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New Release Titles
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Friday, May 23, 2014

The L in GBLT

The L in GBLT
Can I write it as good as a female?

Well here I am again, released from The Crypt, to share more views about GBLT erotica with you all.

As you know I write mainly m/m and transsexual erotica, two of the sexualities covered by GBLT, and just recently I have been thinking and also, to a small extent, writing f/f shorts (three of which can be found in The Crypt of Morbius) and this got me to thinking of a few things.

  1. Do women prefer to read f/f erotica written by women?
  2. Can a male accurately describe the feelings of two women making love?
  3. As it's a well known fact/myth males find the thought of two or more women together hotter and more erotic than anything, especially the heterosexual male, would I just be going for easy sales?
I was going to attempt the f/f genre with a new pseudonym, Julie-Ann, due to the first of those thoughts. However, thanks to our wonderful Mistress Gina's advice, Julie-Ann is now going to be my muse, not the author and J S Morbius will still be the name to look for on the cover.
As for conveying feelings hopefully the shorts I have so far written show I do know what I am doing, but I also know I have so many great friends if I do get stuck I am sure a helpful hint or two wouldn't be too hard to find (hopefully).
Finally the sales question. I know, no matter how long you have been writing or how good you think you are, there is no such thing as easy sales. Good erotica takes dedication, care, thought, practice and a lot of patience (something I am slowly learning about).
If the writing and story are both good then the sales will come and as my main aim is showing, and bringing, equality to all - no matter what a person's sexuality, not the number of books in the sales column - then whether I sell one copy or one hundred is irrelevant.

Society will eventually come to understand, and accept, every single person on this planet has the choice to live their lives exactly as they please and no-one has the right to dictate whether their choices are right or wrong.

This has been J S Morbius
Bringing Love and Equality to all.

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