New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Voyeuristic Sex by Gemma Parkes

What exactly is it about furtive sex that excites us? Just the mere thought of sneaking off somewhere and having sex where you know you shouldn't is sublimely thrilling! Add to that the idea of having sex with a stranger and you create a fantasy that may keep you up for some time. What if there was a possibility that you could be discovered during the act? For some of us that would be a stretch too far but for others it’s an irresistible kick. Voyeuristic sex features in many of my stories because to me it’s such an exciting thought. The reality, of course, would be different or would it?
Personally I would not want to be watched by anyone but my lover, but to watch someone else? That’s hot! Especially if they can’t see you peaking:

Excerpt, ‘The Midnight Gathering’ ‘Park ‘N’ Ride’:      
Pausing to duck down behind a large overgrown briar he saw a clearing not 15 meters away. The music appeared so much louder now. It was a thudding drumbeat, the tremors seemed to be rising up through the very ground he crouched on. Danny saw that the flickering lights he had seen previously were in fact coming from the dancing flames of what looked like a campfire. There were several people standing around. All males as far as he could see. They were gathering around something in the centre, talking in low, excited voices.
Suddenly a gap appeared as two of the men walked away to collect something from their bags. Danny’s breath caught in his throat as he saw a beautiful, naked woman stood in the middle of the men. She was dancing provocatively, her long black hair swaying in the cool breeze of the night. As Danny’s eyes adjusted to the flickering light he could see that the men were holding lighted flame torches towards her body but not touching her. She sashayed around them, teasing and enticing, dodging the flames by twisting and turning her body.
The two men who had left the group now returned holding some items which Danny could not quite make out. They closed the circle around the woman again and Danny’s view was blocked.
Sensing the electricity in the air, Danny was overpowered by the need to see what exactly was going on. Everyone had their backs to him; all the men were watching the woman.
He broke cover from the bush, grateful for his choice of clothing, black jeans and long sleeved T shirt, both providing some camouflage in the darkness. Then he crept to another bush so close that he could see the deep desire on the faces of the watching men.

What about those who dupe other people into taking part in their sexual fun?

Excerpt, ‘A Voyeuristic Lover’:

 I played him the way Paul liked me to. We chatted, we laughed, we drank some more. I caught Paul’s eyes and knew that the time was right. Leaning in towards my prey, l whispered softly into his ear. He moved quickly, hotly, beads of sweat already visible on his forehead. He followed me outside.
Discreetly, and at a distance, Paul followed too.
We went down a small alleyway at the side of the bar, it was dark and deserted. I leant against the wall and fixed my suitor with a sultry stare. That was all it took. He lunged at me, his hands gripping my ass and sliding my dress up high. He groaned his desire through his eager kisses as he found my nakedness. I caught a glimpse of Paul in the shadows. It turned me on to see his face watching this young man’s desperation. 
He grabbed at my breasts before dropping his trousers and freeing himself, lifting me up by my thighs to push me back against the cold brick wall. He entered me quickly and sharply. I cried out with the eagerness of his thrusts and saw Paul smiling and beginning to stroke his own cock. I gasped at the power of this strangers fuck as he pounded furiously up and into me grunting hard. My back scraped against the sharp brick and l could see Paul clearly over his shoulder.
Did he like what I was doing? Was l being a good girl for him?
The stranger cursed as he pounded, he was too excited to hold back and it was soon over.
This didn't disappoint me, l knew that Paul would reward his naughty girl once we arrived back home.
The stranger hurried back inside the wine bar once he'd finished with me and Paul stepped out of the shadows as l smoothed down my skirt.

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