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New Release Titles
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Friday, September 13, 2013

A Personal Line of Defence

We're all born with it and sometimes use it as our last line of defence. What am I talking about? A smile.There has been a huge unhappiness in the NNP camp recently with the death of our own Shane Willis. In the midst of our sadness he would not want us to stop smiling.

Think of a baby's innocent chuckle. One of the happiest sounds in the world, and extremely infectious. However as we grow from baby stage life happens.

Some people seem to be naturally happy, always wearing a smile which can be very difficult to do. Especially when asleep (unless of course you are having some wild dream about sex lol). The ones who are truly happy have a twinkle in their eye. Which brings me to another point. Is it a genuine happy twinkle or a wicked evil twinkle.

Depends on the lifestyle with regards to the latter I suppose. You never can tell. And every wicked smile holds a story to write. Thats what we do ...yes?

However a smile is often a personal mask. A cover up for a lack of confidence. And I should know. My confidence has taken so many knocks I'm an expert on how to wear a smile.

I mean consider the clown in a circus. Billed as the one to make everyone laugh, but underneath his white paint and false smile what life truths does he really hold? Also the silent movie star Buster Keaton was reputed never to have smiled in them. That was a long time ago.

Smiles are also powerful and energy saving. After all, it takes 43 muscles to frown and only 17 to smile. They are also one of the easiest and best things you can give an unhappy person. 

Best of all to smile is still free. Keep smiling before there's a tax slammed on it!    

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  1. Everything you note makes perfect sense save one thing. Of course, smiling is a reward of it's own, howsomever, it appeas as tho, if we are to listen to the health gurus in the world, using 43 muscles is better for you than just 17. Now, that argument on the table and because I have never been a big proponent of sweaty endeavours, I say rubbish! Smiles spread sunshine and that is more important for us all than having a six-pack. (Which by the by, I DO have in the fridge!). Love and Hugs ((())) Miss Muffet <3