pulled into the clearing. It parked right in the middle and all four doors opened. Out stepped two females and two males, they opened up the back and started to unload various items. They brought out a rolled up sheet of what looked like blue foam and laid it down on the tarmac. Next a plastic cool box was carried and placed to one side of it. Finally a large CD player was set down next to the cool box whereupon one of the men set to work selecting tracks to send out into the clear night air whilst the other plugged in two large speakers.
People started to alight from their cars now. Rob came round to Natalie’s side and took her by the hand to join the mostly male crowd that was forming a circle around the new arrivals. A slow, pulsing beat emanated from the speakers and the two girls stood side by side on the soft foam. They removed their coats and Natalie let out an involuntary gasp as she realised that they were both totally naked underneath. One of them took a large bottle of oil out of the cool box and the girls tipped it into their hands before rubbing it rhythmically into their naked bodies until they gleamed in the moonlight. Rob came behind Natalie and held her close.
Maybe you would prefer to watch from a distance further away? Crouch down behind some bushes like Danny and wait…

With Amber safely locked inside the car, Danny made his way stealthily towards the sound of the music and the flickering lights.
Pausing to duck down behind a large overgrown briar he saw a clearing not 15 meters away. The music appeared so much louder now. It was a thudding drumbeat, the tremors seemed to be rising up through the very ground he crouched on. Danny saw that the flickering lights he had seen previously were in fact coming from the dancing flames of what looked like a campfire. There were several people standing around. All males as far as he could see. They were gathering around something in the centre, talking in low, excited voices.
Suddenly a gap appeared as two of the men walked away to collect something from their bags. Danny’s breath caught in his throat as he saw a beautiful, naked woman stood in the middle of the men. She was dancing provocatively, her long black hair swaying in the cool breeze of the night. As Danny’s eyes adjusted to the flickering light he could see that the men were holding lighted flame torches towards her body but not touching her. She sashayed around them, teasing and enticing, dodging the flames by twisting and turning her body.

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