New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A View to a Thrill

Hi it's great to be back here on the NNP blog. Hope you are all enjoying your summer? Although l write in many sub genres, writing as the mood takes me, there are certain topics that often crop up. Voyeurism is one of them. The idea of being watched is a major turn on for me so voyeuristic situations creep into my stories unannounced with increasing regularity. My best sellers are stories about dogging, that quintessential British past time of watching people get down and dirty in parked vehicles.

Excerpt (Good Doggy - Park 'n' Ride):

He increased the speed of his thrusts slapping her round ass and pounding her harder. She started to gasp, her small, pert breasts jiggling with every jolt. I felt Max move in closer and tightly grip my waist, his own cock a rod of steel straining against his jeans. The car began to rock a little as the couple went at it furiously, his shouts matching her loud whimpers. Max slipped his hand under my skirt, pushing me harder against the car door. I moaned in appreciation as his fingers made contact with my clit and he began to stroke it.
“Sh,” he whispered hotly in my ear, “Be careful.”
I watched as the couple inside the car reached their peak together, their red, sweaty faces beaming at their audience and l gasped as Max chose that precise moment to push his index finger right up inside me.
“Oh!” l whimpered, a little too loudly.
There was a shift in the small crowd of people as they turned their attention towards us. They began to stand back a little to create a space around us.
“Let’s do this.”  Max hissed as his other hand lifted my skirt right up to reveal my small round ass and his busy fingers working my pussy below it.
Max was always incredible with his fingers. He knew how to make me powerless to resist him. He slid them deep before hooking them round and withdrawing them slowly.
“Ooh,” l moaned, “Max, l don’t…we can’t.”
He pushed them back deep inside me.
“Oh God Max, oh fuck…” l was a lost cause; l no longer cared who was there, l needed this. Everyone moved in closer to see us better.
Max pulled my little crop top up over my head exposing my full breasts with their very excited nipples.  The cold air hit them and covered them in tiny Goosebumps. He then took my hands and lay them palm down on the side of the car bonnet and removed my skirt. I looked at the faces around me briefly and felt wild with excitement.
He lifted me further forward so that the cold metal pressed against my breasts and my feet were off the floor. I opened my legs wide. My heart pounded loudly high up in my chest threatening to break through my rib cage.
Max pushed his long hungry cock deep inside me with one hard thrust and l cried out as he proceeded to fuck me furiously across the cold, wet bonnet. I was so turned on by the faces watching and the men that were stroking themselves in approval. Max lifted my trembling thighs so that my ass shone in the moonlight and he leaned back as he’d seen the other couple do so that everyone could see him pump in and out of my wet pussy. His thumbs pulled my ass cheeks apart to expose me further; l was so excited l was screaming out. 

I wrote 'Good Doggy' three years ago when l began dipping my pen in erotic ink. 'A Voyeuristic Lover' a Naughty Nights Press exclusive, sees the theme of voyeurism in a very different setting. It tells the story of one man's need to watch his girlfriend picking up strangers.


I gasped as he lifted me up by my thighs and pushed me back against the cold brick wall. He entered me quickly and sharply groaning incoherently into my ear. I cried out with the eagerness of his thrusts stabbing upwards and easing my longing.
After a few moments l glanced at Paul who was standing just a few feet away smiling hotly, his body animated as he sought to bring relief to his own throbbing shaft.
I gasped at the power of this strangers fuck as he continued his passionate onslaught of my yielding body by pounding furiously up and into me grunting hard. My back scraped against the cold brick wall but l didn’t care.
I could see Paul clearly over his shoulder.
Did he like what I was doing? Was l thrilling him with my wanton decadence?
The stranger began cursing as his breathing became erratic, he was too excited to hold back and it was soon over. His ecstatic shout as he released himself inside me thrilled my soul. 
I wasn't disappointed, l knew that Paul would want to reward me once we arrived back home.
The stranger lowered my legs from around him and held me still as his breathing slowed, then, reminded by a gust of wind on his ass he quickly pulled up his clothing. I stood unsteadily, still wild with desire and in need of relief. I made an excuse about having to leave very soon to meet friends. He smiled broadly and kissed my head before returning alone to the sanity of the wine bar.
Paul stepped out of the shadows as l smoothed down my dress. I reached out to hold him. He gripped me tightly reminding me that although he had hidden himself away behind his trousers, his erection would be around for some time yet.

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