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New Release Titles
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Monday, September 1, 2014

Bad Girl...You Need a Spanking

And God knows I do. I'm lucky enough to get at least a few when I need them and they help center me. I can refocus allowing me to garner a little more patience, stop being a bitch at times. AT TIMES. I have to laugh. I have a Sir, one who does try to give me the needed discipline so... In doing spanking stories, I realize how many people truly crave being taken in hand - especially women but not only women. When I realized and admitted my deep hunger, a need that few can understand, the embrace was life changing. Still, you have to find the right partner in your life to trust enough so you can allow your fears and reservations about this alternative lifestyle out. Mmmm... Can  you? Do you hunger? You know how I feel.

In writing Spankdown and the subsequent Spank Me series, I realized I am truly bringing the desires of so many people to the forefront. We all know we have to follow rules and when we don't - well, we do deserve harsh punishment. Right? Spank Me is going to bring you many a scenario, allowing you to become a voyeur in the lives of others who finally realize they have to have spankings in their life. The second in the collection is all about the office and one very naughty employee. We've all had one of
those - right? Come take a taste...

Spank Me - Enticed Motivation

“Gavin can I talk with you for a few minutes?”
Gavin Bellows could tell his assistant was overtly agitated by her clipped tone, the hint of arrogance in her voice. While Stacy was normally very calm, taking everything the almost always difficult advertising world had to offer in stride, today was not one of those days. A quick glance at her crimson face and white lips confirmed his diagnosis. She was fucking pissed off. “What’s wrong?”
“May I be frank?” Huffing, she came all the way into his office, slamming the door behind her.
As his computer monitor swayed he raised his eyebrow, tossing his pen over the keyboard. Somehow he didn’t think he was going to get any additional work accomplished for a while. “Of course. My door is always open.” Except when slammed closed by an irate employee.
“Good. Great. I’m glad.” Folding her arms Stacy paced back and forth in front of his desk, her eyes flashing.
He followed her path for a full minute with his eyes before clearing his throat. “Do I need to be here for this?”
Stopping short she snorted. “Don’t take up for her.”
“For whom?” Now he was growing agitated, although he had no doubt the person Stacy was getting ready to spew about. Everyone in the office had a beef with the employee in question.
“You know who I’m talking about. That two faced, nasty, wretched snake in the grass bitch on high heels.” Her eyes opening wide, she slapped her hand across her mouth, a blush creeping up from her neck.
Gavin had to admit he was growing weary of fielding nasty comments, concerns from clients, pointed emails and overall bad attitudes embroiling the staff. The air of discord was attributable to one person, one very formidable woman – Christina Fontaine. “What did Christina do this time?”
“Remember Mr. Johnson, senior Mr. Johnson?” she asked as she closed the distance to his desk, leaning over and giving him a pointed look.
“Yeah. He’s the grand-pappy of our biggest client. Why are you asking?”
“Because,” her voice dripped with sarcasm, “Christina took it upon herself to tell him off in front of his grandson, two other members of their Board of Directors as well as our receptionist that their latest product didn’t appeal to pretty much anyone and that his ways were stodgy or as I was told, she mentioned he was going down with a hard thud.”
“What?” Gavin realized he was moving to a standing position, albeit on shaky legs. His firm was already inching day by day toward the red, expenses way too high and income not nearly where it had been even a year before. To even think about pissing off a client, especially one who’d been their only gravy train for years was reprehensible. “I’m sorry. Repeat what you said.”
“I don’t think you want me to nor do you want to hear their response. Do you?” Stacy asked as she shook her head. “The woman is a true menace to Bellows and Mathers.”
Soon to be Bellows, Mathers and Fontaine. The thought was sickening. Christina had earned her stripes over the years but was growing increasingly difficult to work with. Something had to give or he’d be forced to make a decision he very well could regret – one way or the other. “I know Christina has been experiencing some issues as of late but her ideas are spot on, her instinct right on the money and she’s made a lot of money for this firm.”
“Since when?” A wry smile crossed her face.
To be challenged by a twenty something year old assistant really got his goat. As a trickle of sweat oozed down the back of his neck he sighed. This was one of the ‘no one was going to see him space or freak out’ moments. ‘I appreciate the fact you brought this to my attention. I’ll have a talk with Christina and find out if there’s something going on we’re not aware of. There are twists and turns in advertising, Stacy.”
“Twists and turns? You mean like the possibility she needs a cat scan or better yet a swift kick to the ass? There’s a twist for you. She gets the boot.” As if realizing she was way out of line she looked away and grimaced. “I’m sorry. I’m…no pretty much everyone is just really frustrated and no one has the balls to talk to you. Go figure.”
Well, Stacy certainly did. “I’m glad you feel you’re able to.” Gavin walked around his desk and smiled, giving her his most confident look. Inside he was seething, his patience at the end of what had been one long and frayed rope. Christina was a fine Vice President when she wanted to be, but had never garnered the respect of the employees, even day one. Now this? “Go back to work and I’ll take everything you said into consideration.” He was keenly aware he sounded more like a practiced politician than the owner of one of the most well known advertising agencies on the East Coast.
“Hmm… Okay. I appreciate you listening.” Stacy’s words were sincere but her look was cautious. To date no one had dressed Christina down for any of her bad behaviors.
He walked Stacy to the door, keeping the smile plastered on his face. “By the way, we have a staff meeting in the morning. If you will, remind everyone via email.”
“Certainly Mr. Bellows.”
Certainly Mr. Bellows. The girl was beyond pissed and didn’t believe he’d do anything. Well bully for her. After closing the door and walking back to his desk, he stared out the window for a few minutes. What in the hell was he supposed to do? He didn’t want to fire Christina. Pretty much two other agencies were ready to scoff her up, gleaning every bit of her expertise as they began the climb to the top. Right now that wouldn’t be tough to do.
Sitting down slowly he tapped the top of his desk. They were in a complicated position given the
two new contracts they were vying for. Any concept there were issues within the company could knock them out of contention. The truth was he’d counseled Christina, or at least attempted to, on more than one occasion. Nothing seemed to work with her. She remained arrogant, pig headed and overtly opinionated.
Granted, having fucked her on top of his desk after one late night meeting certainly might be part of the problem. Gavin closed his eyes, remembering the tasty moment with delight as well as chagrin. She was as much of a wild cat in bed as she was in business. What the woman needed was someone who could control her, reign her in, and he was determined to be that man. However, his tactics needed to change.

How hard do you need your spanking?

Who knew an old fashioned spanking was a motivation tool? Spank Me was a highly respectable corporal punishment firm, catering to providing hard spankings in any method – that is for a price. After reading the vivid and very detailed brochure on corporal punishment methods, Gavin Bellows was convinced the methodology was perfect for one very naughty employee. Christina Fontaine was intelligent, damn good at her job and yet one mouthy woman, alienating every employee with her ballsy attitude. Complaints on the rise, something had to give. On the firing block, Gavin was ready to terminate her position, until a wild idea formed in the back of his mind, an inspiration no doubt crossing the lines.

Christina hungered for a man she had no business of flirting with, yet she couldn’t get Gavin off her mind, her behavior bordering on ridiculous and dominating. Her fantasies about the rough-hewn man were off the charts. After crossing the line one too many times, she knew her ass was on the line. Determined to win back his favor as well as his heart, she finagled her way into a harsh agreement in order to keep her job. Or so she thought. Little did she know Gavin had the upper hand. A weekend in the country proved to be more than just a method of control, and her entire concept regarding work ethics and relationships was challenged. Harsh discipline…but the question was, could she handle the heat?

I so hope you enjoyed...
Kisses and spanks

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